Angel Card Reading – Week of Nov 15, 2015

Everyone is relating their readings to the Paris attacks, and as much as I didn’t want to go there, that was the first feelings I got looking at these cards. I feel like we all want to know “what we can do” to make things better, to make this world better. The best thing we can do, is focus on positive, good things. Focus on doing the best we can around us and within ourselves. We operate on a global consciousness, and the more each of us harness our own positive, happy, healing energies, the more we heal collectively. It’s true that watching all the stories over and over imprints pain and fear into our hearts, so make sure to shield yourself from picking these negative energies up. Use these emotions and energy as a source to create. I watch Doreen Virtue’s reading every week. Sometimes after I have done mine, sometimes before, it doesn’t seem to affect how I read my cards. Sometimes the readings coincide, and sometimes they are a little different (usually there is some synchronicity, even if minimal). I happen to watch her reading earlier today, and when the Time to Create card came up, it was not surprising, as she also touched on harnessing our emotions in tough times to create things. Believe in yourself tells us to do just that, to keep believing in the good of man kind, and express that good through the things you do. Shield yourself from other people’s negativity, and/or lack of knowing, and keep pressing forward being the best person you can be. Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Time to Create – This card calls for you to get in touch with your creativity and express yourself through art, inventing, or performing. You have a lot of pent up energy that needs an outlet. It’s time to create something from nothing, knowing that you’re a divine channel of inspiration. They Angels ask you to bring something unique to this planet that can only come from you. Ask them to work through you and together you will make a masterpiece that will bring blessings to the world. Embracing your creativity helps you realize that your ability to manifest in this lifetime is only limited by your imagination. Anything you desire can be yours! 

Believe in Yourself – When you receive this card, the Angels want you to see yourself and your potential the way they do. The view you as an unlimited person, with infinite potential. Right now, the most important thing you can do is realize this for yourself. Ask the Angels to release any doubt or fear you have about life and your path. Those doubts are part of being human, because you’re strongly affected by negative energy. By believing in yourself, you’re telling the angels that you wish to live up to your full potential in this life, and they will take immediate action to guide you accordingly.

Shielding – Although you may be strong at heart, your energy is very sensitive, which is why you feel so intensely in situations where others seem calm. For that reason, this card is asking you to energetically shield yourself from negativity. Know that the Angels are always around you, and their powerful auras are continually at your disposal for energetic shielding. Simply ask Heaven to surround you with angelic light, and know that you’re spiritually and emotionally protected. Anytime you’re in a harsh situation, immediately request that the Angels shield you.


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