Magazine Review – Cosmopolitan


My once beloved Cosmo, which I rarely read anymore, and I realize why. My boyfriend picked this up for me, and it was hard to not be appalled by most of it, which was also my inspiration for my poem called “Materialism”. (see previous post) I am sorry Cosmo, what are you trying to sell me? Or should I say, what aren’t you trying to sell me… This magazine looks like it should be geared towards men! I don’t need to see boobs all over… I just laugh at the thought of this, or any girl for that matter, wearing something like this around my town. LOL!! You would probably get attacked, but for surely you’ll be harassed… (not to mention the stares as you stick out like a sore thumb, and people wonder where the hell your going!) And just hope you don’t pop out!! Like really, real women wear stuff like this? I doubt it.

This woman in a PSA in NY got harassed 100 times in an hour, and she ain’t wearing no blouse showing off her tatas. Now this woman is receiving rape threats! Why why why do we keep selling sex!!


This article almost made me choke. Kill the negativity. Sounds actually like it would be a good article! It’s advice? Change the subject. Like duh!! Filler articles.


And when you haven’t spent enough cash keeping up with the Kardashian’s, now you should go pay to bling your eyebrows!! 🙂


Although the cute little stuffed animals representing STDs made me want to shred the magazine to pieces, there was some good articles. I am glad they touched on the income gap between men and women. This is a very important subject. I also liked the conversation on salaries. I have always been a firm believer we should be able to discuss our salaries, for matters of equality and fairness.

Even with the couple of decent articles, I really felt like most of the mag was crappy superficial filler, and actually inspired me to write the previous poem!! I must have been very moved by it..



That’s hot for November!! LOL. Not in Canada!! That’s freeze your ass in Canadian. If you love the skin tone of pneumonia!! Obviously I’m kidding, but this magazine has let me down more and more. Maybe I’m just getting old. I would rate this magazine a 4 out of 10. I don’t think I would spend my money on another issue ever. This blog is just my opinion!

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