Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of May 5, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Angelite, Blue Quartz and Dumortierite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Angelite – Brings light and love into your life. One of the best stones for improving Spiritual awareness. A deeper sense of your Spiritual connection allows you to feel calmer and more energized. Relieves anxiety and depression. Helpful for healthy communication.

Blue Quartz – Clears away the toughest energy blockages. Relieves fear. Helps you to reach out to others. Calms the mind. Assists in understanding your Spiritual nature. Inspires hope. Enhances organization and self-discipline.

Dumortierite – A stone of order. It is used to enhance self-discipline, organizational abilities, and general orderliness. This helps to alleviate fears and live with a sense of courage and peace. Assists with creative expression. Excellent for lifting depression. Assists with detoxification and weight loss.

There’s a lot of motivation for change right now. I’ve been feeling it! I find myself watching makeover shows and thinking about changes I want to make for myself. Things have been tough lately. I think a lot of people feel stuck or like they are in a rut. Depression and anxiety have been high. When I was looking up the descriptions of these crystals, I noticed I used the Blue Quartz and Angelite together, back on December 30, 2018. It appears we were going through tough times then as well. These crystals have a strong Angelic energy. To me, they feel like helping hands, here to pull us out of whatever we are stuck in.. here to help us get moving again. It’s funny, I woke up this morning, and immediately.. I had a list of about 15 things to get done start rolling through my mind. I started to feel sorry for myself, but then immediately just got up and started completing some of the tasks. Before you know it, I was done almost all of them, with a little time to spare to sit here and do this reading now. My ego wanted to feel sorry for myself, but my higher self was just ready to get to work and get it done. Now, I sit here in my lovely, clean and fresh home, ready to tackle the week ahead, feeling satisfied and organized. We have to make the best of whatever we have to do. Work hard so you can reap those rewards and feel good about your efforts. Getting yourself organized can help you feel less stress and anxiety, and help you be successful in reaching your goals. If things have been feeling dark lately, or motivation has been running thin, I think this week things will lighten up and we will have the energy to get everything done. If you are working towards losing weight, this is a great time to do so and will also help you to feel better. If you have been experiencing conflicts with anyone, it feels like they will dissolve this week. There will be some positive communication and mutual understanding. Last week, there was a message around releasing fears, and that continues this week. We have to harness our courage. We have to let go of our perceived fears, so we can see life through a new lens. So we can see the world as our playground and see the unlimited possibilities. I posted a video on my Facebook page just earlier today, about how our perspective of life is shaped by our experiences and past trauma. He spoke about how when we have beautiful experiences, they can shatter those lenses and change our perspectives (https://www.facebook.com/968598716604591/posts/1491751127622678?s=853175602&v=i&sfns=mo). It’s really what we are experiencing right now. We are all evolving to a higher spiritual awareness and to get there, we have to see beyond what we have seen before. We have to see things in a new way.. in a new light. The Angels are definitely here helping us with this. They have a very strong presence this week. I feel like we will be guided to do acts of kindness and good deeds for others. I would love to hear comments and feedback of ways you feel inspired to give this week. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

The Angels are here to help us conquer our fears. We have been feeling vulnerable, sad and overwhelmed. Staying in this mindset only reinforces those things, so work to clear and shift those beliefs. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in negative thought patterns. The Angels want to remind us of the beautiful, powerful beings that we are. You are always safe. You are safe to experience this life with joy. No matter what happens, ultimately, you are always ok. There is nothing that can happen that isn’t eventually ok. Don’t waste the ride.. enjoy it for all of its beauty and wonder. Have fun with it. Take good care of yourself. Remind yourself of how deserving you are, and be the first person who gives yourself love. Spending time in water is healing now, and also make sure you are drinking lots of water! Feel refreshed and ready to continue on your journey. The Self-Care Card also tells me we have been giving too much of ourselves lately. This will cause suffering when you give and give and feel your needs are not met in return. It how our energy gets drained and how we get stuck in the first place. Make sure that you are doing enough for yourself, and speaking up for yourself. You don’t have to be everyone’s problem solver. Ask the Angels if you need help or assistance. The Acceptance Card is about how we heal from our trauma and past experiences. I think often, people stuff down their traumas, pretending they didn’t happen or don’t exist, or like they don’t bother them or that they can ignore them. In reality, those traumas are festering in your soul, affecting your fears and your feeling of safety in life. Acceptance is about coming to terms with everything that has happened. You can no longer stuff it down and deny it. Accept it all. Appreciate your experiences, even the bad ones, because they have led you to the beautiful person you are now… to this very moment reading this beautiful guidance from Angels. Don’t bother regretting anything… rather, accept and integrate, learn and grow. Process it and digest it. Take back your power and love yourself fully. Accept yourself for who you are, and be unapologetic about it. See how calm she is on the Acceptance card? Calm, yet.. so powerful. So firm in her knowing of who she is and how beautiful she is. Nothing she has ever gone through can take away from that. Nobody can ever steal her light. There is nothing to fear… nothing at all. It is her Divine right and she will shine always and forever, until beyond time. Let go of the fears and live your life! Have a great week!

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