Weekly Card Reading for the week of June 13, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Pyrite, Lepidolite, and Opalite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Pyrite – Enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help you tap your own latent mental talents and abilities. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding. Brings energies of good luck or good fortune.

Lepidolite – A stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It brings hope in dark times by lending a sense of balance and calm. A stone of transformation in that it helps one get through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It enhances self-love, patience, and optimism. Used for dreamwork and rebirth. It softens the impact of these experiences so they can be easily received. Lepidolite is also a protective stone that brings success in business or career. Emotionally, lepidolite is one of the best healers. It decreases stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, other traumas, panic attacks, and addictions.

Opalite – Harness your personal power. Increases self-esteem and self-worth. Unleash your inner strength. Calming and soothing. Connects you to the Spirit world. Balances energy and removes blockages. Heals emotions. Clears trouble from your heart and creates peace. Resolves hurts by helping you to let go. Offers compassion, kindness and gentleness. Promotes a positive outlook.

We are shooting into a Super Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, peaking early tomorrow morning around 5am MDT. There has been so much growth and expansion, yet also quite a bit of fear relating to the unknown and where we are headed next and exactly how we are getting there. It’s interesting because I used the Pyrite and Lepidolite together back in March 2022, and we were being reminded to trust our intuition and inner knowing. We were being reminded that we are protected as we move forward. We were being guided to make optimistic plans for the future. I truly believe those plans are closer than ever to coming true. Right now, we have to breathe out the stress and anxiety. We have to let go of the guilt, fears, and shame of the past. You are not the same person you once were, and you do not need to carry a dark cloud around with you anymore. You do not have to let any kind of condition hold you back. You deserve a bright future. Everyone does. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Overcome your fears. Look at your passions and talents, and see where you can make your mark and create your niche. Use your intelligence, logic, and creativity to maximize your potentials and opportunities. Luck is on our side, and our future is bright! You must believe it in your heart. If you don’t think that is true, then it is really only you that holds yourself back from the happiness and prosperity you deserve. Claim your worth and stand in your power. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about us or says about us. Let them say what they want to say. All that matters is how we feel about ourselves. Be calm and trust in the future. Accept the darkness that has past, and accept who you are now. Celebrate the hurdles you have overcome, and no longer define your life by them. Embrace your goodness, and the wonders there are left to experience in this life. Self-love, patience, and optimism is called for now. So much of our experiences, in fact almost all, stem from our thinking processes. If you are believing everything is dark and shitty, it’s probably not going to change… but you ARE capable of healing and feeling better, if you choose, if you allow, if you release, and if you believe. It all starts within ourselves and what we believe. We are transforming into higher versions of ourselves, so let yourself be uplifted. Believe in your own spiritual gifts and abilities. Believe in your ability to attract opportunities to manifest prosperity. You have what it takes to be successful. Say yes, and put yourself out there. Unleash your inner strength that you had hid from the world for so long. People want to see you and know you. People want to appreciate you. Let them. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

You might not be for everyone, and that is ok! Keep shining your light so that the people who appreciate it can enjoy it. Again, when people take issue with you, it usually is an issue they have with their own self. Remember to hold compassion instead of getting offended. Always offer love. You are a superhero, and the only one that needs to know it, is you. Look at the magic she is creating! Her cape flows with power and freedom. She doesn’t have to be like anyone else. She just has to be herself. Remember that you are who you surround yourself with. Make sure the people that do influence you are people who support you and uplift you. You don’t have to do anything to make other people love you. The people that love you, love you for who you are naturally. They love you without judgement or expectation. You never have to prove your worth to anyone. Find the people that appreciate you, and that is the direction you should take. Then, you can watch and wait as amazing things unfold. So. Much. Magic. Stop caring what anyone else thinks and be your full, magical self. Hover gracefully above any drama and stay in your own positive, peaceful energy. As you evolve, it will be more noticeable when people around you are in negativity. Rise above it. Remember that the only person you can control is you, and only you can learn your lessons and heed them. The Seahorse Card is reminding us that what other people do, is not our problem or concern. Swim in your own joy, unbothered. Explore things from different angles and be open to new perspectives and opportunities. Find deeper understanding, truth, wisdom, beauty, and love. Remember that it all starts within and how you choose to respond. If you are having friction with someone, maybe you can look at the situation again and see how you can be more compassionate and considerate. We do not have to take things so personally. Remain neutral, calm, and in your own peace. Let yourself float higher and higher until your perspective is completely different. You are a magician. You are a creator of magic. You can do anything. Take charge of your life and stop holding yourself back. Make a commitment to what you want to pursue and take action steps. Be bold and fearless, and never mind what the nay-sayers have to say. You can manifest all that you desire. Success is yours if you believe it to be true and create it. If you allow yourself to receive the support you need and say yes to the doors that may be opened before you. Believe in your skills and abilities. Believe in your power to make a positive impact. Visualize your hopes and dreams and make them come true. It’s all here for you, if you believe and receive! Have a beautiful week and a lovely Full Moon!

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