TV Review – Big Brother 16


I don’t know who in their right minds doesn’t love some Big Brother. I am so glad it airs 3x per week, those are some of the nights I look forward to most! Ok, that’s kind of sad, but I love my TV, and Big Brother is an ultimate fav. I am soooooo rooting for Nicole, but nice guys always finish last, and it looks like her time is coming to a close in the house again! But you never know what can happen on Big Brother, although I will say this year, you can notice people mastering the strategy of the game, and not wavering from their original, clearly defined and obvious plans. The girls were crazy for not sticking together from the start!! Typical girls. Let guys use them right to the end!! Although Christine and Nicole have been awesome female players, the females have let the males take control of the house. It would be nice to see a season where girls could actually stick it out together and dominate, but the men are always so strong and intimidating. Sure was good to see some wonderful human beings on this season, Donny was so heart warming and lovable, I don’t think anyone could forget his face. He is going to be recognized out in public for a while!! Nicole is such a sweetie and I hope she gets to stay around. If she doesn’t, my vote could go to any of the rest of the players, they have all been equally good, and have played similar and comparative games. I enjoy Frankie, but I think he is a big threat and hopefully will see the jury house soon. If you haven’t been watching, i’d suggest you get caught up!! If you love reality shows, or just like watching fun competitions and having a smile, this show is for you! I love this show, and would rate this season a 8.2 out of 10. This blog is just my opinion!!

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Review – Big Brother Canada Season 2

Ok, who else is loving Big Brother Canada season 2?!?! I’d love to hear from some of you BB fans!! The first season I wasn’t all that into, and the finale really disappointed me… (Gary Glitter winning it would have made it much happier and more memorable). For some reason it just wasn’t the same as American Big Brother. This season though is redemption!!! A great house, a great cast, awesome challenges and drama galore! If you haven’t been watching, there is still time to get into it, the best is yet to come! I was rooting for the girls, particularly Neda and Sarah, but with Sarah’s move last episode, I’m not sure what to think. There is so much more that goes on that you don’t understand due to the amount we actually see in the episodes. I also like the guys, they are alright, but I am usually rooting for a female or anyone who seems like the underdog, which is why I like Adel too. I admire his dedication to his faith, and his ability to be so kind and joyous, it really is infectious and he is a wonderful role model. The only downfall that seems to bother me about BB Can is the host. Not trying to be mean at all, for some reason she just doesn’t do it for me. No Julie Chen I suppose. Other than that, I have loved this season so far, and I’m hooked. Can’t wait to see how the Allison and Andrew showmance plays out!!! I would rate this show a 7.7 out of 10! This blog is just my opinion!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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