Micro New Moon in Leo – July 28, 2022

On Thursday, July 28, 2022, peaking at 11:54am MDT, we have a Micro New Moon at 5°38’ in the sign of Leo. 🌑✨♌️

This New Moon, we continue to step into our personal power by overcoming fears, obstacles, and belief systems that have held us back. We are facing our fears to prove to ourselves that we are capable of anything we dream of.

A Lion is not out there running himself ragged all day, exhausting himself, and being involved in everyone’s business. The Lion knows when to use his power, and when to rest and relax to conserve energy.

We are being called on this New Moon to find better balance. So many people have lost their sense of true joy, and that’s a problem! The empowering part of that problem, is that only you can find the solution, and you do have the power to find what lights you up again… if you choose to… if you try. Set your intentions for more joy and light! Never give up on yourself and what you deserve.

We have to be courageous and face our fears head on. If we don’t… if we cling desperately for things to stay the same.. that’s how we create blockages and stagnancy. It might seem like a win in the short term, but is it really a win in the big picture? What if there is more for us to discover out there?

Pushing your comfort zone might be exactly what you need, and a Leo New Moon is the perfect time for it. It’s a great time to be social and take an adventure.

Don’t be scared of what people might say about you. The only person that matters is you and how you feel and think about yourself. Have pride in your unique life and your abilities and talents.

Be like the Sun. Let yourself shine. Be a bright light of nourishment for everyone, especially yourself. Allow yourself to receive, so you can give abundantly. Let yourself relax and be revitalized, so that you can move forward on the work you want to do.

Most importantly, make sure fun, creativity, and relaxation is on the agenda. Live in the now and enjoy the moment. Find the flow and ease within yourself, and you will see your dreams and desires manifest magically. Remember that it all starts from within. Make your soul a beautiful and powerful place to be.

Have a beautiful New Moon! 🌑✨🙏

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