Monthly Angel Card Reading – August 2017

The crystals I am working with for this reading are Orange Calcite, Zebra Jasper, Peridot and Chevron Amethyst. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Orange Calcite – Energizing and cleansing. Helps mentally, it relieves emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression, traumas, harmful thoughts, etc. It is particularly helpful with phobias. Restores mental and emotional equilibrium. Enhances creativity. Helps you take back control of your life. Brings optimism and joy. Very helpful for use on the lower chakras to bring a bright energy.

Zebra Jasper – Encourages us to stop considering failure as an option. Holds the energy of balance, uniting masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. It also balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional and etheric bodies. An anti-apathy stone. It allows you to be optimistic, despite life's stresses and gives you more initiative to tackle those problems. Encourages you to dream and turn those dreams into reality. A grounding stone, allowing you to tune into Mother Earth and find joy in your surroundings.

Epidote – Enhances the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones. Increases perception and brings spiritual growth. Helpful for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern. Brings a sense of hopeful optimism, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration. Clears congestion and energy blockages. Helps to balance and stabilize energy. An excellent stone for connecting with nature and her healing qualities.

Chevron Amethyst – Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. Great for seeing some of the hidden meanings in life. Use Chevron Amethyst to help remove resistance to change, and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds. Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around the user, and as such, is a good choice to cleanse the aura and to enhance the immune system.

It was interesting because I usually try to choose 3 crystals, but that Chevron Amethyst insisted on being here and felt like an addition, or a "bonus" to the message. I did a weekly reading earlier today, so I knew I would see some common and overlapping messages. We need to do some energetic and emotional cleansing from past traumas, bad habits, harmful thought patterns, etc. Let go of those negative lower energies. This will help us heal depression and anxiety. We need to take back control of our lives and stop considering failure as an option! We need to stop letting the fear hold us back. There is no losing in life, there is always something to gain. We need to look at the positives, appreciate life and feel joy. We need to start looking at things in a different light… a bright light, filled with love and happiness, and share and spread that light with others… and with everything on this planet and in this universe. We need to raise our energy and vibration. Clearing and balancing, those are super important. Read the Ho'oponopono. Clear your aura and chakras. Clean out your emotional baggage and let it go. Find balance in your life between work and play. Pursue your dreams and make them come true. There is no time other than now. The Chevron Amethyst is the punctuation that reminds us again, to let go of the stress. We are strong and we can handle whatever is going to come our way. Don't be scared of change, and don't try to fight it. Life is ever changing. Just try to stay positive and do your best… Raise those vibes! Let's see what cards come for this month.

These cards are so perfect. 😊😊 I know I almost always say that, but it's because it's true. To The Sea is a card all about staying in the flow of life. We can't control everything, all we can do is our best. So relax. Enjoy the ride. Appreciate the scenery. Let yourself live in the moment as much as possible. Enjoy the rest of summer! Life is working for us. When you get wound up or feel down, focus on helping others. This will always make you feel better and offer you a new perspective. Do good, feel good. There is also balance within this card, a big theme. Focus on giving, but also be open and receptive to receiving. Receive all the love and prosperity life has to offer, and be willing to offer your love in return. Live in the flow of love. Of course Boar would come!! If you saw my weekly reading, (And Nicole Oman's weekly reading – check her on Facebook!) it spoke of us meeting anxiety and fear in the eye, and facing it head on. Not only facing it, but surpassing it… and conquering it. Take your power back and knowing your true strength. You will always emerge victorious, and there is nothing to fear or worry about. Try to go with the flow and stay positive!

To The Sea –
Essential Meanings: Being in flow; returning to Source; recognizing how pieces fit together; a natural pattern of events.
The Oracle's Message: Isn't it wonderful when you feel yourself in the flow of life, when events and conditions seem to engage you in a way that is fluid and effortless? This card reminds you that going with the flow is exactly what you need to do right now. Ride the wave of opportunity formed by perfect conditions. Allow trust and faith to guide you forward as the flow like a river into the sea of life.
Relationship Message: There are points in a relationship when you have to decide to go with the flow rather than dictate the course you share with another. Can you let go of the need to have things your way and allow the relationship itself – your combined goals and desires – to steer the ship? Can you both transcend your personalities and allow the partnership to form it's own identity, it's own energy? Now is the time to relax and see where this mutual journey leads.
Prosperity Message: Everything seems to work out when you stop scrambling and allow the sea of opportunities to wash over you and wake you up to your most prosperous potential. To get into that flow, you need to address your beliefs about abundance and money. The true meaning of your personal currency lies in your skills; your talents and abilities; and, most important, your core beliefs. Everything flows from your inner world and is reflected in the outer one. When, grateful to serve, you align your prosperity consciousness with the higher consciousness, you can expect miracles. Everything you need will come to you easily.
Protection Message: When external conditions appear to block every attempt to move forward, there is no hidden message for you to decipher. Like the ocean, the tides of experience ebb and flow. You are in a natural cycle, so know that things will flow again in due course. There is no cause for alarm. Stop resisting and fighting against the situation and learn to flow, even when the tide is going out. Relax and trust in the abundance that will soon be within your reach again. An ancient mariner saying applies to you now: "When fisherman cannot go to see, they stay home and repair their nets."

Focus On Service – This card comes to you because you've been worried about your life's mission. Perhaps you felt insecure about whether you'll make enough money, be successful, or be well received by others. Instead of concerns about what you'll receive or other peoples reactions, focus solely upon how you can serve. Use your natural talents, passions, and interest to help others or some vital clause. Then, through the Law of Attraction, you'll receive all of the support you'll need. Additional meanings for this card: Release money worries to God and the Angels. Be receptive to inner Divine guidance and follow it without hesitation. If you get nervous, focus on service.

Boar – Whatever difficulties you're experiencing now, whether with a relationship, career path, or some other concern, dig in and rummage around until you discover how to solve the problem. Then take immediate action to remedy it. Every time you confront adverse situations in this way, you'll be uprooting those elements in your life that appear to be obstacles to fulfilling your purpose. Life can sometimes be very uncooperative with your rational mind's sense of order, and will at times even block your demands of how events or experiences should unfold. If you're living on Earth, you're going to get your feet muddy sometimes, but it's no call for panic, crisis, or drama. Instead take a couple of deep breaths and view whatever problem you encounter as simply something that needs to be taken care of. As the saying goes, there really are no problems – only creative possibilities. Once you've emerged victorious – which means that you either conquered the problem or changed your thinking about how you initially perceived the situation – you'll experience a surge of power and confidence. Remember that your power originates from Source, expressed through you and as you. When you vanquish the illusion of the situation being a problem, you'll not only feel a greater sense of relief and freedom, but you'll also open the way for your heart, mind, and soul to be more in alignment with the Will of Spirit. When you operate from that perspective, you can overcome anything! Associations: Courage; Hospitality;
Earthiness; Self-reliance; Protection; Prosperity; Organization; Fierceness; Uprooting; Cleanliness; Determination; Balance; Security; Tenacity.

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