Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of January 13, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Crazy Lace Agate. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Red Jasper – A stone of fairness and justice because its energy is used to decrease injustice and help in unfair situations. Helps you take all of your energy and use it in a balanced manner. Used for protection. It is said to be outstanding for promoting survival and overcoming survival issues. It has very nurturing energy and can help with ancestral/inherited issues. It is also said to enhance responsibility, choice, and compassion.

Smoky Quartz – Protective and grounding. It removes negativity and transforms it to positive energy. Enhances survival skills and helps one reach personal and business goals. It is used in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality. Therefore, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. It fosters cooperation in groups and supports their efforts energetically. It engenders creativity by bringing imaginative efforts to fulfillment. It also works energetically to assist in prioritizing needs and wants, and brings wisdom to every day life. Excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and is considered a stone of serenity. It can be helpful in relieving grief.

Crazy Lace Agate – The stone of laughter. It is also called Happy Lace Agate because it is believed to absorb negative feelings and to bring happiness. Its flowing energy is helpful to overcome depression and despair. It is a calming stone, helpful for anyone suffering. It promotes positive thinking and uplifts self-esteem feelings. It is also believed to be a stone which brings good luck and helps overcome obstacles. It balances body and mind, helping make wise decisions. Also, it is believed to promote mental agility and dynamic thoughts. Crazy Lace Agate encourages flexibility in thinking and communication.

My family and I have been having some crazy dreams this week… I am only realizing now that I chose the Smoky Quartz, that it is a synchronicity and dreams are going to be very important this week. First of all, the Twin Flame connection is very strong, and many Twin Flames are communicating during dreams. Also, there is a lot about our life path. What I saw in one of my dreams was a bunch of rooms… there was never-ending amounts of rooms and one just let to another. I feel like we have many choices ahead of us, and a lot of options we can take. There are so many pathways to opportunity! It’s like, which boxes do you want to open? Well, get doing it! Open as many as you want or can! If you are feeling stuck, like you are lacking in options in your life… then this is exactly why you need to open your eyes to new possibilities. Try something new. Meet new people. Get a new job. Go back to school. You truly have so many rooms you could go through, and who knows what opportunities you can find along your way!! You have the choice and the responsibility to make your life better and better. It’s your responsibility to choose the good boxes. The Red Jasper is going to help you get over the times that have been unfair. It’s time to take your power back and make your own personal choices. Things are going to feel much more fair and free. The Red Jasper also makes me feel like… you already have been strong through times that were tough, and unfair. You used your energy in a positive way, and it does not go unnoticed. Spirit really is proud of us for how far we have come. I believe we all will see some abundant rewards coming into our lives. How have you been blessed lately? (I would love to hear comments!!) I am blessed right now, as I sit and watch the beautiful birds out my front window and appreciate the tranquility of this moment. Not every moment can be peaceful and tranquil, but I can appreciate the ones that are. I truly appreciate my home, and thank it often. The more I can sink into the vibration of feeling appreciation, the more I will attract to appreciate. I have to mention, the Red Jasper is also helping us with some past life healing… many of us, wether you are aware of it or not, are working through past-life issues. Overcoming and truly letting go of fears can generally have a lot to do with past life issues. Know as you make these choices to see past the fear, to heal it and let it go, you are conquering these inherited issues. You have the power and the choice to be anything you choose, and the only limits upon you are self-inflicted. Wishes… dreams… goals… they can all come true if you work toward them. If you have been feeling down, or depressed, remember your true strength. You are strong and can do anything. The other secret is to find a way to laugh and have joy. This is a message continued on from last week. Watch a funny show or video. Do something you love that makes you happy. Do what you can to help uplift your mood. This helps us to stay positive and handle life in a positive way. Find serenity and joy, if and when you can, and know that things will be feeling better soon. Express yourself creatively and put yourself out there. Realize there is nothing in life to fear; only opportunities to pursue. The more opportunities you can see, the more chances you have to capitalize on them. Be flexible and put yourself out there! Let’s see what the cards say for the week!

Let me start off by saying, I have seen so many messages of magic lately, and I haven’t even pulled the cards yet, but the decks have a very magical energy!! Then, as I was drawing the cards, I was receiving messages. It’s not unusual for me to shuffle a deck and have a Card come flying out, and know the Card was a message for me and not the reading I was doing. Today, the cards were speaking to me as soon as I pulled out the deck. The Higher Power Card was there telling me, “Yes, I am here and I am guiding you.” Then Paul the Venetian was there telling me to share my gifts and I would receive waves of inspiration and love. It’s just so perfect and fitting for this reading.

These cards are beautiful as always! They definitely continue on from last weeks message of laughter, and of love healing fear! Message in a Bottle is Spirit telling us, “Yes! We are here and we have messages to communicate with you!”. It’s a very beautiful and synchronistic confirmation. We are always being guided and we are never truly alone. We are being guided to the path of our highest good, by way of synchronistic interactions, inspirations and creative endeavours. Our dreams are carrying many messages. What I am hearing is, “Believe and you will receive”. Believe in yourself.. believe in a Higher Power (whatever that means to you)… believe in goodness… believe in love… believe and receive. This is about pursuing as many opportunities that come calling as possible! You never know what doors they may open for you. Freya is another sign that there is Twin Flame connections occurring, sending each other protection and love. Freya is helping us in taking back our power and moving forward on the path. It’s helping us see through the illusions of the past, and let them go. She is helping us welcome the changes we deserve. Now is definitely not the time to dim your light… now is the time to shine and put yourself out there in every opportunity. You are the only one who can do what you do! There is so much opportunity within your talents! If you have been living in the shadow of someone else, now is the time to awaken your own Spirit! This card is also about taking back your power. Open yourself and show your beauty regardless of who is negative! Just keep shining your beautiful light! We can handle anything in life. I am living proof of that. The way to let go of the fear is to see the good… to see the love.. to see your own beauty! When you realize you have nothing holding you back, you can be free. Choose to love yourself!!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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