Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of February 24, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Blue-Green Onyx, Pink Opal and Amber Aragonite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Shout out to my friend Krystle and her beautiful store: Luna & Leigh, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I have acquired a bunch of amazing products from her store, and I purchased these crystals yesterday! Always beautiful energy, and highly recommended. 💗🙏

Onyx Blue Green – Opens the chakras. Brings good fortune and Spiritual encouragement. Helps shift negative perceptions. Helps you to move forward from grief and depression. Increases happiness and contentment. Helps with public speaking. A symbol of restfulness and purity. Invites more calm and relaxation in your life. Relieves worries, tension, stress and fears. Enhances love, affection and friendship.

Pink Opal – Heals the emotions and subconscious pain. It helps for emotional balance and for healing the heart. Offers gentleness and compassion. Clears and calms the heart. Tranquil and peaceful. Encourages the release of fears, worry and anxiety, which will allow you to be more centred and calm. Brings joy back to your life.

Amber Aragonite – Protects your heart and balances your energy. Relieves stress and calms the mind. Increases opportunities. Awakens your inner power. Helps your strengthen your skills and talents. Helps you to obtain strength and security. Encourages conservation of Earth.

The weather here has been so cold and harsh lately. It’s hard not to feel depressed when it’s too cold to do anything, or even be outside. I know everyone has been feeling the crazy energies, especially with full moon that past. For myself, I’ve been noticing a lot of fear and anxiety, and I see it around me in others too. I was inspired watching a documentary on Netflix this week called, “Heal”. It was all about the brain-body connection, and how our cells perceive our environment through our sensory experiences in life. Basically, it’s true for children and adults alike, that the more positive, relaxing, and stimulating sensory experiences we can have, the more beneficial it is to our health and well-being. I always love a good reminder to look at how my brain and my thought patterns are serving me. Why am I experiencing anxiety? What am I letting my brain, even subconsciously, tell my body to believe? How am I experiencing the world around me? Am I perceiving it in a way that makes me feel happy and joyous? Sometimes we long for things to be different.. like they could somehow been better. We feel like we need this or that, to *hopefully* get to a place where we can relax and feel content… but that place is not found at the end of a University degree… it’s not at the end of a vacation…. it’s not at the shopping mall… if you live like this, your always wishing away your life for the next accomplishment. There is always so much stress, pressure and expectation. The good news is, the place where you can relax and find contentment is not as elusive as it seems… it’s right here, in this very moment, available for you to unlock. Can you stop taking life so seriously for just a minute? How can you let yourself relax? What can you do right now to make your sensory experience a little more enjoyable? Maybe dim the light or light a few candles? Play some music, something upbeat to lift and give you energy, or something more soothing to calm you. Do some meditation. Have a yummy coffee. Pick up some flowers at the grocery store. Make your own beauty in life and choose to see the beauty. Appreciate the beauty and the experiences. Make your life as fun and enjoyable as you can. Find contentment in your life, here and now. When you feel stuck in grief or depression, this is a great way to start getting out of it. Surround yourself with beauty and joy. Make everything as enjoyable for you as possible. Don’t feel afraid to ask for what you need. It feels like many people will be in situations where they will be speaking in public, and the crystals are here to assist in overcoming any fears. Try your best to stay relaxed… get lots of practice, carry crystals, and most importantly, breathe and make eye contact. We all want a calm and happy life. Get lots of sleep and take care of yourself well. Get energetic healing to help you stay open and clear. Don’t let fear, worry, and stress run your life. To heal, you have to visualize a happy life and do your best to live it. Offer yourself compassion and allow yourself to heal. Bring joy back into your life as often as possible. You have power to heal. This is a time of friendships and relationships blossoming. There are going to be many opportunities presenting themselves, so meet them as best as you can. Also, make sure to be as eco-friendly as possible, and do your part where you can. Mother Earth needs us to take care of her, just like we take care of ourselves. Let’s see what the cards say.

White Buffalo is the perfect omen. It symbolizes abundance and security in our life. It is about being who we are, fully and completely. Standing in our power and not being afraid of being different. It is about regaining our balance so we can harness our full potential and power. So many things are possible now… there are so many opportunities and miracles! If you are being called to stand up for others or speak out, but are worrying about doing so, please know that Spirit is guiding you and it is important to do. This is a time of beginnings. Use your Spiritual strength so you no longer have to struggle. Allow yourself to be supported, by others and by Spirit. Sweat Lodge is about cleansing and purifying our lives. The crystals also referenced purity, so it is important to make sure your intentions, actions and beliefs are as pure as possible. Purify your thoughts and your environment. Make some adjustments to your diet. Don’t be held back by the heaviness of the past. See all the positive potential. Use positive visualizations as a tool. This is your time to reach for the sky!! Health, healing, and passion is available to you right now. Embrace and expand the positive energy. The sky is the limit! Be prepared to soar to new heights. Allow yourself to be rejuvenated by the Earth and Sky, and give thanks in return. Have a wonderful week of expansion! Make your life beautiful for you.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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