Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of August 9, 2020

The crystals I am working with for the week are Cinnabrite, Quartz Herkimer Diamond and Pink Opal. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Cinnabrite – Attracts money and wealth. Willpower to attain and maintain inner freedom. Helps us to fulfill our dreams. Gives strength. Encourages development of intuition and increases spiritual insight. Enhances and invigorates creativity.

Quartz Herkimer Diamond – Stimulates psychic abilities, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Raises spiritual vibration. Powerful amplifier. Heals emotional issues. Enhances spontaneity and health. Supports you in letting go of unconscious fears and expanding your being. Purifies your energy.

Pink/Peach Agate – Gentle and nurturing. Boosts creativity. Initiates transformation. Helps resolve emotional issues. Helps overcome negative emotions. Soothes depression and anxiety. Assists with stability and balance. Encourages changes and lasting transitions. Increases friendliness and happiness.

I can’t speak for all of you, but I know for me lately, with all the changes going on, going back to work and preparing the kids for back to school… there have been a lot of worries, fears, anxiety and depression. It has been tempting to give in to these lower emotions, but when I ask for guidance, the Universe always reminds me that everything is going to be ok. Things have felt so restrictive lately, with the mask wearing, constantly changing rules, depleting bank accounts and social isolation. It can be hard to not to feel complacent, like we have to give into everything the world expects of us. The Universe wants to remind you, that in spiritual truth, you always have the power to choose your own freedom. Freedom always starts from within. What choices can you make to Honor and maintain your personal freedom? You are in charge of your day, of your mood, of your life. You get to choose how you live it! You are strong, so harness your power to bring your life back into a more balanced alignment. We are strong, and we can make our dreams come true. Follow any intuitive guidance and creative inspiration that you feel! There are really a lot of opportunities right now, you just need to look for them and create them. You can attract everything you need, you just need to believe in yourself and have confidence. We are being guided and receiving lots of information now. Pay attention to your thoughts, dreams and inspirations. I know for myself, I have been feeling stuck and drained of energy.. and I can wallow there all I want, but the only one who can change that feeling is me. We have to find more spontaneity and joy in our days. It can’t be all work and no play, or there is no happiness…. and happiness is exactly what we need to fully heal. Let go of any fears holding you back. Let go of the worries as much as possible. Allow yourself to expand. The Pink/Peach Agate is here to soothe us with its nurturing energy. It’s holds us and reminds us that everything is ok. Find creative solutions to let go of emotions, and to find new opportunities. We can get through this. Create as much stability and balance as you can. We can make the changes that create long term happiness and abundance. We can have more happiness in our lives. Remember, you have the power to create your reality and freedom. How do you want to design your life today? Let’s see what the cards say.

Wow. As always, I love the cards. Definitely Yes is all about opportunities, and them turning out well! Now is definitely the time to say Yes to yourself a little more! This card is all about keeping a positive mindset, no matter our surroundings, and having faith that everything we desire will come to fruition. This also means doing your part to help manifest your desires into reality. Yes, the Universe can guide us and help us, but we also need to put some work into creating the lives we desire. It’s called co-creation for a reason! Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and desires, as they are your intuition speaking to you and helping to guide you on your path. We have to set aside our worries and be positive. The longer we dwell in negativity, the harder it is to get out, and the more negative karma we acquire. Keep the faith that all your desires will manifest, in whatever way the Universe sees fit. Every time you wish for something, ask for “this or something better”. Ask the Universe to show you even better. Be open and ready to receive. Stay filled with faith and hope, and be ready to take action when you feel guided. What we have to remember, is that we can’t run ourselves ragged. Yes, we need to work towards our dreams, but we also need to balance that with joy, happiness and freedom. It’s super hard to be happy, if all you do is work. This is why moms are so depleted. It’s a never-ending job and responsibility, so it’s extra important for moms to make time for their own joy and freedom. What we need to realize is that we can do less and manifest more. It’s all about what we believe to be true. If you believe you have to struggle to get ahead, then that’s all you see and know. When we can be in a happy place within ourselves, we become aligned with the Universe and attract more of what makes us happy… with ease! Working more does not equal happiness. It’s so important we find a healthy balance that works for us. This is a new time… a new era… and we are birthing new dreams and creations. Don’t hold back, and put yourself out there with confidence. We may not feel completely ready, and that’s ok. The worlds needs what you can create. We are dreaming this new world into being, and it’s not going to be a corporate rat-race. It’s going to be a beautifully balanced, sustainable, joyous and magical place. How are you going to contribute to your life, and the world as a whole?

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed the post!

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