St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated as a feast where people wear green and sing, dance, and tell jokes. It is a way to celebrate the coming of Spring, and encourage a bountiful growing year. ☘️🧑‍🎤🌿

St. Patrick was born around the year 387. His father was a deacon and his grandfather a presbyter. Patrick had religious training from infancy. When Patrick was 16, he was carried off by pirates in Britain and sold to a heathen prince in Ireland, where he was made to keep cattle. He spent 6 years in slavery, often naked and hungry. It was there the Lord became real to him and changed his life forever. God was with him and comforted him. St. Patrick prayed many prayers, day and night, and his faith increased. Going through this time, his greatest struggle became his biggest blessing. He became concerned for others, where previously he was only concerned for himself. One night, he heard a voice tell him it was time to leave, so he made his way to a seaport and found passage back to Britain. His life was all about the amazing sovereignty and blessings of God. He believed everyone had a soul that would live forever. Due to his time in slavery, he missed out on a formal education, therefore, he relied on his skilled prayer work. He found himself up against Druidic Shamans and Pagan Kings. Patrick’s belief that the world belonged to God became part of his power. Patrick had a great ability to see God in nature. I find it a bit contradictory that St. Patrick was known for purging Paganism from Ireland, when his beliefs were greatly based upon nature, as are Pagans.

Leprechauns emerged in the 8th-century, when legends about tiny water-dwellers began circulating among the Celts. Their name is thought to come from the word “luchorpán,” meaning small body. They are said to be only 2-3 feet tall. Leprechauns represent moral fables which warn us against trying to get rich quick, taking what’s not yours, or interfering with “The Good Folk” and other magical creatures. 🧚‍♂️🧝‍♂️

The word Shamrock comes from the Gaelic word Seamrog, meaning “little clover”. The three leaves of a shamrock are said to stand for faith, hope and love. A fourth leaf is where we get the luck from. ☘️

Remember to welcome the Celtic Angels. These Angels are sent during this time to remind us of the joining together of old spirituality and new. They are said to start showing up about a week before St. Patrick’s Day, and are out in full force on this celebratory day. 😇

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