Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of August 19, 2018

The crystals I am working with for the week are Chrysoprase, Prehnite and Serpentine. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Chrysoprase – Connected to nature. Profoundly mood-lifting, cheering, supportive, and healing for the spirit. Helps in times of depression, sadness or coping with the darker, more challenging periods of life. It can help us to let go of anger, and focus on the positive, rather than being overwhelmed by the negative, and remind us of what we have to be grateful for – definitely a “glass half full” sort of crystal. For acceptance and self-acceptance, as well as healing the physical and emotional heart. It is also highly detoxifying, and can be used to balance and support the immune system.

Prehnite – Boosts prophetic abilities. Enhances visualization and spiritual “knowing,” and aids in connecting with higher realms. Helps induce lucid dreaming, while dreams are made easier to remember and nightmares are reduced. Prehnite is said to “heal the Healer,” and can be used to revitalize your personal healing environment. Put Prehnite in your garden to create a healing sanctuary for yourself. Use Prehnite with energy grids to enhance protective fields, calm, and bring inner peace. Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in the Universe. As such, Prehnite stops hoarding of both possessions and of love by fostering a belief in the abundance and power of the Universe to manifest whatever is needed. It clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians. It helps you say “no”. Prehnite encourages acceptance, emotional release, forgiveness, and compassion. It helps to remain true to self, uplift the spirit and find clarity of heart and mind.

Serpentine – Helps with emotional cleansing, chakra cleansing, psychic powers, and to attract love and money. Considered a protective stone. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation. Encourages contact with Elemental beings.

The first thing I see is the term profoundly mood lifting. All the guidance I have been seeing says that we will be moving forward into better, more energized energy, and receiving more abundance (yay!!!) cause, let me tell you. Things have been rough. Truly, things have been so hard for everyone. The floods, the forest fires, the smoke, the economy, the governance of our countries… the list goes on and on. We live in such selfish times. We have to look out for ourselves because one missed paycheck and you might not make your rent. Things are expensive. Things are scary. It is soooo easy to feel fearful. So we take everything we can get, and we sit on it. We hold it tight and make sure it’s protected. We look out for ourselves. My question is, what would our world look like, if we only kept what we needed, and we shared and we worked together. What if we didn’t care about having the best of everything, but cared that everyone had something? Would there be less waste? Would there be less over consumption and hoarding? Would we be more connected to our planet instead of consuming it? Would it allow nature to flourish along side of us, instead of our human domination wiping out species after species? These crystals tell me, that we are moving into a new time. People are waking up and seeing the destruction that surrounds us. Here in Alberta, we couldn’t miss the dark orange skies that plaqued our atmosphere Wednesday afternoon. I happened to have the radio on, and the announcer said, “If God was trying to send us a message, a warning, what would that look like?” He was very convinced these smoky orange skies were a warning from God. It really makes you think, when all living things are struggling to breathe. So what should we do??? Try to be a little more generous and a little less selfish. Share with others graciously. Help where you can. Work on yourself and do some healing. Shift some perceptions. We were just talking about the “glass half-full” perspective last week, so it’s perfect to see it here in the crystals! Do what you can from where you are. Start with what you have. I know for me, I am going to get better on my recycling habits, try to drive a little less, and get out for walks and appreciate nature more. If all of us make improvements, no matter how small, to lead more positive lives, imagine how we can change things on a larger scale. Imagine how we can change the energy. Imagine how we can influence the outcome. The changes start with us, and we have the power of the internet. Let’s ban together and find ways to create positive change. I know we can, and will, and good times are coming! Let’s see what the cards have to add!

I love these cards. These cards go so deep. There have been so many messages lately, to let go of the need to try to control outcomes, and to just allow life to happen. The Yin Card is all about conscious allowing. Like the Prehnite said, believe in the abundance and power of the Universe. Be open and allow yourself to receive. There is so much overflowing beauty and abundance. Do your part to be positive, put yourself out there, and then gratefully await what is coming for you. This does not necessarily mean things are on hold, or that you’ll have to wait long, it’s just about allowing things to flow to you. It’s about being willing to receive, and knowing you truly deserve greatness. Try to live life without demand or expectation, and just know good things are coming. The All That Glitters Card is exactly what we talked about above, that we think we need everything new, we need to keep up with what the celebs have, and it’s a bad way to live. We block our energy thinking we aren’t m good enough, thinking we can never have what other people have. Honestly, all that glitters isn’t gold. Even celebrities aren’t happy, because what truly matters is how happy you are inside, and how happy you are with the beautiful life you have. It’s about being right within yourself. All the stuff we hoard and protect, isn’t what truly matters in life. Sharing with others and living abundantly with all humanity, in a world where everyone is happy, is what truly matters. What we all need to know, is that we are all perfect and capable naturally, so you don’t need to put on a facade to please others, to improve your “status”. You don’t need to be more. Accept yourself and love yourself now. You are worthy right now, worthy of every wonderful thing this world can offer. So put yourself out there and be you. To be fair, there is always going to be good times, and bad times, no matter who you are. There always going to be times where the scales will balance out. All experiences have their place, so try to just allow what comes. You reap what you sow… make sure your sowing good things. Remain open and fair. This is a time for us to be diplomatic, while still having our voices heard about the dire changes we need to make. Now is a time for even exchanges, and justice will prevail. We are the future, and it’s up to each and every one of us as humans to lead the way. Make sure to do your part, and I know you will be rewarded.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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