Angel Card reading – Week of Aug 28, 2016

The crystals I am using this week are as follows. I use these crystals to connect with you and share their healing properties with you. 

Angelite – This stone helps one connect with Angels and Spirit Guides. It unblocks communication barriers. Can dispel fear and anger, and encourages forgiveness. 

Angel Aura Quartz – Can help one meditate on finding the proper course of action in life. It is said to help with angelic communication and communicating with Higher Self and inner wisdom. It is used by mystics to help access Akashic records and past life recall. It is said to bring peace and tranquility because of the angelic protection it brings. Physically, mystical lore reputes that angel aura is helpful for general health, vitality, and miraculous cure of illness. 

Fuchsite – A stone of health. Fuschite can help one bounce back after emotional or physical problems. Fuschite also can bring friendliness, compassion, and lightheartedness. It is said to speed deep healing by assisting with recovery and immunity. It also increases energy transfer when multiple stones are used for healing. 

Larimar – brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins to harmonize the body and soul. Larimar is of the Water element, yet is born of Fire in its volcanic origins. One of the few crystals to balance the polarities of these energies, Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful in meditation and in connecting to the Divine Feminine, and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds, patterns or principles that no longer serve the highest good. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart. Helps overcome fear of doctors, hospitals, injections or surgery. It promotes clear and confident communication with health personnel. 

Seer Stone – Is a window quartz stone and clear quartz is for maintaining close contact with your Spirit Guides. 

When I do a reading, I pray for guidance for everyone who reads the blog.. Which includes me. The cards were already speaking to me, and the crystals are too. For those of you who may not know, my family is dealing with some health issues at the moment, so it’s not surprising to see a lot of the messages from the crystals are about health, calming fears and stress relief, and connecting to Angels and Spirit Guides. The Four of Winter card shows our fairy resting and retreating. It is time to relax and take care of ourselves. Sleep a little more. Get the rest and rejuvenation we need to keep moving forward. Take time to meditate and find healing and rejuvenation. Even if you don’t have much time, take this Sunday evening to really rest and relax, and prepare for the week ahead. Having two Winter cards and a Spring tells me that we have a tougher week ahead, but will be moving successfully to brighter times. Queen of Spring is reminding us to believe in ourselves. We can be successful no matter what is set forth ahead of us. People will be there to help. The King of Winter is telling us that should reach out for professional and objective advice to help you through this situation. It may be time to speak up for your needs and take a stand in your life and relationship, and again, seeking professional help (or spiritual help!!) to get you through diffucult situations can be very helpful. Take some time to rest, keep believing in yourself, and find what it is you need to move forward and make a plan to do that! 

Four of Winter – There’s great power in quieting your mind through meditation or taking a break. Solutions that previously eluded you because you over thought something suddenly become crystal-clear. If you’re facing a challenge at this time, take this card as a sign that you need to stop thinking about it for now. Focus upon on something else, or take steps to defuse a troubling situation or clear pent-up emotions. Healthy sleep is critical for a happy life. It allows the mind to rest and rejuvenate so that your waking hours are more productive and filled with optimism! Show your body the love it deserves by providing it with the time it needs to recuperate. Seek out ways to counteract stress. A fairy finds comfort and solitude within a mighty Pine Tree. The Pinecones symbolize the spiritual illumination that comes from meditation and going within. Additional meanings of this card: The power of meditation. Resting due to an illness. Taking time off. Setting aside your concerns right now.

Queen of Spring – The queen of spring is truly amazing. She can write up a marketing plan at work, throw a birthday party with 30 kids in attendance, volunteer for the local animal shelter, and somehow make it home in time to dress up for that formal event that’s so important to her spouse. A devoted parent, she is graceful, intelligent, and lovely. And yet her most endearing attribute is that she is a true friend. She will be there for you no matter what, and that’s why everyone loves her! On the other hand she can be a fierce competitor. And independent and strong leader, she likes to have things her way. Chances are very good that you’ll agree with her ideas, but if you don’t you may have a challenging time getting her to come around to your point of view. The Queens sits on her throne, carefully contemplating her next step. Her red dress indicates she is very passionate about her plans, and she will not wait long before taking action! Additional meanings of this card: Trusting in your own abilities. Showing grace under fire. Maintaining a balance between work and home. Being a good parent. The determination to succeed.

King of Winter – The king of winter is fair, impartial, and completely professional. He is also pretty much emotionally unavailable. If you’re looking for someone to give you flawless advice, he’s your guy. If you’re seeking a speaker for your event that will impress everyone in the audience, book him right away. If you need a new chief executive officer for your company, sign him up. He can even be an incredible humanitarian if he believes in the cause. However, if you’re seeking a romantic partner you may want to walk right on by. It’s not that he’s a bad fellow, on the contrary, he’s quite amazing! He’s just not really built for heart-to-heart talks, candlelit dinner, cuddling, our walks on the beach. The romantic within you would be frustrated with this king as a partner. The king of winter walks in happy solitude with his friend owl. Wisdom and the intellect are the only companionship he needs. Additional meanings of this card: College professors. Public speaking. Brilliant ideas. Dealing with the government. Unemotional relationships.


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Angel Card Reading – Week of Aug 9, 2015

Yesterday was August 8, 2015, 888 in number symbols. It is a sign of abundance and prosperity, and, of course, yesterday was incredibly abundant for me. Every card reading I saw yesterday was in line with abundance. We even had a hummingbird hang around the gazebo for over an hour yesterday! An amazing sign of abundance! Today we had a unique experience with a grasshopper. This energy made me feel like although this week is still going to be full of positivity and abundance, the energy has changed since yesterday. 

“The grasshopper carries the high vibration of the mystical beauty of a free spirit… free to do and go as it pleases, with no one knowing what the next move will be. The life of Grasshopper is a mystery to us, he invites us to a dance with imagination. With our imagination we can glimpse into the life and the realm of the Grasshopper, where quiet observation reveals the multiple choices of our future. With each choice we make new dimensions open up to us.”

The grasshopper made me feel like this was a week of being happy with how far we have come, taking time to relax and visualizing making our dreams come true. We have received abundance and support, now we have time to sit back, watch for signs confirming we are always on the right path in life, pray for support and guidance towards pursuing our dreams and receiving those symbols, and having the innate knowing that whatever we dream can become our reality. When you pray, you shift your focus away from what’s not working, and connect to your higher self which knows nothing is impossible. Only good can come from listening to yourself, your guidance and intuition. We are always on the right path. Trust in yourself, and in whichever higher power you believe in. Know we are all deserving of incredible abundance and our every dream coming true. Just pray! 

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