Micro Full Cold Moon in Gemini – December 18, 2021

On Saturday, December 18th we have the last Full Moon of the year! We have a Micro Full Cold Moon in Gemini peaking at 9:37pm (MST) here in Alberta. πŸŒ•βœ¨β™ŠοΈ

It is called a Micro Moon because it as at its furthest point away from Earth, called Apogee.

Gemini, being the sign of the twins, asks us to acknowledge other sides of ourselves and send love to them, especially the sides we deny and hide. This can take the form of shadow work and inner child healing.

This Moon is asking us to take a broader perspective of our lives and who we are, and to find balance between the physical world and the spiritual. We are being asked to have compassion not only for ourselves, but for everyone and everything on our planet.

Gemini is a sign all about thinking, communication and mind power. This is a great time to use your thoughts and ideas as a force of good, as a catalyst for positive change in your life. As our perspective expands, so do opportunities.

Let go of the past and release any bad habits you are looking to shift. Look forward to the future with confidence and trust.


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