Angel Card Reading – Week of Sept 20, 2015

Opportunity to forgive – this card comes because you’ve grown weary of a recurring negative pattern in your life. To break this cycle, it’s important for you to release old toxic thoughts about the current situation and relationship. You can do this by breathing deeply, and on each exhale, give your fears, worries, anger and other painful emotions to the Angels. Forgiveness does not mean you are condoning the other person’s behaviour. It just means your unwilling to carry toxic feelings and thoughts about him or her. Release, be free, and experience positive patterns through forgiveness. 

Time to go – there is a situation which you must leave, or at least let go of emotionally. Surrender and release these feelings, or the actual person or cause, and make a change for yourself. Sometimes we hesitate to leave because of loyalties and fears. Surrender any guilt or negative emotions to the Angels so you can make the choice for change. Completion and the end of a cycle are at hand. 

Acceptance – the next time your tempted to judge yourself or someone else harshly, pray for their health and happiness instead. This more positive route builds self-esteem and harmony, and heals relationships. Don’t try to control and change others, as you wouldn’t want to be. Let go of tendencies to force things to happen and you’ll receive your desired (or better) outcome more peacefully. 

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