Messages From Spirit for May 6, 2023

Messages From Spirit for May 6, 2023 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for March 20, 2023

Messages From Spirit for March 20, 2023 ✨

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Card Reading for the Week of December 11, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Smoky Quartz, Blue Calcite, and Fuchsite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Smoky Quartz – Protective and grounding. It removes negativity and transforms to positive energy. Enhances survival skills and helps one reach personal and business goals. It is used in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality. Therefore, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. It fosters cooperation in groups and supports their efforts energetically. It engenders creativity by bringing imaginative efforts to fulfillment. It also works energetically to assist in prioritizing needs and wants, and brings wisdom to every day life. Excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. It is a helpful stone for enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength. Smoky quartz is very comforting and calming, and is considered a stone of serenity. It can be helpful in relieving grief.

Blue Calcite – Supports peaceful assertiveness. Decreases shyness, promotes ability to speak your needs. Contributes to beginning spiritual growth. Soothes nerves and lifts anxieties. Stone of recuperation. Lowers blood pressure.

Fuchsite – A stone of health. Assists with recovery and immunity. Brings awareness about stress and daily routines. Helps one recover from emotional or physical problems. Brings friendliness, compassion, and lightheartedness.

My interpretation of the crystals:

There is a lot in the crystals about recuperation, recovery, and immunity, so we are continuing to heal from the physical ailments as well as emotional and spiritual ones too. We are being reminded of how strong we are, and that we are capable of doing all the things that need doing. Not only are we capable, we might even enjoy it. Things have been tough lately and everyone has been overwhelmed by societal expectations. I guess that’s why it’s so important to remember the magic in daily life, so we don’t get sucked down into negativity or depression from the overwhelm and exhaustion. Remember that everything and everyone set up in your path is meant to be, so live each day with curiosity as to what life is teaching you and who it’s bringing to you. You never know what opportunities can arise. Remember that everyday is an adventure, even if it’s just to work and back. There is a reason for you to be there, a purpose to fulfill, and abundance to earn and receive. Try to think positively and elevate your mood as much as possible. Christmas is descending on us quickly, so try to embrace a positive and optimistic mindset and mood. Things haven’t been easy, but everything happens for a reason. Things are never going to be easy all the time, so we have to enjoy the small moments we can, make the most of life, and be happy as much as possible. We have to do the best we can. We have been living in survival mode, but we have to try to pull ourselves out of that. Life is to be enjoyed. We can’t let it pass us by. Be strong and help yourself find tranquility and fulfillment for you. We have to be willing to speak up and speak clearly about our needs. We can make our wishes come true. The Smoky Quartz is probably my favorite crystal. It helps us anchor our wishes and dreams into 3D reality. It is going to help us anchor in more positivity and joy into our life. It is also a stone of wisdom, and it’s going to help us make wise choices for our highest good. It helps us look after ourselves and prioritize our needs, so we are better able to serve our divine purpose in this Universe. We aren’t going to be able to help much if we are depressed and unhealthy. Sobriety is an extremely important message I’ve been getting for many people lately. Staying sober is of utmost importance to living a life with more tranquility. Your inner child wants you to think and feel clearly. It deserves to embrace its inherent innocence. It deserves to feel healthy and emotional ease. We can’t bury the past, no matter how much we want to or try… we have to look at it with love and embrace it for all that it taught us. We have to forgive ourselves and peel back the layers, so that we can release them for good. We are growing spiritually, and if you are living a life where you have to lie or hide, you are going to find yourself anxious and unhealthy. It’s time for us to live lives we can be proud of. It’s time to love ourselves the way we deserve, and the way our future generations deserve. We can recover, but we need to allow our hearts to be lightened. We can’t keep carrying the burdens of the past. It’s time to step up and stop adding to trauma in your life, and work to heal and be healthy instead. It’s time to learn and grow. Soften your heart and be compassionate, towards yourself and those you’ve impacted. This is about taking charge of your life and how you are living, so that you can be your optimal self. So you can bring in everything you want and deserve. If you need to make changes in your life, now is a perfect time. We are being asked to be courageous and show the Universe we are ready. Let’s see what the cards say!

My interpretation of the cards:

Wow. This week is so clearly working on healing the past and our inner child. Mother Mary is the embodiment of love and compassion. She asks you to be compassionate towards yourself, but also those around you. She asks you to embrace your gifts and your talents. She calls for you to honor yourself and your life in every moment. We should be proud of how far we’ve come, no matter what we’ve been through. We have so much yet to see and do, and Mother Mary asks us to continue moving forward with love in our hearts. Mother Mary reminds you that you are a blessing to this Earth. You are deserving and you do deserve to be celebrated. Do the best you can to treat everyone with love, happiness, and compassion. Do what you can to embrace the children in your life too. Bring wonder and merriment to your inner child and the kids around you. Make life better for everyone as much as you can. See your own life through the eyes of a child. Always remember that the world is full of joyful and amazing moments. Embrace the simple pleasures of life. Enjoy the Christmas season. Keep an optimistic outlook. Believe in magic again. Cherish the best parts of your childhood and past. Connect with friends over shared memories. The Six of Summer tells me there is potential for people from the past to reconnect. It is a perfect time during the Christmas season. These reconnections can spark so much simple joy in our hearts. The Six of Summer card tells me that we should embrace the best of what has been, and release the rest with love. Things are different now, and where we are going, we don’t need to bring any negativity. We only need joy, hope, and wonder. Embracing our childlike innocence is going to be important to enjoying this holiday season. We are being held and healed by the Angels. They are sending our inner children so much love. They are with our loved ones in Spirit, sharing in the love and joy we experience. Everyone is innocent in spiritual truth. Everything happens for a reason. What is meant to be, will always find a way. Stop worrying and let go of the pain. Instead, trust and have hope. Lighten your load. Let go of any negativity that may shroud your loving outlook. Make the changes that serve your highest good. Enjoy peace in your heart again. You have endured enough and you are ready and deserving. Allow yourself let go, and to receive the love you’ve always deserved. Let yourself be supported, held, and soothed. Trust that a bright new loving start is upon us. Have a beautiful week!

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New Moon in Cancer – July 9, 2021

We have a New Moon in Cancer on Friday, July 9th, peaking at 7:16pm here in Alberta. 🌑✨🙏There are positive aspects to this New Moon, but also some challenges. This New Moon is all about family, friends, and the home. It’s about being comforted by what we have in our life. We may have some emotions coming up around things we want to change in our home, or bringing up issues from our own childhood. Stay open minded and try to go with the flow. Forgive and let go of resentment for your own sake. Thinking and dwelling too much on the past can worsen depression. The way you perceive the world can be very subjective. If things aren’t looking great for you, how can you see things from a different angle, or pivot your stance to make things work better for you. You have what it takes to overcome any potential problems, and you will be better for it. Try not to get bitter. We need to keep our emotions as positive as possible, so we can exude the loving, happy energy that we intend to. Set healthy boundaries and know which situations or people affect your emotions negatively. Trust your intuition, and trust that everything is happening in Divine timing. Trust that everything is working out for you, especially if that is hard to see right now. Help yourself find more balance and bring more light into your life. Have a little fun and enjoy summer! Things should be heating up a bit with Mars and Venus conjuncting in Leo. 😘❤️🙏✨

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of March 10, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Dioptase, Ruby on Matrix and Peacock Ore. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Dioptase – Encourages compassion and forgiveness. Encourages you to be aware of the abundance and richness in your life. Helps you to live in the moment, and access past life memories. It will help you more forward if you’ve been feeling stuck, by helping you let go of the past. Help you to find your freedom. Helps you release the things that hold you back from living a full life. Helps you let go of undesirable emotions, such as anger, jealousy and hatred. Powerful for those overcoming abuse or trauma.

Ruby on Matrix – Helps you find new paths in life and gives you the energy you need to walk them. Helps to transform one’s life to a more desirable state. Useful when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess. Helps you to realize love within yourself and express emotion.

Peacock Ore – Enhances inner knowing, strengthens perception and helps you trust what you see. It is also a protective stone, good for many kinds of protection, including protection from illness.

When I look at these crystals.. the energy I feel is… rough. Things have been cold, hard and tough…. dull and dreary. It’s the people who can see beneath the surface and appreciate the little things, that see the gems hidden with the hard rock. There is beauty and abundance within all the hard times we experience. There is always an unseen gift or benefit. Finding ways to look at the bright side is how we shift our perspective. The Ruby is no less a Ruby, just because it is stuck within the rock… it is still beautiful Ruby.. waiting to be uncovered and appreciated. Have compassion for yourself for everything that isn’t seemingly going “right”, and instead, choose to focus on everything that is. Recognize how truly beautiful you are, and what a gift it is to walk on this Earth. I have been watching One Strange Rock on Netflix, and I always love a good reminder of what an extraordinary gift it is for us to be alive and experiencing this reality. Make sure you don’t waste it. Find your freedom and experience everything you can. Live your life to the fullest, as much as you possibly can. This isn’t about doing extravagant things, it’s about appreciating this moment right now, whatever you are doing. How can you make the best of it? We are still working through our past traumas, and we are almost there… we can sense the freedom. Keep letting go of the past and seeing yourself as being healed. Forgive yourself. You can’t afford to hold yourself back anymore. There is so much more to life, that is longing for you. You have so many wonderful things to accomplish and experience. The Ruby on Matrix is giving you energy and helping you to recognize all the new paths that lay ahead. It is helping us to transform our lives into a more desirable state… and the key to that is to truly love ourselves… to see what you truly deserve. To love our lives and all that we are so blessed to experience. Trust in yourself and what is right for you, and make your way to that reality. It’s been tough, but we are getting there. Spring is on the way and that is sure to bring a burst of vitality! No matter what is going on for you, try to make the best of it. Let’s see what the cards say.

I know I say it every week.. but these cards are so perfect. DNA is all about creation.. about life, death and rebirth. It’s about the never ending cycle of life that we are blessed to be a part of during this time. Every thing you do matters. Every choice you make has a repercussion. Yes, the weight of that is quite heavy… I immediately think of everywhere I have gone wrong in my life. You can hang on to the past and focus on what went wrong, but it’s never going to change anything, and it takes away from the joy of this moment. You have a choice to make a change. What are you missing when you look at those experiences? Yes, I’ve had a lot of hard times in my life.. but in the grand scheme of things.. they have brought me to who I am today. My struggles have blessed my life and allowed me to seek my Spirituality, which has changed my life so incredibly much for the better. There is so many positives. Focus on them. It’s ok to forgive myself for not knowing better, and to allow myself to heal that wound. When you can integrate the lesson, and the see positive aspect, that’s where you can unlock healing and forgiveness. That’s when you understand the full circle and see the big picture. God doesn’t want us to live here in misery. Life is a gift… open it and embrace it. Let the old you die away, and rebirth into your full power. The Change in Direction Card is so cute.. it wants us to look at life from a newborn perspective. See things in ways you didn’t before. Allow your heart to be open to love and life. The stork is showing you the map of all the pathways…. they are endless… and the beauty is that YOU get to decide what it is you want. This life is what you make of it. Follow your heart and happiness, treat yourself like a child and allow yourself to feel joy. I know my readings are all about positivity… and people hate hearing that all the time. I understand we need to embrace all of our emotions.. but the more we can focus on what’s positive, the more we can shift our perspective, and affect the karma we put out into the world. God wants us to embrace positivity as much as we can. What does it help to insist on wading in negativity? The less we focus on the negative; the more positive we see. Six of Winter is confirming that positive changes are on the way! We are going to feel relief from the stress we have been experiencing lately. Here in Canada, warmer temps are finally on the way, and after this last month of extreme cold, I think we are all ready for some warmer weather. Get out there and appreciate where you live. Appreciate Mother Earth. Appreciate how your body serves you. Appreciate how your mind co-creates this reality. The challenging times are going to fade away, into a sunnier horizon and happier shores. Leave the troubles behind and look to the future with

wild abandon. It’s going to be amazing.

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Blog Post – My beautiful son and his battle with Leukemia 

Just so you all know, my Angel Card readings will be on hold for a while. My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with High-Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We are doing everything we can for him, and I do not plan to leave his side until he is able to leave this hospital, which will be at least another few weeks. He has 7 months of intensive treatments and 3 years of ongoing treatments at home and in hospital after that. He has a high risk of infection, and is going to require to be closely monitored for a long time, basically the rest of his life. He has a long road to recovery, but we are just thankful we caught it when we did, as the Leukemia cells were rapidly dividing and it could have become dire within a matter of weeks. If you would like to donate, here is the link to our Go Fund Me page, . Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated, and will not be taken for granted. 
Thank you all so much for your support and love during this time.

2014 in Review – So proud of my blog!

I am so proud of how far my photography and blog has come this past year. I know someone is guiding me to put my work out there! Although my stats could probably be a little better, and I could probably post a little more frequently, I am still beyond proud of my work, and so proud of all the different countries where people are viewing my work from. If you want to check out my year in review, the link is below. Thanks everyone for viewing and following! Hoping to post some new reviews and photos soon!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

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