Messages From Spirit for January 13, 2023

Messages From Spirit for January 13, 2023 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for May 17, 2022

Messages From Spirit for May 17, 2022 💕✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #May17 #StayFocused #Dreams #Visions #Goals #Reality #Darkness #Light #LetGoOfFears #SeeOnlyLove #Revive #BelieveInYourself #Abilities #Manifestation #Creation #Choice #Gratitude #Alignment #Magic #Manifesting #Spiritual

Messages From Spirit for May 4, 2022

Messages From Spirit for May 4, 2022 💕✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #May4 #LetGo #Past #Resentment #Regret #Allow #Healing #Heal #TakeYourPowerBack #Power #Release #BeOpen #SeeTheGifts #BePeaceful #Peace #Centred #Aligned #Alignment

Message From Spirit for April 29, 2022

Messages From Spirit for April 29, 2022 💕✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #April29 #HappyFriday #GoodVibes #Opportunities #Ready #Serendipity #Synchronicity #Magic #Alignment #GoodLuck #Fortune #Service #Support #Smile #YouAreLoved #ItsGonnaBeAGoodDay

Messages From Spirit for March 4, 2022

Messages From Spirit for March 4, 2022 💕✨

#Optimism #Hope #Optimistic #FreshStart #StartOver #Chances #Changes #Cooperation #Innovation #ChanceToBeInTheSpotlight #Miracles #Available #BeOpen #BeWilling #Receive #Gratitude #Alignment #Messages #MessagesFromSpirit #March #March4

Full Blood Moon in Aries – October 20, 2021

On October 20th, we have a Full Blood Moon at 27 degrees 26 minutes Aries peaking at 8:57am MDT here in Alberta, Canada. 🌕✨❤️🔥🐏 This Moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon.

The Libra Sun faces opposite to the Aries Moon, and the Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis. Aries represents the “self,” and Libra represents the “other.” Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. How can we find more balance of the two?

We have to understand that our needs are important. We can’t just live to serve others endlessly, or we become drained. We have to make sure we are going after what we want, while still considering the needs of those around us.

Express your feelings and let them out. Allow yourself to receive energy and abundance without guilt or hesitation.

What do you need to let go of? How can you feel more free and light? What lights you up and how can you live in that energy?

Aries is all about standing in your full power and confidence. Go after what you want, without guilt. Pursue your dreams and goals with no doubt that you are beyond capable.

Libra is there to remind you not to forget about the “other(s)” in your life. The choices we do make have ramifications. Be considerate of how certain choices might affect you in the long run. Find balance and take the best approach.

When we are driven by ego, we don’t care how we get there or who we hurt. When we allow ourselves to be more balanced with Libra, we can take time to weigh the pros and cons.

Always remember that you matter. Your light matters. What brings you joy and fulfilment is key to your purpose. Keep putting your talents out into the world. Let your light be seen and felt. Keep shining bright and moving forward! 🌕✨🙏


Have a beautiful Full Moon! 💕🌕🙏


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Yearly Angel Card Reading – 2020

The crystals I am working with for 2020 are Bismuth, Tanzine Aura Quartz, Amethyst, Orange Calcite & Blue Flame Aura Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Bismuth – Rainbow colored Bismuth can be a wonderful stone to use for focus, visualization and shamanic journeying. It can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities while at the same time increasing your energy levels to deal with them. Bismuth relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. It is a stone of transformation and change, helping to adapt to change with calm assurance. Bismuth encourages cohesiveness in groups and relationships.

Tanzine Aura – Holds a high level of Spiritual awareness. Powerful when developing psychic abilities. Enhances connection to Spirit. Raises vibration. Opens the 3rd eye. The gateway to astral travel, it induces lucid dreaming to experience blessings, gain knowledge and reach enlightenment. Places the mind’s knowledge under the possession of the heart’s wisdom. Connects with nature Spirits to accumulate wisdom.

Amethyst – A meditative and calming stone which promotes calm, balance, and peace. It is used to eliminate impatience. Beneficial for legal problems and money issues. Increases spirituality and enhances intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. It is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. It is a stone of protection. Promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Brings emotional stability and inner strength and helps to enhance flexibility and cooperation. To be flexible at need is a sure sign of strength. Well known as a sobriety stone. It is used to assist in getting rid of addictions and compulsive behaviours of all kinds.

Orange Calcite – Energizing and cleansing. Helping mentally, it relieves emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression, traumas, harmful thoughts, etc. It is particularly helpful with phobias. Restores mental and emotional equilibrium. Enhances creativity. Helps you take back control of your life. Brings optimism and joy.

Blue Flame Aura Quartz – Excellent for use in spiritual initiations and rituals, and for deepening meditation and spiritual attunement. It creates a multi-dimensional energy shift, drawing kundalini energy up the spine and through the subtle bodies, adjusting its effect to provide what each soul needs for evolution. Stimulates the Third Eye and Higher Crown Chakras, enhancing focus and increasing the ability to “read” people at an energetic and subtle level and to understand the information that was communicated. It is a beneficial stone for creating and maintaining a state of homeostasis within the physical and emotional bodies. It has a high energy and is helpful for removing energy blockages, especially those impeding creativity.

Hi friends! I wanted to be prepared with my reading for this week, and with this reading for 2020, but it didn’t seem to happen as I would’ve liked! As most of you know, my son has had some health issues and the rest of my family has been sick over the holidays too. Someone thought it was a great idea to get a puppy, so I’ve been busy caring for our new addition as well. My limited spare time has gone from doing readings to spending time outside with my pup! He is pretty cute, and I’m not complaining! I’ve been trying to go easy on myself and not worry about “expectations”… we’ve been through a lot these past few years. I’ve been feeling pretty depleted in many ways lately, but I do know the energy is starting to look up. I chose the crystals a few days ago, so I already had a feeling of what to expect for this coming year, and let me tell you… it’s awesome. Even though I’ve been struggling, I can feel the greatness that’s coming. Every year we hope for a better one than the last, but I really do believe this is going to be a year of serious evolution and abundance. My big piece of Amethyst normally sits in my display cabinet, and I had put it away after my son was playing with my crystals that had been sitting out for the last 3 days… but today again, I heard Spirit say I needed the BIG Amethyst because it was going to be a BIG year. When I look at these crystals, I see color, magic and happiness. I see romance and connection. I see beauty and grace, even if there are some moments of rockiness. It’s funny how I was just saying how depleted I’ve been feeling, and that the energy is looking up, because that’s exactly what the Bismuth is saying! The Bismuth is helping us to not feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities we have in our lives. Sometimes, you just can’t get around all the things you need to do. The Bismuth is helping us to have the energy to get it all done. When we are so overwhelmed with responsibilities, it can be easy to isolate ourselves and feel lonely. This year is going to feel much less lonely. I feel like there will be lots of connection, friendships and relationships this year. There is also going to be better communication within existing relationships. We are all growing and evolving and learning how to work better together. There is going to be lots of changes, and we will need to be flexible and adapt. We also need to have calm assurance that everything is always working out for the best. When you run into hurdles this year, remember in your heart that it is going to be ok. We are going to receive lots of Spiritual knowledge this year, especially in our dreams. Spirit comes to us in dreams because it’s when we have our guard down the most. It’s an accessible place to give us messages. If possible, keep a dream journal and try to note all of your dreams. It’s really quite fascinating to look back on. The BIG Amethyst says that this year is going to bring us much more peace and calm. Where we have been worried about money or legal issues, we should see some resolution this year. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will win the lottery or get rich quick, but it means you will be taken care of, and you will feel satisfied by what is yours. We have learned so much about loving ourselves over this last year, and that is going to pay off for us this year. We genuinely want to be better to ourselves, so a lot of people are going to be eating healthier and exercising. We are stronger now, and we have what it takes to overcome unhealthy addictions. We are also stronger mentally. We are overcoming challenges of feeling depressed or fearful. We are ready to take charge and take back our happiness and live life to the fullest. We are going to feel optimistic and very creative. The only thing on my New Years resolutions is to learn pottery and stained glass this year. I keep saying I’m going to do it, so I really want to make an effort this year! Meditation is also going to be very important this year. I’m not much into “meditating” in a traditional sense, and was feeling guided to meditate a couple nights ago. I looked up some guided meditations, but they just aren’t for me. After trying a few videos, I threw on my playlist and let my mind and heart wander. It’s going to be very important for us to take time to connect with our mind and hearts in this way. To let them dream and wander. To feel the creativity and love. We are moving into a huge year of creation and expansion! Let’s see what the cards have to say!

I usually only choose 3 crystals and 3 cards, but sometimes more just want to come. This is a BIG reading for 2020, so the Universe is sending us lots of crystals and cards of guidance. This is a time of great evolution and change. We are all here for a reason, and we are ready for what’s to come. Everything we have been through has brought us here today, and given us the strength to step into our power and light. Most of us had a very overwhelming year in 2019, but this card reminds us that it is all in preparation. You can handle everything that’s coming for you, you are ready. We have learned and grown so much. Honestly, this card to me, is God telling us he is proud of the work we have done and everything we have endured and overcame. I am always amazed how I can be a piece of all my Ancestors. I look at my son, and see my Aunty when he laughs, I see myself in his hands, I see his Dad in his face, I see my Dad in his hair, I see my Grandfather in his personality… We are a beautiful culmination of unimaginable means… a mixture of so many people and things and energy. So many things had to come together for you to be here now… We are here for important reasons. Now is the time to step into your power and be seen. To do what you came here to do, and give your love fully. If you look at The Age of Light card you can see how she is engulfed in a pyramid of beautiful light. This is a great visualization you can do, seeing yourself protected by light, wether that is a pyramid or a bubble, and visualizing your chakras being charged with light energy. Break The Chain is all about our purpose here on Earth. We are here to evolve human kind. We are finally learning the truth… that love is stronger than fear… that truly loving ourselves is the key to overcoming anything. That seeing everything through the eyes of love is how we move forward and make a difference. When we heal ourselves.. when we free ourselves from our internal shackles… we free our Ancestors and we rewrite what the future possibilities can hold for us. We are truly letting go of the way we used to be, and stepping into who we are now. When we exude our confidence, happiness and power, other people are inspired to do the same. We literally heal the world by healing ourselves. In what ways do you feel like you are inspiring? How can you build on that? How can you share yourself more? How can you allow yourself to live with more freedom? This card is telling us to shake off the past, and dream a new future into being. The Thinker card is all about what we are creating and thinking into existence. You truly are what you think about, which is why dreaming and daydreaming is so important! I love how this is card number 44, a sign that the Angels are guiding us, especially within our thoughts and dreams. We don’t have to dream up some great invention or get rich quick idea to be successful. We will find our success in the obvious, in the logical. What are you good at? How can you help and show love? It doesn’t have to be a big show, it can be simple everyday things you do to make life better for everyone. Your path is usually pretty obvious when you look back on it.. so try to use that for logical projections. Dream your own dream. You have everything you need. You don’t need more courses or education. You just need to put yourself out into the world and do your best. It’s a good time to start a list of things you would like to do. A bucket list, or short term goals, or things you’d like to try. Make some lists you can refer back to. Use your logic, but also try not to overthink. The choices you make this year should be fairly obvious. If you want Peace, you know what you have to do to have it. Wether that is internal work, or choices in your life. This year is going to bring more Peace. We are freeing ourselves from society’s ideals and expectations. We are freeing ourselves from our own expectations. Radical allowance is what is being asked for this year. Just allowing everything to be as it is, and using your logic to make choices that are best for you. Find ways to feel more harmonious in your day to day life by incorporating things that make you feel happy and peaceful. Just be who you are and do what you feel inspired to do, and be at peace. Always remember that everything passes. Don’t let people upset your inner peace. When things do get rocky, try to remember there will always be peace again. Everything passes. The beauty will always return. Be patient. The Universe rewards patience because it shows how much you have grown. Things may have been tough, but with patience we will see everything resolve. When things get tough again, show your patience and commitment to inner peace. When you live in an alignment of love, nothing can disturb your inner peace. Everything is always beautiful, and everything is always working out as it should. Have a wonderful 2020!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of March 24, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Amazonite, Sodalite, and Charoite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Amazonite – Assists with telling the truth, even if it’s difficult. Aligns your speech to your higher ideals. Allows for you to remain calm and unemotional. Encourages trusting behaviour. Balances male and female energies and stimulates both sides of the brain. Encourages both intuitive perceptions and reasoning.

Sodalite – It comes from the Latin word ‘sodalitas’ which means comrade, because those who use it will feel like they have a comrade who helps them feel peaceful and heal their aching or troubled hearts. It can help you express all the things that you want to say in the best way possible. It’s an effective stone to end arguments or disagreements. Increases intelligence, clarity and rationality. This stone helps you make sense of your thoughts and feelings. Increases emotional balance and inner peace.

Charoite – A stone of transformation and a stone of power. In particular it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings. As part of the transformation process it allows release of those negative emotions. It is also a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, and showing new possibilities even in old situations. This is a stone that allows us to see clearly which brings with it enhanced self-esteem. It can enhance or bring courage, inner strength, and appropriate assertiveness.

This week feels very positive for some… some people will be experiencing lots of romance and connection. For others though, it looks like there is going to be some heartaches, emotions, and some truths to be told. Springtime is always a time where we experience refreshed, vibrant every after being cooped up all winter. Its also a time where many relationships break up or people cheat. To be fair, it’s literally in our nature that springtime is a time of reproducing. I’m not saying it is ok for people to leave or cheat just because we are instinctual animals, and I truly believe the exact opposite. We are evolved human beings with the capability to be logical, empathetic and responsible. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to hold themselves to that level of responsibility, and they don’t care about the real and true pain they cause to others. People like to be selfish, and believe what they do affects no one other than themselves, which is obviously untrue. Selfish people will reap the karma they sow. It feels like there is going to be some drama this week around relationships. This may mean cheating or infidelity, secrets, lies, or it could just be emotional distance. It could be a signal that things aren’t working as you’d hoped and it’s time for change. It could just be time for an open talk to clear the air and energy. It could be between lovers, or friends. These crystals want you to know, if you are dealing with drama this week, to take the high road and do what’s right. Don’t accept the actions of others as your own truth. You did not ask for that behaviour to occur, and it is not your fault. This doesn’t mean you have to shut people out, but hold them to higher expectations if they are going to be in your life. Maybe you are the one that has truth that you need to share with someone? If it’s the right thing to do, you should probably do it. Yes, it’s likely going to cause emotions, but there is only one way to get through things, and that’s to go through them. Keeping secrets is literally toxic to your body and soul. When dealing with this drama, maintain a level of cool confidence. Don’t give the haters what they are hoping for. Don’t even let them get you shook. Roll with the people you trust, and stay true and loyal to them. We are very intuitive, and can sense the tension that is arising with others. You are also very rational and can make sense of what you are feeling. This is a good thing, it means you are strong, you know your power, and you know you can get through anything. Let the people you trust be there for you. You can turn to them and lean on them for support. Let your friends help you find happiness. The goal is to live with as much peace in your heart as possible, to live with as much integrity as possible, no matter what decisions the people around you make. There is something to be said about a life of integrity… unimaginable benefits that people receive for walking their best path in life. This doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, but you will be rewarded for doing the best you can. The people who do you wrong will experience their own karma at some point too. The Charoite tells me that you can and will conquer this and get through it. You have changed, and you are so powerful now. You know how to find the rainbow after the storm. You know how to look at the new possibilities and feel inspired. Now, just take that inspiration and run with it. Let it be the key to new opportunities. You got this. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

I just can’t say enough how much I love cards. I was telling my friends at school, that when I pull cards for readings like this, sometimes cards fall out as I’m shuffling, as a message to me. Basically, the deck of cards (Spirit) communicating with me in real time. I always pray that my reading resonates and helps people. There is always that little bit of self-doubt that floats in my mind.. will people not like it? These 2 cards fall out. I know they are for me.

I’ve have work to do around being seen and heard, and sharing my voice. This was a perfect confirmation that, yes, I need to share my readings, and that I can trust it is Divinely guided. I tear up a little, continue to shuffle, and these cards fall out.

The Share Your Truth Card and the Yes Card. Just say YES. This is exactly why I do what I do. Thank you Angels for your beautiful nudges of encouragement. ✨💗

The Align Your Life Card is a representation of you, when you have secrets and lies to uphold, you can’t live a fully aligned life. There is such freedom in living a truthful life. I don’t have to hide anything from anyone. I’m an open book and have no interest in hiding behind broken shards of myself. I know I do the best I can at all times. This card is also about expectations of others. Sometimes our friends and loved ones expect us to always stay the same… but there is such beauty in expansion and growth. It is ok to accept yourself for the person you are now. You can be complete and whole. You don’t have to pretend you are someone you aren’t just to impress others. You don’t need to wear a mask just to please society. What things are out of alignment for you? Where do you need to set yourself free? I am the most resistant person to change. I am very loyal and I don’t ever like when things change… and I also believe that’s why my life has been shaken up so many times. Change is inevitable and the more we resist it, the more stuck we feel. How can you embrace change in your life? How can you embrace your uniqueness? How can you use these things to your advantage? When you do set yourself free, you can find the treasure you have been carrying all along. There is so much magic and love you can unlock when you truly live the best life you can. The Law of Attraction tell us when we do good, we receive good. We are manifesting so strongly now, so make sure you are manifesting an abundantly positive life filled with trustworthy people. This is a time where we see the rewards of our positive choices. If you do take the high road this week, I believe the positive energy will come back to you two-fold. Enjoy your treasures and share them with others. God doesn’t give us blessings to hoard them selfishly, and again, rewards us for our generosity. There are so many rewards when we do what’s right. When we believe in ourselves, and love ourselves, we are rewarded. Thinking that you are “not enough” comes with a high cost, so I’m begging you to see all the reasons why you are. Take risks in your life and put yourself out there. There is truly so much to gain by doing so. Some of the hardest things we do in life are the most rewarding. Cernunnos is here confirming the enhanced passion and life-force energy we are experiencing how. Sensual and sexual powers are increased at this time. Spring is a time of rejuvenated energy. The Earth is alive with new growth, and deeply connected to us. Cernunnos helps us connect with land and animals (so funny, I had a porcupine move into the front yard for the full moon, and today I had an experience with a bunch of cats… the animal spirits are definitely speaking loud to me now). Cernunnos wants us to honour our desires in life. Everything has a place and a purpose. Do not deny yourself or repress your soul. If someone doesn’t meet your needs, maybe it is time to make some changes. This is a very fertile time! It is a time for the Earth and it creatures to continue growing. This week would be good to plant seeds, or even visualize a seed of your intentions being planted into the soil of the Earth. Plant your feet solid into the ground, firm in who you are, and live your truth to the best of your abilities. Believe in yourself and your dreams!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of January 20, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Apricot Agate, Angel Aura Quartz and Rose Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Apricot Agate – Balances Yin/Yang energy and helps emotional, physical and mental balance. Helps relieve distress when things seem beyond our control. Strengthens the bond between parent and child. It is a protector of relationships, people and objects.

Angel Aura Quartz – A stone of high spiritual energy. It is said that it is very helpful to the aura which it can protect, balance, and bring energetic health. It is said to help with Angelic communication and communicating with Higher Self and inner wisdom. It is used to help access Akashic records and past life recall. It is said to bring peace and tranquility because of the angelic protection it brings.

Rose Quartz – A stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra. Enhances every type of love. Bringing love into life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose Quartz inspires the love of beauty, in oneself and others, in nature, and especially that which stimulates the imagination – art, music and the written word. A very happy stone. It is used to raise self-esteem and gives a strong sense of self-worth. Its loving energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves and thereby find ourselves more worthy. It is used to balance emotions and bring peace and calm. This calm emotional balance brings stress relief and easing of anxiety. All these things carry energies of forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion, enabling us to see the good in both ourselves and others.

With this big full super moon there is a lot of energy. So much, that it can feel uncomfortable. Things may seem out of control right now… like there is nothing you can do to feel better, and things are piling up. I know this because I’ve been going through it too. It’s been a tough week for me, and no matter how many times I try to feel good, something goes awry. Every time I try to get on top of things, life has other plans. I have had this feeling of fear creeping over my shoulder the last couple days… like something is bound to go wrong… like things are going to fall apart at any moment. I have a lot on my plate this week! Yesterday, I started listing off my problems and worries, and I hated the way I sounded! I became so conscious of the energy I was putting out by complaining…. what I was telling myself over and over in my head… and honestly… what was it helping? Worrying truly just perpetuates negative energy! There really is nothing to worry about ever! Yeah, I got a ton on my plate, but I will get through it! I always do. I will try to be prepared and do the best I can, and that is all I can do! I will try to enjoy what I can along the way, and appreciate the connections and synchronicities! The planets right now are in a very special alignment, with all planets moving in a direct forward motion, and 5 of them in their home signs. It’s time for us to get aligned too. Even just closing your eyes for 2 mins and envisioning 7 lights at your chakras moving into perfect alignment down your body and shining bright. Wiping them clean and seeing them shine brighter and brighter. You can envision them coloured or not. Usually I do, but right now, I see them as bright white lights, all in alignment. Spend some time working on your emotions this week, having fun or talking to a friend, whatever you need to do to express yourself. Spend sometime working on your physical body, making healthy food choices or working out. Have a good mental balance too, working hard but taking breaks when you need them. Find a healthy balance. When you feel yourself falling out of alignment, feel out which area you need to focus on. When you can be more aligned and balanced, you reflect that for your kids too. They see how to behave in a balanced manner. I was lucky enough to watch a presentation this week by Dr. Jody Carrington called “It Takes a Village”. She talked about how the most important thing we can do as parents is teach our kids to emotionally regulate, and demonstrate what it looks like to be emotionally regulated. We all need other people we can rely on to help us in life. We need our friends, family, and community, and our kids need all of us too. We have to learn to calm ourselves (or our children) before we (or they) can learn from it. We have to calm ourselves (or them) over and over again to enforce those responses. Also, it’s harder to do for your own kids, so spend time with your friends and help them with their kids! Let them help you with yours! We are all truly connected and meant to work together. So it’s not surprising to see messages of alignment and children here. When we can have better relationships with our selves, we can have better relationships with our kids, or any kids for that matter! Everything starts with our own choices. The Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal I use often, and it is a sure sign that the Angels are with us. They are helping us and protecting us. They was us to be peaceful and enjoy tranquil lives. It all starts and ends with loving ourselves. The Rose Quartz is THE crystal for love and self-love. Bring love into your daily life. Bring yourself flowers for your desk. Have a delicious coffee. Listen to music while you do chores. Take breaks. Be loving to others too. Help other people’s kids. Help a stranger. See the beauty around you, and see what a blessing it is to be alive. Believe in yourself and see the good in yourself. There truly are unlimited potentials!! Unlock more and more as you shift to a more positive vibration! Let’s see what the cards say for the week!

We all want to know where we are going. We want to know how things are supposed to be in some ideal, perfect, fantasy kind of way. What would we ever learn if we knew everything? If things were perfect? If we knew how everything was going to go? If we knew exactly what was right for us and wrong? Life is about the journey, and the only moment that truly matters is this very one. How are you choosing to act in this very moment? Are you appreciating the beauty that surrounds you? This card, Mintakan, is another representation that the Universe is here supporting us. This card is about finding the things and places that give you peace in life. Create peace and tranquility for yourself. If things are hard and unfair, do what you can for yourself to make life good and find balance. Spend time where you feel calm and get realigned. Take charge of your life and your happiness. Set boundaries where you need to help with your happiness and alignment. Don’t be afraid to say no, or find a sitter and have quiet time. Find more balance in your work schedule, maybe scheduling personal days just for you. Fill your cup as much as you can. Allow yourself to feel held by others. It’s just like Dr. Carrington seeing me in the crowd… trust that other people will listen to you and offer support and love.. trust that they truly see you. I see a lot of moms charging through, working so hard and not wanting to burden or rely on others. I’m the worst!! For a while, you can do it, but over a period of time, your energy gets depleted and you get out of alignment… your lights get dim. Do what you need to do for you. Cord cutting treatments and energy clearings are perfect for this time during the intense super moon. Don’t Dim To Fit In is a repeat from last week, so it’s a very important message. You have energy this world needs, so shine and allow yourself to be seen. However you feel inclined to put yourself out there, please do it. Speak up and be heard. Your opinions and thoughts matter. You matter. We all matter. How can you love someone else and not love yourself? You are them and they are you. We are all valid. We all have gifts to share. All you have to do is try your best! When you feel fearful, replace it with thoughts of love. When you are stressed out, find ways to replace it with feelings of relaxation. Use meditation and stillness. Have a bath. Work out. Do whatever you need. Calm yourself and then learn from it. Thanks Dr. Jody Carrington!!

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