Angel Card Reading – Week of Nov 9, 2015

I am still pulling repeat cards every single reading. I just can’t believe it. All those cards in the deck, and I seem to get the same ones over and over. I have learned my lesson about questioning the cards I pull. The cards are always right, and say what they need to say. I had done a reading for a woman who was starting a business. Of course she got the Entrepreneur card! So she referred her friend for a reading. Wouldn’t you know the entrepreneur card came up again. I fretted about the reading, and didn’t want her to get the same message as her friend already received. So I redrew the cards, and 2 of the 3 same cards came up again!!! The exact same cards except without the entrepreneur card. So I did the reading, only to find out after they were entering into business together! So I let her know the entrepreneur card was also there for her too. 😊 I do not question the cards anymore! I also believe they are reminder cards, for people who have already received them, as a nudge to keep them on track. Let’s see what they have to tell us. I wish it felt a little brighter, but it feels like we are going through some things this week, or just feeling down. I feel like the cards are saying we need to show ourselves and others love and compassion… It seems like we are holding onto past emotions or beliefs, and we may not even be aware we are doing so. When we resist releasing emotions that are pent up, it creates all kinds of issues that manifest in other ways, such as illness, disease or bad luck. When the new moon occurs, which is coming up this week, is a time for manifesting our desires. We need to release what we carry now, to make room for new in our life, for what’s to come. It seems we may have a bit of emotional releasing to do, which we can release by working out, crying, taking time to meditate or do yoga, etc. Feel those emotions to your core, and release them with love, knowing you are growing as a person, and don’t require to feel weighted down by past lessons anymore. We have learned, and we are ready to move on and learn more. A lot of people suffer from “depression”. I say that and “mental illness” in quotes, because I honestly hate using the terms at all. I feel like we all have times of “depression”, and that’s its not specifically something that we are sick with. I feel like the terms encourage us to feel sick, or abnormal, when quite honestly, I think it’s all a part of the yin and yang, the ebb and flow. We all have periods of feeling down, times where we are meant to learn, or meant to grow. Times when we learn to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Times when we learn to appreciate happiness again after periods of not feeling so happy. Times when we are meant to learn that we don’t need to feel sad, and that we can choose to be happier each day, as much as we can. Its also important to recognize when your not feeling that great. Accept it, embrace it, and nurture yourself. Don’t stress over the fact that things haven’t been great. If you focus on the negative, it attracts more negative. Instead, imagine how good you’ll feel when this time has passed. Imagine yourself doing things that make you happy. Do what you need to everyday to make yourself happy, even small things, like treating yourself to your favourite takeout. Make sure to carve out some specific relax time that makes you happy. If you feel like laying in bed all night, vegging and watching movies, do so! Don’t feel bad for giving in to what you need. Know in your heart that it will pass, and you will feel happy again. It’s all a part of the lessons we are here to learn. And mostly, we are here to learn to love, especially our own selves. It may seem like the tide is coming in on you now, but release what you can in the best way you can, and it will soon be going out again. 

Love (compassion) – In this beautiful image, we see hands reaching toward each other through a heart. The Green field surrounding them is the color of the fourth, or heart, chakra. It’s when we feel love in our heart centre that we not only naturally emit the healing energy of compassion, but we also attract love and compassion. Studies by the Heartmath Institute reveal that the electrical signals from the heart are up to 60 times stronger than the brain, and the magnetic field is as much as 5000 times more powerful. It’s a given that are thinking patterns affect our feelings and, in turn, our reality. What we put out – whether it’s love, fear, empathy, sadness, and so forth – contains an incredible amount of power to shape and influence our reality. When the focus of our attention and intention is love and compassion, we recognize no separation between self and other. All wounds stem from the illusion of separation from Source and all of creation. The route to healing this wound is through cultivating love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself. Not a bland standard of unquestioned acceptance, but a heartfelt sense of profound relatedness to whatever you perceive as apart from yourself. True compassion requires not only the feeling of warmth that emanates when you’re in touch with your heart center, but in acts of kindness, even if this simply means being a fully attentive listener. Respect the fact that your heart is a giver (putting out electrical energy) and a receiver (drawing in magnetic energy). These energies are best sensed by attending to the steady flow of your breathing also noticing your heart area. Righteousness, fear, anger, and judgment are some common ways to block your natural desire to love. Forgiveness is not only letting go of judgment, but also seeing through the illusion that you and all-that-is are separate. Look about you and inside of you, and do your best to love whatever you see.

Rain (purification) – No matter whether it’s a light shower or a deluge, rain cleanses and purifies. The moisture that has evaporated from the various bodies of water on the planet and was drawn into the atmosphere now returns to Earth in liquid precipitation in Nature’s vast and comprehensive water recycling program. Depending on when and where the rain falls, it can come as welcome relief or a nuisance. Even the air smells fresh after a good rain. It also brings clean water, which provides needed sustenance for plants, animals and humans. At its most intense, rainstorms arrive as an avalanche of water, often accompanied by great and powerful winds, with considerable flooding and destruction as an unfortunate consequence of Nature’s impersonal balancing act. What is purged makes way for new life to appear. Purifying your mind, body and spirit is the task that is put before you. Purify your mind by releasing inhibiting beliefs, the ones that hold you back from being fully engaged in life and showing up 100% of the time. Purify your heart by allowing yourself to breathe in and out blessings and forgiveness so that you can love more deeply. Let yourself feel grief. Truly feel it, so that the rivers of your tears become miniature baptisms that help heal the wounds in your soul. Detox your body by changing your diet, doing a cleanse, or drinking more water. Increase the water you drink with deep appreciation for its purpose to revitalize your spirit. It is no wonder that water is our “life blood”. It is essential to every form of life on Earth. Take time to purify yourself. 

Ocean – The ebb and flow of Life is never more clearly represented than in the oceans’ movements. The tides of these great bodies of water rise and fall in regular rhythms, and the waves continue to roll to the shores in endless and varied patterns, just as they have been doing for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more. These tides and waves maintains a relative predictability unless other unforeseeable forces of Nature intervene, which have been known to happen. Hurricanes and earthquakes can effect the characteristics of water movement dramatically. The oceans cover 70% of the Earth, and the human body is composed of approx 70% water. The dynamic gravitational interaction of the sun and moon that moves these massive bodies of water and creates the shifting tides also affects our human bodies in ways we respond to instinctually, often having a great deal more influence over our moods and emotional states than we are aware of. An important art of living is to move with the ebb and flow or your emotions, joining their fluidity but not being captured by it. It’s also not necessary to become obsessed with any particular fluctuation in mood or feeling. They are simply emotions, often activated in ways that are completely beyond understanding. When you neither minimize nor exaggerate the intensity and importance of your emotions, then you have a greater sense of when and how to express them. You have been fighting the ebb and flow of your own feelings. Denying hurt, anger or sorrow – by either attaching yourself to one or the other and nurturing it, or else smoothing over your feelings with more practised responses that deny and hide what is going on beneath the surface of your expression. When you attempt to constrict yourself from experiencing emotions, it is much like trying to stem the tides the grow even more forceful with every attempt humans make to control them. Allow yourself to swim with these variations rather than resisting them. 

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