Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of Nov 24, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Dumortierite, Blue Calcite and Blue Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Dumortierite – A stone of order. It is used to enhance self-discipline, organizational abilities, and general orderliness. This helps to alleviate fears and live with a sense of courage and peace. Assists with creative expression. Excellent for lifting depression. Assists with detoxification and weight loss.

Blue Calcite – Supports peaceful assertiveness. Decreases shyness, promotes ability to speak your needs. Contributes to beginning spiritual growth. Soothes nerves and lifts anxieties. Stone of recuperation. Lowers blood pressure.

Blue Quartz – Clears away the toughest energy blockages. Relieves fear. Helps you to reach out to others. Calms the mind. Assists in understanding your Spiritual nature. Inspires hope. Enhances organization and self-discipline.

I used the Blue Quartz and Dumortierite together back in May 2019, and it was a time when we were picking ourselves up and getting back on track. I can’t even find a time when I used the Blue Calcite, which is interesting too! I feel like things are getting back on track for us… BUT… we have to remember that there will always be unexpected twists and turns in life. Start preparing yourself for them now. Accept that they will come and go, and know you are strong enough to conquer anything that arises. We are going to have choices to make and we are going to have to stand up for ourselves. The Dumortierite is all business and wants us to get our own life in order. The better prepared and organized you can be, the easier life can flow. If you are prepared, you don’t need to scramble. This goes for honesty too… life is so much simpler if you live honestly. Whatever you are going through now, just know that you will get through it and you are strong. Maintain your inner peace for your own growth and happiness. Express yourself creatively at every opportunity. It will help you be happier and more peaceful. We need to detox, eat healthier and exercise. This will help to increase your energy and confidence. This is a time to step out of your shyness. Be proud of who you are and tell your story. Make sure you are asking for the things you need. Use your voice in positive and productive ways. Help yourself live a calm life and release the anxious energy. Allow yourself to heal and recuperate. When we slow down and allow the Universe to work it’s magic, we can heal and grow spiritually. The Blue Quartz is coming in to help us heal the deepest wounds… those deep-seated traumas we avoid acknowledging. When we can let go of the pain of the past, it allows for optimism for the future. We can acknowledge that we have new choices we can make. It’s going to help us a live a calm life. It’s guiding us to know where to turn when we need support. It is helping us recognize our true Spiritual nature. There is so much hope for our future… but it isn’t always going to be easy, and we do need to have self-discipline. Sometimes, we have to do what’s hard to do what’s best.

Things have been so hard lately. I did my crystal reading yesterday, and am now getting to the cards here on Monday. I know in the astrology, there is some tougher energy today. We are facing things we don’t want to. We are being forced to look at issues and see the truth. So, how do we get out of this heavy energy, and start moving forward? You have to have acceptance for everyone and everything, and this must be felt deep in your heart. You have to understand that everything happens for a reason, and let it go. I saw a meme on Facebook this week, it was a 10 year challenge meme of Robert Downey Jr., and it showed him as a criminal 10 years ago, and as the successful Iron Man he is today. Everything happens for a reason, even seeing this meme is a perfect example. You don’t have to care about what anyone thinks of you. You don’t have to care about the mistakes you made. You don’t have to dwell on what was. All you need to do is trust in your path forward and do the best you can. You are going somewhere great too. When you can truly accept yourself and love yourself, you inspire others to do the same. It’s how we lift each other up. Self-love is truly the key to freedom. To be honest, I’ve been having issues in my life. I was ready to fall apart this morning. I managed to hold it together until I could get to my cards. I know they always have the best answers for me. I could’ve popped off. I could’ve blamed people for their choices that affect my life. The Angels want to remind us that there is a better way. We can accept what we’ve been through. We can accept others, knowing they are imperfect just like us. We can take back the reigns of our life. We can set an example and show others how to step into true personal power. We can take ownership for the choices we have made, and consider how we can make better choices going forward. So instead of popping off… go outside. Breathe some fresh air. Take lots of deep breaths. Allow yourself to be comforted by the great Mother Earth. Ask for help from the Heavens. Trust that God is working out the details. Instead of freaking out… think about what you can do to make things better. How can you bring fresh energy into your life? What can you do to bring some fresh air into your relationship, instead of just being angry and resentful. It’s about making proactive and positive choices, instead of always reacting… particularly to things that are beyond your control. Don’t worry about what those people have done to you. Their karma will come, and they WILL learn their own lessons.. one way or another. I always feel better knowing God is on my side. People can lie all they want, but God always finds a way to expose the truth. All I really know, is that I don’t have to live with guilt, because I’ve learned to make better choices and live an honest life. The deceptive people out there don’t even understand how much weight they carry just to keep up the lies. So I will open my arms to the Universe and allow God to have my back and show me the way forward. Let all your challenges go today and find a way to love and spoil yourself. Most importantly, allow yourself to receive. Keep yourself wide open to blessings, and when they come, make sure you gratuitously accept them. Let’s turn this energy around! Have a great week! 💗🙏✨

PS: It’s the New Moon tomorrow, so make sure to keep your thoughts positive and focused on what you want to attract in your life!

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