Blogs are for writing ;)

I seem to be posting a lot of photos lately, and I feel like a blog is meant for sharing your writing and thoughts. It’s been a hard week, my toddler is suffering with ear infections and went to see the specialist. He was fevering, and then last night ended up with a rash. The doctor thinks it is scarlet fever, which is a reaction some kids have to the strep bacteria. So he has been extra uncomfortable and grouchy. I have been feeling quite frustrated and tired, and not like compiling my feelings and sharing them with the world. So I have been using my photos as a scapegoat. I like to post my photographs because I love the feeling I get knowing people actually look at them and like them, it’s a great feeling and it’s one of the things that keeps me going. Every time I get a like or follow, it makes me so happy inside. I appreciate you all and I thank you so much for following! I hope to post more substantial blogs this weekend if I get time/energy, so stay tuned!

Thanks again! Carrie

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