Movie Review – Godzilla


I’m sure I am awake… I am sure I just sat through this movie?? This one just couldn’t pull me in. Boring visuals, scenes and premises we have seen time and again. The army guys save the day and fight the big scary monster. I was probably over it before it even began. Honestly, I can look at the above picture alone, and feel like I have just saw the best part of the movie, and pretty much the only really cool thing to see in the film. Snooze fest for me. Maybe true Godzilla fans get something more out of this, but it was a huge let down for me. I rate this film 3.5 out of 10. This blog is just my opinion!!

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Godzilla

  1. Agreed! This film flaked out fast. I liked it initially, but it became so tired and cliched as it progressed. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was so vacant in his central role too. Very underwhelming. Spot on review!

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