Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of December 22, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Smoky Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper and Puddingstone Jasper. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Smoky Quartz – Protective and grounding. It removes negativity and transforms to positive energy. Enhances survival skills and helps one reach personal and business goals. It is used in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality. Therefore, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. It fosters cooperation in groups and supports their efforts energetically. It engenders creativity by bringing imaginative efforts to fulfillment. It also works energetically to assist in prioritizing needs and wants, and brings wisdom to every day life. Excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and is considered a stone of serenity. It can be helpful in relieving grief.

Dalmatian Jasper – Is a stone that lessens or removes disillusionment. It helps one to see their strengths and weaknesses, and encourages grounding. It increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships. It brings a sense of fun to one’s life. It is a stone of protection from nightmares, depression, and negative thinking. It is also said to be particularly beneficial for healing people who have trouble relaxing and having fun.

Puddingstone Jasper – Great for stress relief. Calm and nurturing. Helps with anxiety, reducing nightmares, and calming the mind for better study habits. Prevents tissue deterioration of organs and muscles, and strengthens the immune system. Promotes body balance.

The message for this week is clear… let go of the stress and enjoy the holidays. Try not to overthink everything and project your expectations on others. We don’t have to be disillusioned by the idea of perfection.. we can simply enjoy everyone and everything for what it is. Not only are we going to survive Christmas, but we are going to see wishes coming true. There is so much comfort and calm this week. Many people are missing loved ones during this season. These past few years with my son’s cancer journey, it’s been hard to make it home and see my family. I understand now what it’s like to truly miss your family. Please, appreciate everyone while you can. Don’t let anxiety and worry run your life or ruin any enjoyment this week. I’ve been a little stressed because my son has medical procedures tomorrow… but my crystals tell me that I can relax. He is having a biopsy of organ tissue, so it’s fitting that the Puddingstone Jasper wanted to come along with us. I’m ready for more fun. I’m ready for more calm. I’m ready to get this day over tomorrow and get home to enjoy Christmas. Let’s see what the cards say.

I wanted to use the Animal Guides deck because I feel like Animals have been bringing us so many messages lately… and did I mention, my spouse brought home a new puppy for us to come home to!! Another reason I’m anxious to get home!! The Walrus card is ALL about the signs we are receiving! Pay attention, because the Universe knows your concerns and is guiding you always. The crystals above are a prime example of the messages nature has to offer us. When you have worries, concerns and fears, turn them over to God, and watch for the signs of reassurance. The Polar Bear is about embracing who we are without trying to project a certain outcome. It’s about dropping the expectations you have for everyone, including yourself. We make life harder than it has to be, by the way we allow ourselves to feel about situations. Yes, a lot of times this is hard to control, but it’s worth working on. Work on letting go of your attachments to outcomes and just allow life to be as it is. Just allow yourself to be as you are. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone… you don’t need to hide yourself or the things you believe in. This Polar Bear card is about asking for what we want, and allowing the Universe to work it’s magic, without expectation. This is also about saying no. Let go of any guilt of saying no. Self-care matters, and saying no is an absolute necessity. One thing I’ve been doing lately when I feel unhappy, is putting on music. It is so healing, and there are so many signs and omens that come through music. Music makes us happy. This week, enjoy the Christmas tunes, dance with your family, sing, do whatever makes you happy and raises the vibration. Let your inner child play. Happiness is how we heal. Also, make sure you are breathing deeply, which will help with anxiety. The New Moon and Eclipse falls on Christmas Day/Boxing Day depending on your time zone, and this is bringing a big reset to our lives. It’s a fresh start as we move into a new decade. I’m wishing you all a wonderful, calm, relaxing and fun Christmas holiday! Enjoy your family and friends and appreciate every moment. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🎁

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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