Angel Card Reading – Week of Aug 16, 2015

This week feels to me like a lot of relational issues could be going on. Allow love says that, although someone can seem controlling or try to impose authority upon you, sometimes this is done with our best interest at heart. Meditate and listen to your own guidance and inuition, which will tell you wether than person does or doesn’t truly want the best for you. Sometimes in order to live and succeed in society, it’s best to follow the rules! πŸ™‚ Shielding is telling me that wether these people do or don’t have our best interest at heart, the best thing we can do is shield ourselves from negativity, and focus on doing the best we can, no matter the suggestions of others. Stay guides us not to run from a troubling situation! Whatever is going on in our lives, are things we need to learn from. So I think the message is pretty clear this week! Although there may be issues and complications, stick it out and focus on being the best person and partner you can be! 

Not the funnest or most wonderful message.. I wish you all strength and security to get through this week ahead. Pray to God/Angels/Higher Self for loving protection and guidance! 

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