Angel Card Reading – Week of Oct 18, 2015


It’s my birthday this week, and I was really hoping for a better reading than this! 😳 This weeks reading is telling me that a lot of healing is in order, for all of us. It seems like there may be disagreements in the air, that we are going need to recover from. This is the 3rd week in a row that healer has come up. It is our reminder, that all of us require healing all the time, and that we also are the key to healing, by means of love. To have the best relationship you can with those around you, see the best in them. When you see the best in a person, you are connecting with the pure energy of love. This helps heal you, as well as the other person. Love heals all things, including our fears. I know a lot of people, including myself, struggle with anxiety, depression and other illnesses that are related. This is a result of letting our fear get the best of us. Fear that we aren’t good enough, that our lives aren’t special enough, a fear that we are imperfect, or fall short in some way. When we can look at ourselves, and all that surrounds us (and maybe even scares us) with honest love (seeing the best in everyone and everything) then the fear no longer exists. Take a spider for example. It may terrify you and you may want to rid of it ASAP. But did you ever look at that spider, and realize that she is just like you? That she got up this morning to feed her family and tend to her home. That she is a being equal to you, worthy of love and respect. When you can look at it with this loving equality, it makes it impossible to not understand their purpose or their place. When we truly understand and believe we are capable of anything, nothing can be feared because you know there is nothing to lose. Failures are merely lessons, and there is nothing in this life that we should fear. You have everything to gain by loving life, yourself and those around you. The more love we can give to ourselves and to others is only going to bring more positive things!

Brothers and sisters – sometimes we take stress out on those closest to us. Instead of fighting, take a moment to try to see the best in them. Can you think of a time you felt a lot of love for them? Can you have understanding that we all have bad days and times when we aren’t the most loveable? You can get along better with those around you by thinking and feeling love towards them. The more unlovable someone is, the more they really need it. When people get angry, it’s because they don’t know how to control the stress in their life. Deep down, you all love each other. It doesn’t feel good to stay angry with people, even if they may deserve it. Can you forgive them in the name of peace? Can you be the first one to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you”? This person really needs your love and understanding right now. You have the power to help everyone get along.

Healer – because you are here reading this card reading, I know you guys are out there learning new strategies on how to heal yourselves! This card reminds us again of our power to heal, and to heal others. All we have to do is give our love. Honest, pure, caring love. It is a reminder that by focusing on healing, we are also healing our fears. Love = Healing! 

Love heals fear – people who are angry are really afraid. When someone is being mean or acting like a bully, remember this person is just afraid. If you get angry back, you add to the fear energy. You can heal away anger with your thoughts of love. See the goodness in everyone, including yourself. Especially yourself. No one enjoys being angry. You can help by being kind. Also, be kind to yourself and listen to your inner voice. Love is your best protector, it will keep you strong, no matter what. 

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