Angel Card Reading – Week of Nov 29, 2015

I apologize to everyone for not doing a reading this past week. I was sick with the flu on Sunday and into the week, and then my kids gave me their cold and sore throat Wednesday, so I was feeling tired all week. I was going to do a reading before this weekend just as a catch up, but I decided it was just fine to give myself the break I need. Let’s see what the cards hold for the week to come. Things have been feeling heavy for me lately.. Now that the full moon has past, hopefully it’s a new beginning for us. I feel like this reading is getting lighter for us. It tells us to go for whatever we are wanting to do. Want to apply for that job, go for it! Wanting to travel? Even if it’s not far, go for it! Explore! Create! Be happy! Just go for whatever your heart is desiring. The Angels are clearly watching over us, protecting us and assisting us, so we can release our worries and enjoy our time on Earth. See yourself, and others, only through the eyes of love. See past errors and judgements, and love everyone, especially yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes. Today is a new day, and you can always try again, and make new decisions. By focusing on only love and positivity, it invites more of that into our lives, bringing love and abundance. Don’t worry about what has happened, or what will happen, just enjoy your time now. The best way to get rid of any negative feeling is to.. Play. Have fun. Create something. Be excited for the future. Lift your heart up, so the law of attraction keeps the good stuff coming. Seems like it should be an OK week!

Go for it – the Angels reassure you of a positive outcome, provided you continue to pour love and guided action into the situation. Your on the right path, so go for whatever you heart desires! 

See only love – the Angels gave you this card as a reminder to see yourself, others, and ever situation through their eyes. When you focus on love, anything that’s unloving falls away. It’s like turning on a light to diminish the darkness. Call on the Angels whenever you need help to elevate your vision to a more loving vantage point.

Play – you’ve been working and worrying a lot lately, and your soul cries out for fun. Feelings of fatigue, irritability or depression are additional signs your overdue for some playtime. (Pretty sure I’m long overdue.. šŸ˜³) You don’t need to wait until you have a free moment, because you can inject fun into your day today. Simple pleasures, moments of silliness, laughing with a friend or watching a funny movie are examples of ways to have fun that don’t require a lot of time or money. Fun and play are necessary parts of life for children and adults. These types of activities help us live healthier lives, and allow us to attract our desires more quickly. Fun is a part of living a balanced life. You deserve happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. Release any guilt about having fun. Stop what your doing right now, and go do something to have fun! 


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