The Great Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction & Winter Solstice – December 21, 2020

Welcome to the new Age of Aquarius! ♒️🌬

Jupiter and Saturn meet roughly every 20 years, due to Jupiter’s orbit of less than 12 years around the sun lining up with Saturn’s, which is 29.5 years long. This event marks the official shift from a 200 year period during which Jupiter and Saturn made conjunctions primarily in Earth signs into a 200 year period of conjunctions in Air signs, marking the start of a new era in a larger 800 year cycle.

This conjunction is occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of social change, humanitarianism, and justice.

Jupiter signifies expansion and growth, while Saturn represents limitation and structure. There are a lot of limitations right now, but it’s all about what you make of it. You do have a choice. This is all about how we handle our own expansion, and reevaluating where our own limitations are. Do we let people hold us down? Does our own perspective hold us back? This is a new beginning. This is a chance for us to come together in a positive, forward thinking way. We are stepping into our power and understanding that it is our own choosing that decides how our future unfolds. What decisions are you going to make for yourself going forward? What choices are the best for the greatest good of all? How can we bring our ideas together and work to make our planet a better place to live? We are leaving a focus on materialism, control, and hierarchies, and we are entering a time of decentralization and spirituality. We have levelled up. That’s the whole point of cycles, to continue growing and evolving. Yes, stuff is messed up right now… but what are you going to do about it? What are WE going to do about it? Are you going to wallow and exude negativity? Or are you going to find a way, and make your world a beautiful place anyway? Can we work together to make everyone’s world beautiful? How can we think in new ways?

Having Winter Solstice on the same day as the Great Conjunction? It truly is a fresh start… a clean slate. This is a turning point in the darkness. You get to choose who you are and what you are about.

You already know what you have to do… you know where you are headed. You just have to keep being brave, putting yourself out there, and showing the Universe you are ready… because you are.

You, just as you are.

Let’s walk into this new age together. 👫🪐✨

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