Angel Card Reading – Week of Mar 13, 2016


The crystals I chose for this week, starting left to right and then top and bottom, are as follows:

Pietersite – Holds the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Links you in the everyday to your spiritual self. Stone of vision, great for meditation. Clears away the illusion of being alone. Helps you to recognize truth and walk in your truth. Helps you process old hurts and feelings. 

Rose Quartz – Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. The most important crystal for the heart. It opens your heart, and teaches you to love yourself. This stone encourages self-forgiveness, acceptance, and invokes self-trust and self-worth.

Amethyst – Is a powerful stone for healing. It is protective and quiets the mind. It enhances intuition and inspiration, giving clarity and insight. 

Selenite – Helps you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation. It is a clearing stone that cleanses the aura of negative build up, both within the physical and the etheric body.

Blue Lace Agate – Helps one to reach extremely high spiritual spaces. Contains the qualities of flight, air, movement & grace. Activates the throat, heart, third-eye, and crown chakras, and helps one to enter into high-frequency states of awareness. Brings deep peace. Counteracts feelings of being judged. 

Clear Quartz – Supreme gift of Mother Earth. Opens the mind and heart to higher guidance. Amplifies and broadcasts energy. May accelerate fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth. 

Hematite – Acts as a grounding tool. Enhances your personal magnetism, optimism, will and courage. Fosters peace and non-aggression. Beneficial for legal situations. Protects the soul and grounds it back into the physical body. 

When I was doing reiki and preparing for doing this reading, I felt a LOT of tension in my throat. I was also very drawn to work with the Blue Lace Agate, which is a powerful throat chakra crystal. I am assuming arguments and emotions are going to arise this week. It may even just be an accumulation of stress. Be careful of what you say to others this week, we are being warned to express emotions in positive ways. From the cards I am seeing, I feel like something is definitely going to happen this week, that we perceive as negative. Look through the situation, says, no matter what your going through, look past it and focus on the positives. Focus on that which you want to attract into your life. Release/Relax implies to me, that we may stress out about this situation, and that we need to let it go. Release the situation, knowing it will find a resolution, and worry does not help.. It only attracts more reasons to worry. We must harness our patience here. That is the key. The more patience and understanding we can find for life.. for ourselves… The more we can be gentle with ourselves, others, and with our Earth and surroundings. The more we can connect to the true vibration of love. I feel like this week is like a test run for us. To practice working on self-care, taking time to release and relax, and finding our patience. Life is what you make of it. So if you see a challenge arise this week, smile, and welcome it like you knew it was coming. See through it, release and have patience, because everything is going to work out just fine! 

Look Through the Situation – You may get caught up in emotions and feel stressed or frightened. This card reminds you that life will continue long after this challenge is over. The Angels ask you to concentrate on the good things in your life and see beyond what is going on around you. One of the best ways to find resolution is by releasing the situation, and allowing yourself to feel relief. Take time to relax, and imagine how it will feel when this trying time is over. Trust the Angels hear your prayers. 

Release/Relax – You were born to be passionate, and nothing can change that. However, this card reminds you to focus on channeling your emotions and opinions in positive and constructive ways, for the sake of peace. The Angels ask you to find a creative and beneficial release for your emotions so you can move on freely. Ask the Angels to help you express yourself in healthful, beneficial ways. Make sure you’re always fair to yourself, but be fair to those around you as well.

Patience – This card signals that what you desire isn’t ready to emerge in your life just yet. This doesn’t mean it won’t come. While you may feel ready to receive this fulfillment, it’s not the right moment. Patience is one of the most important lessons one can learn. This card doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Be patient with circumstances and people in your life. The better you get at waiting (and finding happiness while your waiting!), the more happiness you’ll have. 


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