Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of April 15, 2018

The crystals I am working with for the week are Apricot Agate, Pink Agate and Orange Calcite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Apricot Agate – Balances Yin/Yang energy. Brings calmness of the mind. Helps relieve distress when things seem beyond our control.

Pink Agate – Pink Agate affects the heart like a stone thrown into a pool, sending rings and ripples radiating out to heal old pain, heals despair, heartache, and heart pain layer by layer. It replaces pain with joy, heart healing and heart warming. Pink agate calms, comforts and provides security. It eases stress, promotes unconditional love for others and the understanding that you are loveable. Pink agate offers positive self image.

Orange Calcite – Energizing and cleansing. Helping mentally, it relieves emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression, traumas, harmful thoughts, etc. It is particularly helpful with phobias. Restores mental and emotional equilibrium. Enhances creativity. Helps you take back control of your life. Brings optimism and joy.

We must forge on. Choosing these beautiful and bright coloured crystals really signifies a change in the energy. Spring is finally here. There is also a new moon setting forth a fresh and energized energy. Things have been tough lately. Things that are completely out of our control. Anxiety and depression seem to be at an all time high. It’s all part of how we learn lessons in life. If things were easy, we would never be forced to learn. Learning to heal our hearts and to truly love ourselves is the most important lessons we need to learn. Know that you are loveable and deserve everything wonderful this life has to offer, and please be willing to receive. Please be willing to work on yourself, to heal yourself, and to change your perceptions. It’s time to free yourself from the past, and find new energy and balance for how we want to live our life. It’s time to stop letting fear in and take back control of our lives and happiness. Shine and be happy. Show the world who you are and express your creativity. Nobody is you-er than you, and the world needs you. Let’s see what the unicorns would like to say for the week!

There is a lot of playfulness in the images, and again, I get the sense of joy and happiness as springtime finally arrives! A lot of the stress of lately has been due to things beyond our control, and choosing love over fear is the only way we can truly heal. Instead of being sad, worried and stressed, we need to choose love and joy, for our own well being and happiness. The negative energy can be all around us, in people and situations, and I especially notice it when I watch the news. Let go of all that. Forgive those who bother you. Stop bombarding yourself with worry and let it go. Worry truly doesn’t help anything, and just keeps us in a state of fear. Instead, be free and see the beauty in life. Instead of watching the news, watch something that makes you laugh. It’s not always going to be easy, and some days will be harder then others. As long as you are practicing to live a better life, it will come easier and easier. You will eventually overcome these issues, and there is fun to be had along the way, so try to enjoy the ride. It’s all a part of life’s crazy ups and downs and learning curves. Make the most of it and try to be happy as much as possible.


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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