Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of July 19, 2020

The crystals I am working with for the week are Aquamarine, Larimar and Apatite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Aquamarine – A stone of courage and power. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love. It shields the aura, and is said to bring Angels for guidance and protection. Used to dispel anger and fear. Used for past life recall. A stone of good luck. Helps with calming communication issues.

Larimar – Known as the “Dolphin Stone”. It is a stone of “answers from the sea of consciousness.” The blue color of the larimar reflects the “sea” of all consciousness, which gives freedom from self-imposed limitations and a sense of peace in finding truth. It has ability to enhance communication in general, with animals as well as people. A stone of serenity, love and peace. Larimar is good for calming and balancing energies. It can help one maintain one’s personal energy and independence in a calm, collected fashion.

Blue Apatite – Known to be a hunger suppressant. Eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance. Renews the body by cleansing the aura. Enhances manifestation. Brings clarity of mind and expansion of insight. Helpful for uncovering truths. Enhances communication and self-expression. Encourages openness and ease. Works during dream time to form solutions to issues. Helps those who are overly emotional but inducing calm and finding solutions.

The crystals have very watery energy, and it’s fitting as we start this week off with the 2nd New Moon in Cancer on Monday the 20th. We have so many things we are worrying about. I could start listing them off, and I did… but then I realized that focusing on what’s negative isn’t helping anything. Surely, there have been positive things happen for me this year, despite the happenings of the world! These crystals are reminding us (and especially me) to not give in to fear-based thinking. Don’t listen to the lies your ego tries to tell you. Try not to let things bother you. This New Moon is in Cancer, which is a water sign, and it’s all about going with the flow. You can either flow, or you create resistance. Let go of the things, the beliefs, the fears, that don’t matter. Pray to the Angels for guidance and protection. We are entering a new phase of life where we are taking back our power and our freedom. We deserve to live peaceful lives. Speak your truth when necessary and with grace… but also remember to let some things slide with compassion and forgiveness. We are all in this thing called life together.. whether we want to accept that or not. My quality of life directly affects yours. We all deserve equality. Our consciousness is evolving together. My inspiration and love spreads to others, as their do to others. Make sure you are spreading light and love. We are seeing the truth of ourselves and the truths of others. We have come to an acceptance and we are ready to move forward. We are standing up for what we deserve and what we need. Communication is a huge theme this week. Before you communicate anything, make sure you are in a place of calm and peace. Don’t let your emotions take away from how you feel and what you want to communicate. We are rising up from the poor choices of the past, and the more of us that can change and make this world a better place, the better we will all be for it. We are manifesting on this New Moon, so make sure your intentions are set, and they are clear. Voice them out loud. Say them with acceptance and gratitude, as if the plans are already set in motion. There is a reason for all the crazy stuff happening in the world, and it isn’t all bad. Remember to focus on the positive aspects as much as possible. Let see what the cards say!

Wow. These cards continuously amaze me. As I was saying, there is purpose in all that is going on. If you aren’t happy in your home life, you are going to be facing that… If you have other dreams to chase, this may be a perfect opportunity… Maybe you being stuck at home is keeping you away from harsh energies and allowing you time to heal. Not only are we facing things we need to heal, but our Angels and Spiritual Guides are sending us healing energies. They are surrounding us and protecting us right now. We are in such disharmony with our great Mother Earth, and it is reflected in the disharmony we are experiencing with ourselves, physically and emotionally. How can you allow your body to heal naturally? Letting go of fears, worry and anxiety is the best thing you can do. Get some relaxing healing treatments. Listen to some meditation or music. Visualize yourself surrounded, protected, and energized by Divine light. We have to live with calm and contentedness. We have to soothe our nervous system and have a tranquil heart. Repeat after me: “I take back my vitality and energy and feel more and more healthy each and every day. My body knows how to heal. My body knows how to heal”. Support your mind and body and nourish them well. I know it seems all so overwhelming, but all you have to do is take baby steps. One thing at a time. Small action steps. We can’t exactly see the full picture yet, but we are making our way towards somewhere great. I will always stand by that. I know it and feel it as truth. If you think life isn’t good, I think you need to look at it again. Our soul is calling us to get out there, and we can’t keep playing small. What is one step you can take today to put yourself out there or work towards a dream? What are you waiting for? If it is a message from the Cosmos; consider this it. All this stuff we are going through now, is going to usher in a new time of harmony and balance. The power has been out of control for too long, and karma is coming in to say NO. Those of us who care and who are here to do good for the world, are the light workers that are going to create change. All of us have to say no to the way things have been. We want to live a harmonious existence. We can’t do that now with the restrictive ways of government. We need equality for everyone. When one person gets left behind; we all do. Use your voice for good.

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Monthly Angel Card Reading – September 2017

The crystals I am working with for this reading are Aquamarine, Scolosite and Prehnite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you. 

Aquamarine – A stone of courage and power. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love. It shields the aura, and is said to bring Angels for their guidance and protection. Used to dispel anger and fear. Used for past life recall. A stone of good luck. Helps with calming communication issues. Good for nervous system disorders. 

Scolosite – Promotes deep relaxation and inner peace. Helps to break through stagnant energy. A group harmonizer, connecting members and making them more tolerant of one another. Helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources. It enhances the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep. 

Prehnite – Boosts prophetic abilities. Enhances visualization and spiritual “knowing,” and aids in connecting with higher realms. Helps induce lucid dreaming, while dreams are made easier to remember and nightmares are reduced. Prehnite is said to “heal the Healer,” and can be used to revitalize your personal healing environment. Put Prehnite in your garden to create a healing sanctuary for yourself. Use Prehnite with energy grids to enhance protective fields, calm, and bring inner peace. Prehnite fosters a strong sense of trust in the Universe. As such, Prehnite stops hoarding of both possessions and of love by fostering a belief in the abundance and power of the Universe to manifest whatever is needed. It clears toxins from the body and balances the meridians. It helps you say “no”. Prehnite encourages acceptance, emotional release, forgiveness, and compassion. It helps to remain true to self, uplift the spirit and find clarity of heart and mind.


It’s funny how when we feel emotions, we can feel them so deeply. You can barely see a different perspective because your so entrenched in it. I was having a great week earlier, feeling on top of things and getting things done. The last couple days though, I’ve been feeling stuck and not meeting my own expectations. And I’ve struggled. I’ve felt overwhelmed. I have so many things to do and things going on, and then other things happen, and it just became too much for me. Consciously, I knew it wasn’t really that big of a deal and to let it all go, and move on. Life always goes on, we learn and things pass. My ego had other plans. The anxiety and overwhelm got the best of me. I knew the only thing I could do was try to sleep it off. This morning, as I reflected on yesterday and thought about what I would like to post, I thought about the phrase, “Even the Healers need Healing”. Wouldn’t you believe, when I google Prehnite, that’s what comes up for it! In the past I would’ve been surprised, but lately I am not. I am becoming more in tune and I can feel it deeply. I have also been dreaming a lot the last couple days, so it’s no surprise to see that we really need sleep to heal and relax, and to connect to higher Source. There’s a theme here for September: relaxation and inner peace. I have such perfectionistic tendencies sometimes, I think we all do in our own particular ways, and it can be very hard to truly relax. We are being reminded to say no to some of the things on our to-do list, or to people who hold unrealistic expectations of us. There is a lot going on, and sometimes we need to remember how important it is to take care of ourselves, so we can be ready for the things we need to do. It’s probably been a busy summer. School is going to be starting too. Make sure to take time to rest this month. The Angels are here, holding and helping us. Reminding us that we can let go of fear, and that everything is going to be ok. We even have luck on our side, so constantly remind yourself how lucky you are, and you will find more and more reasons to feel that way. Let’s see how the cards guide us for this month. 

I am literally crying over these cards… they are so perfect with the message from the crystals and from my reading for this week! Of my 8 decks of cards, and 50+ cards in each deck, I was still drawn to pull the Release/Relax card! It is the same card from my reading for this current week, and it’s a reminder that sometimes we push too hard. Take a step back and take some time to rest and relax, and let go of things that are stressing you out or weighting you down. For the sake of…. peace. Inner peace. And love! I was shocked to see the peace card. It was just so perfect, and I hope throughout September, we are able to feel a genuine sense of peace. Look at the turquoise/real colors throughout. This has been a very emotional time, and we need to release those emotions, and have peace in our heart that everything is divinely perfect. Even though they do not feel that way sometimes, everything truly is just as it should be. It’s ok to cry, and is needed to release stuck emotions. There is also a theme here of letting go of the need for possessions, material possessions or relationships, having trust that the Universe will provide everything you need, without your need to worry. “Find harmony within yourself and don’t look to the outer world to provide certainty. This too, shall pass, and once again your life will be filled with beautiful music.”  Have love and compassion for yourself. Life can’t always be perfect, and there are going to be some times that are tough. By believing fearful thoughts, such as, your not good enough or loveable, you can create blocks in your life. Keep your heart open by loving yourself, and visualizing your heart surrounded by a beautiful green/teal/turquoise light, and visualizing that light emitting outward to all-that-is. Do your best to love yourself and find peace. 

Release/Relax – You were born to be passionate, and nothing can change that. However, this card reminds you to focus on channelling your emotions and opinions in positive and constructive ways, for the sake of peace. The Angels ask you to find a creative and beneficial release for your emotions so you can move on freely. For example, you can channel anger into artistic projects, or volunteering for activist work. Ask the Angels to help you express yourself and helpful, beneficial ways. Make sure you’re always fair to yourself, but be fair to those around you as well.

Peace – 

Essential Meanings: Freedom from attachment; radical acceptance.

The Oracle’s Message: It doesn’t get any better than this: a quiet mind, a heart for fulfilled, freedom from want, and the soul’s satisfaction. The way to peace is through radical acceptance. Everything in your world is exactly as it should be. Harmony is beautiful. Enjoy it.

Relationship Message: When two people are in true alignment with one another, they have an innate harmony between them. They are as two perfectly tuned instruments playing together. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell who is who. Peace is yours, and it is to be savoured.

Prosperity Message: This is one of those times when you’re capable of clear vision about your work and how you create your prosperity. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. You’re called by a Presence to step into your power. Just being is enough, for you are in peaceful harmony with Spirit and it shows in your work.

Protection Message: Now is a time for calmness and well-being in spite of temporary conditions. Even if there are dissonant notes in the music of your life, all that means is you must go within and fine-tune the extraordinary instrument that you are. Find harmony within yourself, and don’t look to the outer world to provide certainty. This too, shall pass, and once again your life will be filled with beautiful music. 

Love (Compassion) – In this beautiful Image, we see hands reaching toward each other through a heart. The Green field surrounding them is the color of the fourth, or heart, chakra. It’s when we feel love in our heart center that we not only naturally emit the healing energy of compassion, but we also attract love and compassion. Studies by the Heart Math Institute reveal that the electrical signals from the heart are up to 60 times stronger than the brain’s, and the magnetic field is as much as 5000 times more powerful. It’s a given that are thinking patterns affect our feelings and, in turn, our reality. What we put out, whether it’s love, fear, empathy, sadness, and so forth, contains an incredible amount of power to shape and influence our reality. When the focus of our attention and intention is love and compassion, we recognize no separation between self and other. All wounds stem from the illusion of separation from Source and all of creation. The route to healing this wound is through cultivating love and compassion for every being on this planet, including yourself. Not a bland standard of unquestioned acceptance, but a heartfelt sense of profound relatedness to whatever you perceive as apart from yourself. True compassion requires not only the feeling of warmth that emanates when you are in touch with your heart centre, but in act of kindness, even if this simply means being a fully attentive listener. Respect the fact that your heart is a giver (putting out electrical energy) and a receiver (drawing in magnetic energy). These energies are best sensed by attending to the steady flow of your breathing, while also noticing your heart area. Righteousness, fear, anger, and judgment are some common ways to block your natural desire to love. Forgiveness is not only letting go of judgment, but also seeing through the illusion, that you and all-that-is are separate. Look about you and inside of you, and do your best to love whatever you see.

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of February 26, 2017

The crystals I am working with for the week are Bloodstone, Aquamarine and Tree Jasper. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you. 

Bloodstone – Used to centre and ground. Helps to stay calm. Increases adaptability and organization. Heals stress and anxiety. A stone of courage. Releases blockages. Heals emotional traumas and grief. Enhances the intellect. It is used to bring energy in many ways, including bringing abundance, success and prosperity.

Aquamarine – A stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. Assists with quick intellectual response. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love. Shields the aura, and bring Angels for their guidance and protection. An excellent crystal for meditation. Dispels anger and fear. Assists with calming communication issues. A wonderful good luck stone. 

Tree Jasper – Known as the “supreme nurturer”. It holds and supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquillity. It is used to help with dream recall and shamanic journeying. It is a stone of protection and absorbs all types of negative energies. It balances and aligns the physical, mental and emotional bodies. A stone of strength, courage and determination. Stimulates creativity and imagination, encouraging ideas into action. Helps with focus, organization abilities, and motivation. 

The first thing I noticed about the crystals is that they represent Earth, Water and Blood. Very elemental energy, very symbiotic. Times may be stressful, but what’s called for now is courage and calm. It can be easy to be wrapped up in all that is going wrong, but the crystals not only are here to help us with solutions, they are also reminding us of the positive energy that comes on the other end. The abundance, the success, the luck, the power, the peace, the tranquility, the prosperity… it’s all there and it’s coming. It’s all symbiotic. Life is symbiotic. There has to be bad with the good, that’s just how it is. Get creative with solutions. Get organized. Being organized can relieve stress and anxiety. Find ways to be calm. Be adaptable. Most of all, have courage and keep moving forward in the most balanced way you possibly can. The crystals are sending you healing. You can and you will get through this period of stress, and before you know it, things are going to be be ridiculously amazing. Let’s see which cards get drawn for this week. 

The cards are just perfect. It looks like we are going through some changes in our life, maybe work related. You may be stressed out, overwhelmed or feeling like you are unsure of yourself. Just keep working and practicing. Practice makes perfect and that’s how you master a skill. You are on this path that leads to an abundant future, so don’t let the fear and stress overcome you now. Do not give up. Have courage and push through, keep practicing. Definitely Yes is a sign of everything positive that is coming in the future. It’s that confirmation that Yes, this is worth working towards and it will pay off! Believe in yourself. You are more than worthy, you are as talented as anyone else on this planet, and you can do this. Think as positively as possible! It can only help. Stressing out causes serious physical effects, and drains your energy. When you feel the stress coming on, allow yourself to feel it. It’s not going to magically go away. Just don’t allow it to bring you down. Be adaptable. When you say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I’m feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed…” recognize that thought. Do something to care for it and turn it around. Take a time out and watch some funny videos, listen to a meditation, have a bath, get a reiki or energy healing treatment, dance, sing… do something to turn your mindset around. Gratitude exercises work well to remind yourself all you have to be thankful for. Think positive and act positive. You will get over it so much faster! The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit. Soon you will quickly notice whenever something isn’t positive! Good things are coming, positivity is the lesson and it is key here! We don’t have to be perfect by any means, there always has to be the symbiotic positive and negative. There are always times that are going to be hard. Just don’t stay there. Have courage and get back up again. Practice some more. Choose to see the beauty. Take good loving care of yourself. You truly are worth it, and wonderful things are to come if you can have courage. Practice is one way to make your dreams come true! 

Practice – Do you want to know why some people are really good at sports, music or art? They practice these skills a lot! This card is a sign that you need to practice a skill that’s important to you so that you can be really good at it. As you practice, some days you’ll feel stronger than others, yet you’ll notice that your skills improve the more you use them. So have patience with yourself and your teachers. It may take time to learn how to do something in the best way. Practice really is the best way to improve your skills. As you practice, you’ll learn new ways and methods. You’ll also enjoy yourself more as you get better and better at your new skills. So whether your dream is to paint, write, dance, sing or do crafts, practice is one way to make your dreams come true. 

Definitely Yes – What you’re asking about will definitely happen, provided that you keep your thoughts positive. You can bring about your own desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings, words, or visions that repeat themselves to you. When this inner guidance asks you to take positive action, it’s important for you to do so. For instance, if you have a strong feeling to call a certain person, then make that call. Your Angels will always guide you to take actions that have positive and healthy effects on you and others. This card asks you to set aside doubts or worries, and to feel secure that everything is positive. Your desires are going to happen, and probably in better-than-expected ways. Imagine that your dream has already come true, using your inner vision and your feelings as you do so. You just need to stay filled with faith and hope, and take action when your guided. 

Believe in Yourself – This card asks you to hold positive thoughts and feelings about yourself. If there’s something you need or want, then hold a vision of yourself doing well. Only think positive thoughts about yourself, such as “I can do it” and “I am good at this”. The more you believe in yourself, the better everything will go. If you expect success, you’ll have good results. But if you worry about failing, you won’t enjoy your experiences. You can enjoy life more if you believe in yourself. If someone else tells you that you won’t succeed, then picture a big “X” through their words to cancel them. Don’t let someone else’s words take away your belief! Instead, act in a way that makes them change their mind and see what you can really do. Belief means making a decision such as “Yes I can do this!” When you clearly decide to do it, instead of just trying, you approach the situation with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something new. What matters is that you believe that you can do it. Each time you do something new, you learn and grow. And you’ll thank yourself for learning that you can do anything you truly believe you can do.

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Daily Angel Card Reading – November 28, 2016

The crystals I am working with for today are Chrysocolla, Aquamarine and Inca Jade. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you. 

Chrysocolla – A stone of harmony. It can be used to purify a place or remove negativity from a person. It is a very gentle stone and its energy works in a gentle, harmonious way. It can help ease fear, anxiety and guilt, and bring hope. It is also used to communicate with the spiritual forces of the Earth.

Aquamarine – Known as a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It brings inner peace, hope and self-love, gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring Angels for their guidance and protection. As such, it is an excellent crystal for meditaiton. Aquamarine is used to dispel anger and fear. It is also said to be a wonderful good luck stone. Aquamarine is reputed to assist with calming communication issues. Protector of water. 

Inca Jade – Is said to bring forth in humanity the necessary qualities to make the transition to the next level of spiritual evolution. Emanates energies of healing, higher consciousness, inner clarity, strength, the power of manifestation and unconditional love. 

These crystals are sending a clear message to me. That we need to purify ourselves as humans. We need to interact with the Earth in a gentle and harmonious way. We need to have courage, and we are protected by our Angels. We need to dispel our fear, and calmly communicate our need to protect our water and our Earth. We need to evolve to the next level of human consciousness so that we can overcome issues of greed, fear and destruction of the planet. The spiritual forces of Earth are begging us. We need to have unconditional love for everyone on planet Earth, and for the Earth itself. Let’s see which card will be pulled for today. 

Wow. Looks like the weekend fun is over, and it’s time to get back to dealing with the issues at hand. The Eagle has come today to communicate and connect with us. The crystals clearly indicated a connection with Mother Earth and a message for us humans to smarten up. This card is so beautiful to me, the aboriginal man looks up to the Eagle, willingly eager to take any message or guidance the wise bird brings to us. He is open to connecting with the spirit of this animal. This warrior is here willing to do whatever it takes to protect his land. We need to be forever grateful towards Aboriginal cultures for staying true to the beliefs of protecting our land and spirituality. Other cultures have lost these priorities to be replaced by the greediness of modern day culture. We are losing our connection to the Earth. We want to keep advancing, when maybe what is truly needed is to go back to the simple ways of life. A life where things are less complicated, and more meaningful. We need to be reminded that we are living beings, no less than any other living being on this planet. We DO have the responsibility to protect all of life on this planet. We need to stay connected to Mother Earth, or we not only lose the planet we live on, we lose ourselves and our future. We are one with the entire planet, and we cannot afford to lose sight of this. I don’t think a more perfect card could’ve come today to accompany the crystals. 

Eagle – Here the man and the Eagle make contact through their eyes and spirits. The man has performed a ceremonial calling to Eagle brother, who now comes to him as a familiar friend. It’s an intimate relationship between human being and feathered being, one of both spirit and flesh. Yet it’s ultimately this deep spiritual kinship that connects them, formed from their recognition of the sacredness of this bond. Eagle spirit is often associated with the highest and noblest, encouraging us to let our spirits soar. Through this communion, we know that we can touch the sky. We know that we can be more than just two legged creatures clinging to the ground. Were intimately related to all of life on the planet, and it’s through communing with any expression of life that we realize how vitally connected we are. Whenever you experience a heartfelt communion with some physical expression of life – plants, animals, human, or anything else – it is only then that you can truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of the differences in form. An essence is articulated into the physical world in a multitude of ways that is the same in everything and everyone, although it manifests in various shapes and characteristics. This essence is spirit emanating from the core of all things. Communion with nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open eyed meditation with any nearby animal or plant. Relax your body as much as possible, breathe consciously, and keep your attention on the life form you are communing with. After a few moments, you will notice a sense of the boundaries dissolving, and melding of the “I” and “Thou”. You may even receive messages or impressions as you find yourself in the flow of unspoken communication.

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