Card of the Day – November 8, 2018

I wanted to pull a card today for some extra guidance, and as usual it is very fitting. First, we have astrological changes and shifts happening, and we ourselves are going through transformations and shifts (again…). Second, it is Remembrance Day coming up, and this is such a perfect time to honour and remember our loved ones, to be proud of our lineage and history. This is a time to recognize and appreciate how far we’ve come. It’s a time to celebrate. I know the energy has been very heavy lately, but I truly feel we are at another turning point. Today, I am feeling the pull to connect with Spirit. I believe our Spirit Guides, and our Ancestors, are very close to us, so watch for messages and signs of guidance. There are always tons of birds in my front yard, but today I looked at a pigeon and the energy almost felt slow motion. I knew I had to google the energy meaning of pigeons. Of course, it was amazing and so relevant. Pigeon energy is resilient, devoted and loyal, it is loving, kind and empathetic, it is understanding and maintains perspective. Pigeon energy will go to extremes just to make sure their loved ones are taken care of or that their goals are fulfilled. This card is all about filling our lineage with positivity and love. We are the future. Our kids are the future. We have to do the best we can today. We have to heal and love ourselves. This is about clearing ourselves and making space for new things to come. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that clearing is a one-and-done kind of thing, when in fact, I look at clearing and forgiveness like waves. Every time things build up, we need to work on letting them go. That is how we heal the world. This is how we evolve and move forward. Each little step we take to be better, is a step forward for all. So today, let go of anything you hold on to, and celebrate where you are and how far you’ve come. Commit to a being a better person every day, every moment, and walk forward together. Your Ancestors walk with you and watch over you.

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