TV Review – Bachelor in Paradise


Honestly, I never used to watch The Bachelor. I would watch the occasional episode, but it was all so phony and not my thing. I have to say, I got hooked on the season with Desiree, then couldn’t stand Juan Pablo and couldn’t get into that season, then I loved the season with Andi the most. I guess I like watching The Bachelorette, just not The Bachelor, ha ha. I can say I will be glued to next season of The Bachelor, Chris is such a nice man, I can’t wait to watch him find love. A lot of the cast of Bachelor in Paradise comes straight off Andi’s season, guys who were so sweet and that I wanted to see find love, like Tasos, Cody and Marcus!! So far, it seems like things are going good for them, so let’s hope the season closes out good for those guys!! There has also been some sleeze and some catiness, and a guy so repulsive he had to go on a date alone, but the drama makes for interesting tv I suppose. I actually have really enjoyed this show, I really like Clare, she has a lot of class. I also like Zach, even though I feel he’s kind of wishy washy. I guess I just love seeing people trying to fall in love and deal with all the twists and turns that come in life, like other women and men, lol. Never the less, an entertaining watch. If you haven’t been watching, there is still time to tune in! I would rate it a 6.8 out of 10. This blog is just my opinion!

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