Keys to Happiness, Abundance & Freedom – From the Angels

Let yourself out of the cage. Allow yourself to be free and happy. Don’t look around at anyone but you. Don’t think about your partner who acts less than worthy. Don’t think about the people that stabbed you in the back. That is their choice, their problem, and their lessons to learn. Just keep your focus on you. What choices are you going to make? What can you do today to be a better person? To be happier? What do you need? If someone or something is leeching your energy, block them out. Don’t even see them. Visualize yourself protected in Divine white light, and focus your attention on you. You don’t have to leave them, or fight with them. Just focus your attention solely on you, on your inner self, and give yourself what you need. Whatever is going on will pass. The time will be better spent being happy in your own bubble, instead of fighting or doing things you may regret. Things will always work out as they should, no matter what. Trust that the Universe will deliver justice fittingly, and focus on the kind of karma you want to receive. If you would like people to offer you compassion, be willing to exude compassion. Kill them with kindness. 💖🙏✨

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