Full Pink Moon in Libra – April 5, 2023

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, peaking at 10:34pm MDT, we have a Full Pink Moon at 16°07’ in the sign of Libra. 🌕✨🌸♎️

Libra is a sign all about balance. It’s Divine counterpart is Aries, where the Sun is currently located opposite from the Moon.

It’s a cosmic dance of give and take, of dark and light, of good times and bad.

Mercury is in Taurus sextile to Saturn in Pisces which has us ready to get organized and on track, feeling disciplined with a clear mind. We are ready to tackle any obstacle that stands in the way of our happiness and chase our dreams.

We have gained so much strength and courage. We are ready to weather any storm to get to the rainbow. We truly understand that we need the rain to grow.

Libra is a sign of love, partnership, and romance. It’s no coincidence that the Libra Full Moon falls in the midst of Spring energy. Love and partnerships are definitely highlighted now.

We have to remember that at the end of the day, it’s only about us. It’s about what we do to create a beautiful life for ourself. It’s about the support we seek and allow ourselves to receive. It’s about choosing to heal and maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for the future and appreciating all we have right now.

Relationships are a Divine reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Give yourself the love you need and deserve. Fill your cup and then share it with everyone around you. Self-love is very important as we move forward. Only when we love ourselves can we truly love another.

The Full Moon is a time of letting go, so let go of the past and all that no longer serves you. Let go of any energy you no longer need, so you can fly free… so you can love yourself fully. Be willing to see the beautiful future in front of you.

We are moving into a Hybrid Solar Eclipse along with the next New Moon on April 19th, so now is the time to get those crystals cleansed and charged and the energy released!

Have a beautiful Full Moon! 🌕✨💕⚖️

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