Angel Card Reading – Week of Dec 13, 2015

This week, I’m feeling a lot of heavy feelings, specifically guilt over the past, and not feeling “as far ahead” in life as we would like to be… Especially as another year comes to a close, it’s easy to feel the pressure… Did I do enough? Am I where I hoped I would be? Please know you are understood. You are free to let go of the past, everything you did then served a purpose and everything you’ll do going forward serves a purpose. Your free to choose who you are in every single moment. Think about who you really want to be going forward. Don’t let your ego tell you that you need one thing or another, because so and so has done it… Decide what’s right and true for you in your heart! Think about what you really want. Think about your goals and how you can take steps to help them come to life. You have the ability to manifest anything you desire, just keep your thoughts positive and love yourself. Be who you are, knowing you are loved, and knowing you are a piece of every great and amazing thing in this universe. Know that you can have everything and more, you are just as deserving as anyone else. When you truly believe your deserving in your heart, everything you dream will become reality. It all starts and ends with love. 

You are understood – The Angels send you this card because every aspect of your personality and existence makes perfect sense to them. You may feel flawed or that you’ve made mistakes. This card reminds you that nothing is a mistake. Everything is a divine appointment. Know that Heaven and the Angels see you as a perfect being, and they have been with you every step of your life. They know who you are, and they see your divine perfection. The Angels completely understand why you have made every decision you have made. Allow yourself to revel in the comfort of knowing that there’s a force much bigger than any human on this planet, and this force sees you as a flawless soul doing the best you can.

Manifest – you have innate manifestation abilities that you can use to improve your situation. The act of manifestation is more than just dreaming about what you desire in life – it’s deciding your dreams have already come true on the spirit level, and trusting they will appear in material form. This cards asks you to be aware of how much your energy (your thoughts and feelings) affects the reality around you and to realize the importance of believing in yourself. When your using your natural manifestation power, you feel complete trust and know that every day is preparing you for the next chapter in your life. 

Self-reflection – this card asks you to review your life. The angels guide you to see yourself as the spiritual warrior you truly are. It’s so easy to look back on your actions and feel guilt for things you have done. But that time has passed, and you don’t need to bring that energy with you going forward. See yourself as a divine soul whose doing the absolute best you can, given the circumstances of your existence. Your designed to fight against that which no longer serves humanity, and this requires nothing more than being yourself. Admit what’s most important to you, and ask the angels to guide you with these goals and wishes.


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