Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of January 26, 2020

The crystals I am working with for the week are Chrysocolla, Labradorite & Malachite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Chrysocolla – A supportive stone. Inspires verbal expression. Allows for clear, loving communication. Opens the throat chakra. Assists you to say the right words at a given time, and helps to aid emotional healing in others. Motivates you to speak out about important issues and causes.

Labradorite – A stone of transformation and magic. Clears, balances and protects the aura. Provides clarity and insight into your destiny. Attracts success. Reduces stress and anxiety. Increases intuition, psychic development, and esoteric wisdom. Helps with subconscious issues, and provides mental illumination.

Malachite – A stone of transformation, good fortune, prosperity & abundance. This is a transformation of lack into abundance. Invites business opportunities. Brings self-confidence and success. These vibrations release and diffuse those of victimization by demonstrating the power of oneself. It helps balance pure love, romance, and one’s own well-being. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. It brings inner peace and hope, including relief from anxiety and stress.

Well! That was quite the New Moon we just had this past weekend. My emotions were all over the place. My spouse came home last night and had hit a deer. Thankfully, he was ok. The vehicle isn’t, but that is ok. Everything happens for a reason, and we are looking at it as a blessing in disguise. I’m looking forward to seeing which vehicle comes to us next! How did you all handle the New Moon? I’d love to hear in the comments! Even though that was a bit of a rollercoaster, I truly believe we are moving into some better energy. Even with how crappy I felt this weekend, and last night as I thought about the reading for this week, I have had this overwhelming sense that everything is going to be ok. Everything always finds a way to work out. This week is about stepping even more into your authentic truth. What do you have to share with the World? Are you willing to be seen and heard? We are needing to step out of our comfort zones a little more. I personally see myself as a writer, and I feel like I channel Spirit the best when I write. On the other hand, I know Spirit is urging me to put myself out there and be seen and heard. I’m not really a Facebook Live type of person.. but I might have to start recording some videos and stretching my comfort zone. How have you been feeling guided to stretch your comfort zone? We are being supported and guided to share our voices and our passion. Don’t let fear hold you back. You won’t say the wrong things, and people will be inspired by your courage to speak and share. We all have the power to make a difference in the World, so pay attention to how you are being guided. Maybe that’s helping a stranger, maybe that’s sharing your struggles with other people who are struggling, maybe it’s doing a video about a topic you are passionate about. Whatever it is, take a small step toward it this week. There is so much transformation in these crystals. We have endured so much, and have become so beautiful because of it. We are starting to see where we are heading and how to get there. Best of all, we are becoming magnets for success. I know, because you are here reading this, that you are working to overcome your fears, and are on the path to living your best life. When you work hard and truly look at your life and your motivations, God truly does reward you. Let go of the stress, and be blessed. See the blessings and the beauty all around you. Where we have struggled in the past… where we have worried there might not be enough… we are learning to replace with trust and faith. We are ready to ask ourselves, what else is possible for me? The possibilities are truly endless, and the higher you keep leveling up, the more possibilities become available to you. There are many times in my life where I have felt like a victim. There are so many times I have felt things were so unfair to me. When I remember that I have the power to decide what I accept and what is going to happen in my life, then I can let go of feeling like the victim. I am not a victim anymore, and I am so strong because of my resilience. No matter what happens to me, or who is around me, I know that my life is beautiful, and I have the power to choose in every single moment. When I put my own well-being first, when I truly love myself, it balances the love from others, and allows them to love me in that way as well. Can you truly love someone who doesn’t love themselves? Maybe… but it’s probably extremely difficult. When we love ourselves, it unlocks amazing potential for loving everyone and everything around us. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does to me, because I love myself and I know my truth and my power. I know I always have the power of choice. This week is going to be a lot more emotionally stable, and we are going to feel some relief from the heightened anxiety and stress we have been experiencing lately. There is so much hope and possibility… keep allowing yourself to transform, and opening up like a beautiful flower in bloom. Share yourself with the World. It will be worth it, I promise. Let’s see what the cards have to add.

I just love these cards. They hold so much wisdom and insight. Look how Spirit is in the background on each of these cards, guiding us every step of the way. We don’t want to keep going around and around, and we are ready to look at life with fresh eyes. Even though things have been tough for the last while, it doesn’t mean you have regressed. Look how much you have grown, and see things from the viewpoint where you are now. When you find yourself asking, “why am I in this position again?” ask yourself, “how can I handle this in a better way, based on all I’ve learned and experienced?” Every single day, every single minute is a new opportunity to make a new choice. You can always make a new choice anytime you choose, so live your life with that freedom. Nothing is ever really holding you back, because everyday you can make a new choice. For me, I was used to being independent and earning my own salary. Going through years of leukemia with my son, and his ongoing health challenges now, I know this is all a part of me seeing a new purpose for myself. If it was up to my ego, I’d be working for some company that didn’t give a damn about me or my children’s needs, just to make a pay cheque. My experiences have taught me, that my needs and my kids needs are top priority, and that God is showing me a new way to freedom. He wants me to do this work and inspire others. He is leading me away from the mainstream work, so I can see new opportunities for myself… so I can see a new way of life. You possess the key to your freedom. Be good to yourself. To The Sea card is all about being in the flow of life, and letting ourselves be guided by life/Spirit/nature/Universe. We don’t always have control over where we are going, and that is ok. Relax and enjoy the ride. This is about having complete faith that life has a purpose for us, and that we are always being guided to fulfill our purpose. If I hadn’t been so hurt in the past, I never would’ve sought out going to a medium. I never would’ve been chosen to get a reading, I never would’ve saw the true beauty of Spirit, I never would’ve believed in an afterlife, and I never would’ve saw my true potential. I never would’ve known of my Spiritual abilities. I truly believe there is purpose in every experience, and I am so grateful for where life has been leading me. Yes, it’s been challenging, and yes, I’ve had times of uncertainty. When it all comes down to it though, I have a deep understanding that everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t gone through hardships, I may have never been here to offer this reading. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and conditions us for what is to come. I always tried to be in control, but the truth is, we really don’t have much control at all, and it’s really a beautiful thing. The more I let go of trying to control the outcomes, the more I allow for beauty to grow. Stop trying to control others, and just allow them to be themselves. They will reciprocate with even more love, when you just allow them to be. When you let go of control, you can see the beauty of how we are guided in life. If things are meant to work out, they just will. When you can be open to the Universe and just be in a state of allowing, it invites the most prosperous outcomes. Perhaps outcomes you haven’t even dreamed of for yourself. Relax, and trust that abundance will soon be in your reach. Milk and Honey is the perfect card to finish off this reading! When we can be open to the Universe and allow it to work it’s magic, everything comes up milk and honey. When we can trust that our needs will be met, when we live in our authenticity, doors are opened and prosperity becomes abundant. All your needs are being met, so be grateful to the Universe. Live in the energy of prosperity. Always remember, there are unlimited possibilities. What else is possible for you this week? Allow your heart’s calling to be answered. Accept love and care from those around you. Let your thoughts and feelings be sweet with gratitude. Know that your are worthy of all the wonderful things, and that you have a wonderful purpose to fulfill here on Earth. Step into a world of prosperity. This would be a great visualization tool: Ask yourself, what does it look like in your mind to step into a world of prosperity? How does it feel? Visualizing scenarios and using your imagination is a wonderful way to communicate with the Universe and create abundance. Be open to all the opportunities, and let them lead you to your best life. Seize good fortune and embrace your destiny. Surrender to Spirit, turning your troubles over to the Divine for healing. Love yourself more than ever. Trust in the Universe and be grateful, for everything. Have a wonderful week!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of October 1st, 2017

The crystals I am working with for the week are Chrysocolla, Blue Apatite and Amazonite. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Chrysocolla – A supportive stone. Inspires verbal expression. Allows for clear, loving communication. Opens the throat chakra. Assists you to say the right words at a given time, and helps to aid emotional healing in others. Motivates you to speak out about important issues and causes.

Blue Apatite – Known to be a hunger suppressant. Eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance. Renews the body by cleansing the aura. Enhances manifestation. Brings clarity of mind and expansion of insight. Helpful for uncovering truths. Enhances communication and self-expression. A stone useful for teachers and those affected by autism. Encourages openness and ease. Works during dream time to form solutions to issues. Helps those who are overly emotional by inducing calm and finding solutions.

Amazonite – Assists with telling the truth, even if it’s difficult. Aligns your speech to your higher ideals. Allows for you to remain calm and unemotional.

There are big things to be talking about this week. There is so much going on in the world… We woke to news of terror attacks close to home. There are so many reasons to be feeling emotional, and so many causes to be fighting for. It is easy to let ourselves get carried away by our emotions. This week is all about deeply rooting ourselves in calm and patience, and approaching life situations from a place of balance, stability and intellect. The crystals are here to calm us down a bit. Now, let me be clear… they are not here to hold us back or keep us quiet. They are here to keep us calm and level-headed, so we can speak a message of absolute truth that will resonate deeply in the hearts of others. We have important messages to share. There is so much healing that is needed right now. That is why we MUST come from a place of pure love and non-judgement. We have to hope those who hurt us, can hear our words and find compassion for us too. We all have to soften if we are going to continue to exist together, preferably in harmony, on this planet. Disagreements will not solve anything, and only hurts everyone, our entire species… all species in fact. We are all misunderstood. We are just trying to fight for everyone else to understand where we are coming from. In doing that though, are we being sensitive to where everyone else may be coming from? Are we holding forgiveness for that which we don’t understand about them? Are we separating ourselves by that which we identify with, instead of coming together in love as a human race? What if we could let all the past go, with love and respect for the lessons learned, and move forward together, in unity, with respect for each other’s beliefs. Our capitalistic society doesn’t help the situation, and gives us the perception that we need to be looking out for ourselves, and hoarding whatever we can get our hands on. What if life wasn’t about getting, and was about giving? What if life was about equality? What if life was about connection and love? What if we all shared and prospered together? What would our world look like then? I have had so much of this on my heart lately, and this weeks crystals are asking me to share, and asking you to share your truths too. Share the true message in your heart, from a place of calm and love. We are teachers for each other, and the only way we survive and thrive is by working together. We need to stop the separation. We need to replace it with love. Forgive someone in your heart right now. Think of someone who has hurt you, and remember that you don’t know their reasons for behaving as they have, and know we are all imperfect humans. Visualize that person and send them love as you let them go. Don’t define yourself by hate. Forgiveness is the way we heal. Love is the way we move forward. Let’s see what the cards have to add for this week.

Wow. Just wow. Show Appreciation is exactly what we were just talking about. It’s time to stop being caught up with yourself, and start looking at the world as a whole. Have forgiveness for those who have done wrong. Have forgiveness for yourself. Stop worrying about how much monetary means you have. Appreciate what you do have, and share and be generous with others. Focus on that which you are grateful about. Autumn is a time of harvest. The Seven of Autumn tells us again, not to stress over monetary and superficial things. Don’t worry… you will reap the rewards of your harvest. Just be patient and calm. Use breathing techniques when you start feeling stressed. Keep focusing on the positive, keep putting in the work, and then all the sudden, you will see things shift and the rewards will come rolling in. Be diligent in your honesty and in your work. Keep giving what you can and being a good person, and that will all come back around to you. There is no need to stress and worry.. and in fact, that will only slow your progress! When you run into problems, take the time to process emotions, find a place of calm, and speak your truth in a heartfelt way. Don’t respond in rushed, emotional ways. Root yourself to the Earth. Use your intuition and intellect, especially during your dreams, to come up with creative solutions and answers to your questions. It’s time to take a fresh look at yourself, from a new angle. There is nothing that can come, that you can’t handle… so let’s do it with grace and evolve together.

Show Appreciation- It’s common for Indigos to get caught up in their own lives, and forget to show others around them just how much they mean to them. Although you may not realize it, your friends and loved ones are only human. They have feelings and emotions, just the same as you do. You are being urged to offer and express gratitude to the special people in your life. This card asks you to shift your focus away from what you lack in life, and instead appreciate all that you do have and all that you’ve accomplished. When you get in touch with this higher part of yourself, many more of your dreams will come true.

Seven of Autumn – The best treasures in life often take a while to mature. Don’t stop believing just as the fruit ripens on the vine! Your plans may seem to be moving slowly, but the pace is quicker than you realize. Be patient! Soon your harvest will come in, and you’ll see how successful you have been. As you wait for your goals to come to fruition, now is a good time to ponder your progress so far. Note the improvements or adjustments to your process that you might make next time around. A young farmer fairy waits patiently for his crops to mature. In the meantime, he contemplates how to occupy his time until the harvest. Additional meanings of this card: Diligence. Slow but measurable progress. A foreseeable increase in income. Time for a little rest. Worrying for no reason.

Chimpanzee – When your intuition and intellect are in harmonious accord with each other, there’s no problem that you can’t resolve. The combination emerges as creative intelligence, an elegant blend of your capacity for reasoning coupled with a deep trust in your gut feelings. In the flow of thought and action that results in resolving your question or problem this way, you may surprise yourself as to how simple and effective the answer really is. Your intuition is actually a constellation of physical cues that respond to the subtle body language, voice intonations, and energetic quality of the people or situations around you, often felt in your gut but not confined to that area. It’s your instinct communicating – an aspect of your animal nature that’s cued in to your survival and growth. You can best access this instinctual wisdom by breathing slowly and steadily and focusing your attention on the physical sensations you notice. In addition to your intuitive feelings, get more information on which to base your choices by doing some research. Consult books, the Internet, other types of oracles, and/or discuss the issue with a trusted friend. Or you may simply need time to contemplate it. Often when you walk away from the problem or question after intensely researching or thinking about it, an unexpected insight surfaces that helps you discern the best choice among all the possibilities. When there’s congruity between mind and intuition, coupled with a healthy dose of patience, you tap into the deeper wisdom of Source. Associations: Problem solving; Agility; Insight; Wisdom; Intuition; Dexterity; Toolmaking; Harmony; Intelligence; Cooperation; Laughter; Communication; Affection; Playfulness

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