TV Review – The Bachelorette

With the finale of The Bachelorette approaching tomorrow, I thought I should post my review of this season. I usually never get into The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but this season struck a cord with me. Andi was so relatable. All the guys were exceptionally amazing… Well, all except one. Hmm hmmm… Andrew… Cough cough.. The guys were so great this season, it just kept me watching and watching, week after week. It made me feel the romance and feel the love. It was like a journey seeing all the beautiful places they went, I felt like I was there too! It broke my heart to see Tasos broken hearted, and Cody, and then Chris… Those were some real heartbreakers for me… It’s funny though, she said how she was doing this process to meet guys she wouldn’t normally meet or go for. To me, it seems like she chose exactly the guys she would normally go for. Chris and Marcus were both sweet, and both the type of guys you wouldn’t have to fight with. I know, I know. We like who we like… I am just like her! I guess that’s why I was rooting for the other guys. Sometimes the challenges keep life interesting, if everything is easy, is it really fun or unique or worthwhile? Anyway! I wish Andi the best and hope everything works out amazing for her, I am sure it will. Her and Josh would have cute babies!!I (Can you tell I’m a Josh fan over Nick? But I wouldn’t put money on that! Who knows who she will choose!) The finale airs tomorrow evening on ABC. I loved this season, I would give this season in particular a 6.5 out of 10. That’s just my opinion! Thanks for stopping by! Friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!! I’ll be happy to return the favor! Thanks again!
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TV Review – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I have been so hooked on Brooklyn Nine Nine, we have been watching it on Netflix. OMG, this show is hilarious! Although it is based around them being a NYPD police squad, it doesn’t feel like a “cop” show. They are so average and ordinary and geeky and funny! Andy Samberg is a huge laugh! The supporting cast is also hilarious, which makes it an all around hit. Terry Crews it the laugh you come to expect and love from him, and Chelsea Peretti has found a new fan in me. It’s such a solid show, I can say there is nothing about it that I don’t like. My boyfriend would probably say that’s rare! Once we started watching, there was no stopping until we finished Season One. If you are looking for an all around funny sit-com, I would recommend this to anyone. I would rate this show 9 out of 10, that’s just my personal opinion. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your likes and comments are appreciated!

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It’s been a while!

Well here I am, finally back to post a blog. I have been watching so many great shows lately, I have been dying to share them with you all. So keep watching for my television and movie reviews that will be coming up. I haven’t blogged for quite a while now, I was going through some hard times in my personal life, and changes in my work life, and I felt like I needed to spend more time on myself versus on the internet or doing more work, work, work like us Mom’s tend to do. Right after my last blog, I took my Reiki Level One course, and have been led on somewhat of a spiritual journey in the last couple years of my life. I know, it sounds crazy. I totally get it. If these things hadn’t kept happening to me, I would never believe in some of the things I am starting to believe in, understand and contemplate. It took me quite a few days to process what I learned at Reiki and start to feel comfortable with it all. It turns out, Reiki is truly a great healing process, and I have found substantial relief and relaxation from practicing on myself. I will go into more detail of my spiritual journey hopefully in another blog soon. It has been great taking a little more time away from technology, but I am back! Back to share the wonderful things in life that make me smile and laugh, and to share everything wonderful I am learning in this life. Thank you for reading my blog and following and liking, all your wonderful comments are sincerely appreciated, and will be returned!! Hoping everything is good with you all, and thanks again, Carrie