Angel Card Reading – Week of Oct. 11, 2015

Well, I’m late again folks! So sorry this weeks reading is a couple days late.. With Thanksgiving and travelling to Saskatchewan, and not having a lot of time (and wanting to spend that little time with my family) I decided to do the card reading when I got back home and settled. I debated even doing it at all, but there are still 5 days left in this week… And I’m also glad I did because look at that last card!! This week I feel like we need to release any feelings holding us back, to allow us to truly heal, so we can, in turn, heal and help others. When we can heal, and also give to others, it’s a given that good things will come!! 

Talk about your feelings – you’ve been holding back some feelings and need to let them out. When you talk or write about your feelings, you understand them better. Sometimes you don’t know how you truly feel until you begin talking. It’s not healthy to hold in emotions, especially anger or sadness. Find a trusted person who will listen to you, such as a friend, family member or teacher. Let that person know that you need to talk, and tell them what you need. For instance, if you want them to listen without giving advice, then let them know. If you want them to comfort you, let them know. If you don’t have someone to talk to, or your feelings are too private, then write about them. You can also silently talk to your Angels. They’ll listen with love, help you to feel better, and help you to find answers. 

Healer – after you release those feelings, you will find healing. That person or Angel helped to heal you, and now you can heal others as well. You already know how to heal in many ways, and you’ll learn new ways through books, classes and experiences. Your being asked to trust in your natural healing ability. This doesn’t mean your going around healing everyone like a superhero, being a healer means your open to Divine love coming through you. Seeing love all around you. Passing love on to others. The more faith you have in love, the more powerful your healing abilities become. Ask your Angels to increase your faith and trust. 

Happy Surprise – your in for a treat! Don’t try to guess what will happen, or it wouldn’t be a surprise! Instead, just feel excited and joyous! Happy surprises come in many forms, and you just need to notice them. It might come as a gift, and unexpected kindness, a fresh opportunity, something valuable you find, or some good news! This card also means your dreams are coming true, although they may happen in ways different than you expect. (I know this is true for me!) All of these surprises are gifts of love. Say “Thank You!” and the more gifts you’ll receive! Have faith, because the world really does love to give to you. The world loves it when your happy. 


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