Card Reading for the Week of July 10, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Purple Agate, Shungite, and Tektite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Purple Agate – Connected with the Violet Flame. Stone of meditation and Spiritual transformation . Trust your intuition. Opens the Spiritual floodgates to a realm of endless possibilities. Very loving and heart felt frequency. Balances Yin/Yang. Stabilizes the aura and eliminates negativity. Promotes relaxation and tranquility. Strengthens sight. Overcomes difficulties and creates value.

Shungite – It is an extraordinarily positive stone, and using it may bring you a variety of blessings. This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life. It is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers.

Tektite – Known for raising one’s vibrations and strengthening the aura, making it a wonderful stone for those who are working to spiritually advance in this lifetime. Tektite can activate and enhance psychic abilities, is thought to encourage telepathy, and can help with lucid dreaming and astral travel. Tektite can increase the frequency of synchronicities, making it helpful for manifestation.

This week feels very much like we are going up… rising in our spiritual abilities and connection, and raising our vibrations to new levels. We are rising to new levels of consciousness based on all we have been through and the lessons we have taken to heart. The Violet Flame has been coming up a lot lately. It represents a need to do our inner work. Meditation has also been coming up for everyone, so that is going to be an important tool for us this week. Maybe look up a meditation regarding the Violet Flame. The crystals and the decks I have chosen, all feel very futuristic and space like. The Tektite actually does come from space. It is believed they are pieces of the Moon that broke off from the impact of meteorites and eventually landed on Earth. I always say the world is smaller than we think it is, and now that’s becoming true for the Universe too. It’s so cool that I can hold a crystal in my hand that travelled from space. It’s funny, when you become aware of how truly connected you are to nature and this planet, and then you realize that also applies to all the galaxies and Universes. We really are unlimited beings with strong metaphysical and manifestation abilities. We are realizing our power and our ability to create what we desire. We need to expand ourselves internally and use our power. We can find deeper clarity and purpose when we follow our hearts and learn to love ourselves within. Trust your intuition and the transformation that’s before you. Stay relaxed and be open to all the opportunities. Create value from the difficulties you have overcome. Use your inspiration creatively and passionately. The Shungite stone, for me personally, is very grounding. It just makes me feel like everything’s going to be ok! Not only that, it’s going to be amazing. Blessings are upon us! We just have to keep putting the work in and living the best lives we can. We have to keep solid and strong. When we treat our physical, emotional, and mental health with love and care, it helps us to heal and be able to manifest a better life that much more efficiently. Take the steps you can today. Do something you haven’t done. Try to expand your mind to what you haven’t been able to see before. It’s funny that there is so much here about dreams. I currently have a cold, and I was in the middle of a dream last night and sneezed in real life, lol. It was weird because I became conscious on both planes of existence. My 3-D self was like, oh I need a tissue, but my dream self was startled and disrupted from whatever I was doing. The work I’ve been doing in paying attention to my dreams, has also made me realize this deeper connection to the Universe and other realms of existence. If one thing is possible, everything is possible, we just have to expand our mind enough to allow ourselves to see that perspective and those possibilities. Manifesting is huge right now. We know that we are deserving of abundance. We know that we need full cups in order to serve others. The Universe sees all we are trying to do. I just saw the vision of stars being poured into a tea cup. Let your cups be full and overflowing. Keep your mind positive and your energy grounded. Flow with life and allow yourself to receive its nourishment and goodness. The Universe feels proud of us for challenging ourselves to grow, especially in our spiritual consciousness. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

The cards never cease to amaze me. ❤️ Raziel, the Angel of mysteries, is bringing in some very mysterious, galactic, and enlightening energies. Raziel holds much wisdom he has accumulated. He is observing all of life, all of creation, and taking the lessons. As much as we want to know everything, there is so much that we aren’t meant to know, too. There is beauty and wisdom in the mystery of it all. This relates back to all the of things our conscious minds can’t even comprehend yet. There is always more to learn and higher levels to go. It’s all about how much you are willing to be open and learn, how well we can dance with the mysteries of life. Again, this card speaks of dreams, so our dreams are very important know and there is much wisdom and learning there. Make sure you are writing down your dreams before you are even fully awake! Keep a pen and paper very close by your bedside. Remember to keep growing, but understand that you don’t need to know it all. You don’t need to see how everything is going to play out, that’s the beauty of the mystery. The Solidity, Inner Core Card is so beautiful. At first, I swore it said Spirituality instead of Solidity. The core of the Earth is where we connect our Root Chakra to, which is very important with this Capricorn Super Full Moon this week. (Get a MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET!) Working with our Root Chakra helps improve our ability to manifest. We need to keep moving forward towards our dreams. We need to keep putting the work in and taking steps. We need to keep creating the life and experience we want to have. In our core is where we find our solid, stable ground. It’s where we find our connection and our love. If you think about our brains functioning and processing the world around us, our experience really is unique to us. Everything starts from within, and everything is all connected. When we have peace within, as represented by the dove and the calm yellow color, it reverberates into the world around us, and our common experience becomes that much more peaceful. We all need to do our parts, because we are all connected. We are each a big piece of this puzzle, and even though we can’t see the complete picture, you can trust that you matter and you are significantly important. Your purpose is important. If you want to be free and at peace, you have to achieve it within. You have to choose it for yourself and set the boundaries to maintain it. My friend Loya (Oracle Holistics by Loya) had a number 18 card in her live video reading today that resonated with me, and I think it was yesterday that she had the Full Moon in Virgo card. We are enough as we are, in who we are. We’ve always been good enough. It’s only ourselves that needs to see it and embrace it. Truly loving yourself and believing in your worthiness is key to manifesting! If you don’t believe you deserve something, or you think you aren’t good enough, how could it ever come to you? Humility is good, but there is a point where it goes too far, and I think a lot of us are there. That’s why, I personally, look to the Kardashians as inspiration. We are all deserving of a luxurious life with plenty of self-care and healthy food. We all deserve the abundance and wealth to create a good life for ourselves. If we keep working for it, maybe we can get there too. There should be no dream that’s too big for you. If you find yourself rejecting those thoughts, what else are you repelling yourself from receiving? Don’t underrate yourself anymore. You are as damn good as any Kardashian. Yes you. Remember that hard work brings results, and if you are passionate about your work, it never truly feels like work. Allow yourself to be rewarded for your passion. Anytime is a good time to make healthy changes and better your life. Let go of worry and be passionate about your purpose and potential!! Have a beautiful Full Moon this week!!

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