Super New Moon in Aquarius – January 31, 2022

On Monday, January 31st, 2022 we have the 2nd New Moon of January in the sign of Aquarius peaking at 10:46pm MST. It is occurring at 12 Degrees 19 Minutes in Aquarius. 🌑✨♒️

This New Moon also coincides with the Chinese Lunar New Year! We are now entering the Year of the Water Tiger. Tiger is a sign of strength and bravery to overcome any darkness. We are renewing our vitality and power. Have courage to face your challenges.

This New Moon is square to Uranus in Taurus, making it even more unpredictable. We have to remain flexible and go with the flow. We have to be ready to shift our stance as the need arises. We have no way to know what’s coming, but we can do our best to overcome any challenge that does arise.

You can achieve your goals. You can make a difference and an impact. You are amazing and capable and deserving.

Aquarius is an Air sign that is always thinking about the future. This is especially important when we consider that New Moons are about setting our intentions. Our thoughts create our reality. What does your world look like? What could make it better for everyone? How can you think differently to make the world a little brighter?

Put your innovative and charming spirit to work to create the changes we need to see in this world. I know we are going to do better, together.

Have a beautiful New Moon!


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