Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of October 14, 2018

The crystals I am working with for the week are Crazy Lace Agate, Bronzite and Citrine. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Crazy Lace Agate – The stone of laughter. It is also called Happy Lace Agate because it is believed to absorb negative feelings and to bring happiness. Its flowing energy is helpful to overcome depression and despair. It is a calming stone, helpful for anyone suffering. It promotes positive thinking and uplifts self-esteem feelings. It is also believed to be a stone which brings good luck and helps overcome obstacles. It balances body and mind, helping make wise decisions. Also, it is believed to promote mental agility and dynamic thoughts. Crazy Lace Agate encourages flexibility in thinking and communication.

Bronzite – Promotes peace and harmony, increases compassion and forgiveness. Helps you stay calm, maintain composure and harness your temper. Helps boost harmonious energy. Helps fatigue.

Citrine – Cleanses and rejuvenates your Spirit. Assists with self-improvement and self-healing. Increases energy and motivation. Encourages a fresh start. Holds the energy of the sun, and helps you feel cheerful.

Now is not the time to go down with your emotions. I know your tired, depressed and anxious. I know it’s been hard. I know how heavy the energy has been. This is a time to break the connections to the more negative energy that keeps bouncing back to us. It’s a reciprocal energy exchange, that we may have started a long time ago. When researching the Bronzite, I found that it is recommended to use alongside other grounding crystals, such as Black Tourmaline or Obsidian. What that does when used together, is completely break the connection to that negative energy exchange. Always longing for someone or something? Always re-living traumatic events? Creating more fear for the future? Let it go. Cut the cords. Release it all to allow space for what else life beholds right now. Cleanse yourself. Shower and wash away the past. Go cord cuttings. Whatever it takes to release the attachments that hold you back. It’s time for a fresh start. We are so much wiser now. We are making smarter decisions for ourselves. We know when we aren’t feeling good, and we can recognize it and give ourselves the care we need. Take sometime to just laugh today. Watch something silly and just let yourself laugh. Change that energy from negative to positive. Allow happiness to flow through you as often as you can. You don’t have to suffer, and you can overcome anything. It’s normal to feel down sometimes, but when you can pick yourself up and see the brighter side, it will get better so much quicker. Laughing seriously helps, it’s one of my #1 recommendations. Don’t take life so seriously. Be flexible and laugh it off. Choose to be cheerful and happy, as often as you can. Let’s see what the cards say for the week ahead.

The Angels want us to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve learned, so we can let it go, heed the positive lessons and move on. Everything else no longer serves you… you don’t need to hold on to what hurts you. That is creating more fear and uncertainty of the future. Don’t bring the guilt with you anymore. Let it go. Ask the Angels to help you release. You are no longer that person. You have done the best you could. You can be ok with that, because you turned out amazing. You are beauty, fully and completely. You are perfection, I see it and know it. You have to believe in yourself, in your beauty and power. You have what it takes to do anything you want in this life. You literally have unlimited potential, and you can do anything you set your mind and heart to. Live up to your potential and show the Angels your willing to be true to yourself and put yourself out there. Always remember, you are loved beyond measure. Even when you can’t feel it, even when things are dark, even when you are hurting or scared, you can know that you are loved. I love you. Spirit loves you. The Angels love you. Know that the pain is temporary, and you will feel the warmth again, you will feel happiness again. Someone out there loves you more than anything. Spirit loves you more than anything. Love yourself in that way too, it is a miracle to be alive… appreciate it! You are loved by people on Earth, and by Spirit. There is so much love around you, so feel it and flow with it as much as possible. Have a good week!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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