Archangel Raziel Prayer

I have been receiving signs of Sunshine and Rainbows for the last couple weeks. I was doing Reiki on myself, and I had this beautiful vision of the Sun shining, and then spiralling into rainbow after rainbow. I even drew the image after in my journal! Then I continued to see messages of Sunshine and Rainbows everywhere. ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒˆ

Rainbows for me, are the ultimate sign of joy after hard times. The Sun represents reprieve from the darkness. The spiralling of the image in my Reiki tells me that this is not a journey of seeking beauty outside of ourselves, but more about creating it and finding it within.

I didnโ€™t realize until I was preparing my MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET, that this was guidance from Archangel Raziel, one of the Angels for this Full Moon in Leo. Raziel shines with radiance, like the Sun (the ruling planet of Leo). Raziel has a Rainbow coloured aura.

Raziel reminds us to shine all of our colors with pride. Raziel helps people heal in all directions of time. He illuminates us where we feel fearful, helping us to feel more confident and courageous. He reminds us of the importance of joy, and the light we bring to others when we have fun.


Want to learn more about this Full Moon in Leo? Get my MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET!

The MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET is a 6-page PDF that prints onto 3 pages and you can look it over as a way to learn about the energy of the Moon.

This edition includes: Info about the sign of Leo, colors, crystals, Angels, Gods/Goddesses, essential oils, plants, flowers, trees, herbs, metal, Feng Shui charms, animals, numbers, and more! It has affirmations, personal questions, goals, releasing, ideas of things to do, a prayer, doโ€™s & donโ€™ts, a card pull, upcoming astrology, and more!

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