Reading for the week of March 5, 2023

The crystals I am working with for the week are Chert, Dioptase, and Shattuckite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Chert – Changes a passive life into active. Lets you move forward without being bothered by what’s around you. Good to use when you want to get back into fulfillment of daily life. This stone helps you receive guidance from Heaven and provide you with information at the right time. It will give you the right guide and a lucky chance. Helps improve ability and talents. Stops hesitation.

Dioptase – Encourages compassion and forgiveness. Encourages you to be aware of the abundance and richness in your life. Helps you to live in the moment, and access past life memories. It will help you more forward if you’ve been feeling stuck, by helping you let go of the past. Helps you to find your freedom. Helps you release the things that hold you back from living a full life. Helps you let go of undesirable emotions, such as anger, jealousy and hatred. Powerful for those overcoming abuse or trauma.

Shattuckite – A strong psychic communication stone. Facilitates a stronger connection with your Spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones that have passed on. Assists in the development of psychic visions, intuition, Mediumship and channeling. Assists with reconciliation and renewal. Used to channel information and is used for automatic writing. It is said to calm the mind and create harmony.

My interpretation of the crystals:

The first thing I notice is all the crystals are green, which very much relates to the upcoming Earth energy of the Virgo Full Moon, and it also relates to our Heart Chakra. We cannot live with passion and joy if we don’t open our hearts. It really is a choice that we have to make, to allow ourselves to be open, to feel our feelings, and to allow space and energy to heal. Or, you can choose to keep playing small and ignoring the signals from the Universe that things need to change. You can keep going along with the status quo and everything stays the same. I said something today that really resonated me. I had been cleaning for quite a while, and told my son to put his dishes into the dishwasher even though he doesn’t like to, because “I don’t want to spend my whole life cleaning”. It really resonated, because I am literally spending my life cleaning. I am the one who has to carve out more time for other things in my life. I am the one that has to make that happen. I am the one who has to insist on change if things aren’t working for me. We have to stop being passive and going along with what everybody else wants. We have to take an active leadership role in our own life and make choices that help us pursue our goals and dreams. No one else sees your vision, and they will gladly encourage you to waste your time on the things they see fit. I’m not saying give up on life, but just try to create a little more balance for yourself. Maybe it’s scheduling a day off work each month for self-care. Maybe it’s taking a solo trip somewhere. How can you choose you? How can you make this life what you want? To live a fulfilled life, we have to fulfill our own needs and dreams. We have to spend time doing the things that make us happy. It is up to us to create the life we want to live. We have the abilities and talents to do so. We have the guidance and support we need. We can’t let anyone else hold us back from living our purpose and truth. We can’t play small just because other people expect us to. We have gifts to share. Have compassion for yourself and others and forgive the past. Let it go and live with a light heart. Be aware and grateful for all the abundance you have in your life. Love your life because it is uniquely yours. It’s time to move forward, instead of being stuck in the past or held back. This is a time to be empowered and free, and share our message, gifts, and abilities. This is a time to live a full life. You can get over the past and let go of things that once held you back. It is safe to forgive, let go, and move on. You can work to create a happier and lighter life. You can make new choices for the future. You can release the constraints of fear and choose lightness more often. You are connected to Spirit and they want you to see your spiritual truth.. that you are an important piece of creation who is loved, adored, and incredibly needed in this world. You have so much to offer and give. Now is the time. Pay attention to visions and dreams. Learn some new spiritual modalities. Get yourself a reading. This is a great time to release and be renewed by the Full Moon. Let go of what’s been holding you back. Calm your mind and create a more harmonious life. Let’s see what the cards have to add.

My interpretation of the cards:

This journey has been arduous and lonely.. but there is light on the horizon. Our Spirit Guides are with us and we are never alone. The Hermit tells me that the answers we seek are already within us. It is up to us to foster our spiritual connection and understand the images, thoughts, feelings, and synchronicities that we receive. This is all about how we feel within, about ourselves. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about us. This is our own personal journey, and nobody else’s. If you spend your life living for others, your own life might pass you by. We don’t have to look the way we are expected to. We don’t have to conform to anyone’s expectations. We are free to take our own journey, because this is our only chance to live this life. For all we know, this Hermit could be a wealthy or important person. How do you judge others by the way they appear? How do you treat others differently? You have the power to make your dreams come true, and it only matters that you believe it. Withdraw from the distractions of the world and focus on what is important to you. What do you want to work on? How do you want to spend your time? Be open to new inspirations, new ideas, and new ways of living. Try receiving a spiritual reading. You might be surprised by just how impactful it is on your journey now. I often find myself going to my “happy place” in my mind, when I have to do things I don’t necessarily enjoy, and I love going to sleep at night because I know I am going into the dreamworld. Understand that you don’t have to escape your life.. true happiness is really found within. Create that wellspring of happy ideas and memories where you can go. The most important journey we take is the one within ourselves, discovering the depths of our truths and our beauty. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy it. Withdraw from the drama and distractions. Get back to you. Reach out for the type of support you need, and surround yourself with supportive, inspiring people. Know that you are loved by those that matter. If you have been feeling lonely, be the one to reach out for connection. Express your feelings to those you love in your life. Be present and celebrate your life. Make time for friendship, fun, and affection. See the love the that is all around you. If you have been focusing all your energy on one person, it may be time to spread that energy around elsewhere. People want your support and friendship. Stop keeping yourself closed off! Be wise about what you need and how you want to move forward. See the truths of the connections in your life. Go within to find the answers of what is right for you. You know the truth. Trust your perception. You are a truth-seeker and a truth-sharer. Don’t be scared to share your truth. Nurture your Spirit. This is a time of transformation and illumination. A time of love, truth, and honesty. See through the darkness and trust that the light will return. Have a beautiful week!

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