Angel Card Reading – Week of Jan 17, 2016


I hadn’t watched Doreen Virtue’s reading for this week before I pulled these cards, but I had seen the Facebook post, and the summary of her cards… So when I pulled such similar cards, I just had to go see what her reading entailed! Paying attention to your dreams and visions was a part of her reading, spending time in nature and with animals, and higher wisdom were all a part of her reading! You really can’t make this stuff up Doreen! So this week, make sure you dream big! Pay attention to what you are dreaming. There are messages connected to your dreams, and also to that which you encounter in nature. Pay attention to the plants and animals that you come into contact with. Spend time in meditation, and share your wisdom and what you learn with others, and help them to attain that higher wisdom as well! We saw the most beautiful rainbow today, and it was a huge reminder of the beautiful blessings in my life now, and the blessings that are to come. I wish you all a very blessed week, filled with magic and beauty! 

Dreams – This card guides you to pay attention to the dreams you have, both when you sleep and during your waking hours. They are your connection to your true, fearless soul and your highest potential. This card is a message to let yourself fearlessly dream, even if the contents of your dreams seem unrealistic to your logical mind. Angels are asking you to strengthen this connection to your higher self so that you can bring into your life the miracles you’ve always desired.

Nature – You’re extremely sensitive, and you can unknowingly absorb negative energy (which then affects you and those around you negatively). This limits your understanding of your amazing life purpose. So the angels ask you to step away temporarily and spend time in nature, connecting with this beautiful planet. It’s time for you to explore the world outside your home and workplace. You are so much more then what you experience in your normal daily routine. Allowing yourself to be immersed in the Earth’s energy can be a healing and cleansing experience that will help you ground yourself and release that which no longer serves you.

Share your wisdom ā€“ Within you is ancient and powerful wisdom about the true rules of right and wrong. You came to this planet to make big changes, and you’re not alone in this mission. As you learn more about the changes that should be made to society, this card guide you to share this awareness with like-minded others. The more people who know their true purpose (because people like you awaken them to it), the more effective this collective mission will be.


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