Movie Review – Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real


Having read this book, I was really looking forward to this movie when I heard it was being made. I don’t understand, when a lead character in a film is played by a child, you have to make sure they fit the role and can play the part believably… sort of the most important thing to me. I am not trying to be harsh, the young man who plays Colton is adorable, super super cute, but the acting for me just didn’t bring the film to the level I had hoped it to be. Compare this to Jerry Macguire… the child who plays Ray is adorable, and not the best actor in the world, but makes the role still feel believable. Compare to The Little Rascals… you can tell by the outtakes the kids were hard to film, but the production of the film was so good they made it absolutely believable and lovable! Needless to say, I was a little bored and the acting just didn’t captivate me. I wish the story would’ve been told in a more inventive and creative way, not sure how, but it just seemed like the bare minimum they could do. I would rate this film 4 out of 10. That’s just my opinion!

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