Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of March 2, 2020

The crystals I am working with for the week are Malachite, Ruby in Fuchsite and Sunshine Aura Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Malachite – A stone of transformation, good fortune, prosperity & abundance. This is a transformation of lack into abundance. Invites business opportunities. Brings self-confidence and success. These vibrations release and diffuse those of victimization by demonstrating the power of oneself. It helps balance pure love, romance, and one’s own well-being. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. It brings inner peace and hope, including relief from anxiety and stress.

Ruby in Fuchsite – Brings awareness of problems of all kinds, whether emotional stress, social issues, lifestyle or physical health, and uses this awareness to find solutions. Ruby in Fuchsite is said to help one understand Love at a Higher level.

Sunshine Aura Quartz – Heals old hurts and traumas and overcomes a sense of disappointment or bitterness with life. Inspires optimism, joy and spontaneity. It helps to bring the body into balance.

I know it’s a little early to celebrate Spring, but I’m just feeling the Spring vibes from these crystals. I could feel the sunshine and the grass. I just love Springtime. It’s my favourite season, because it just makes you feel so refreshed, renewed and energized. Spring is a time to feel good. To get out there and have fun. We’ve been going through such tough times, and we deserve some time to enjoy life. We deserve some fun and relaxation. We deserve to feel good and full of energy. This week is all about taking charge of our own energy. March is going to be a month of independence. We’ve been going through a huge phase of transformation lately. It hasn’t been an easy path.. these haven’t been simple lessons to learn. You have conquered so much! You are integrating all that you have learned and becoming a new version of yourself. This is evolution. We take what we learn and we grow. We are learning from all the stuff we’ve been going through. Sometimes, it can be very painful. We could sit here and ask, why me?! We could dwell on everything that has happened… but honestly.. what does that help anything? Things happen to everybody… Things are always going to happen. We need to spend our time appreciating what we have. We need to experience life, love and joy, as much as possible. We can’t afford to wallow in a victim mentality because that attracts more bad energy. Things are going to happen. When you can be prepared to handle them instead of reacting to them, it’s easier to stay in control of your energy. It will take time and practice, and we won’t always get it right. That is ok, because that is how we learn. We are learning to be better than yesterday. We are transforming into something even more beautiful than ever before, and you need to have faith. There is greatness that awaits us. Opportunities and abundance. But, you have to be aware of your problems and work on them. If you are stressed out, you have to find what works for you to de-stress. Only you know what you need. You have to fill your heart with self-love. Addictions temporarily patch the holes, but they will always fall apart. All you need is to understand how incredibly special you are. How important you are to this world. You would want the best for your kids, and you should want that for yourself too. Allow yourself to have time for rest and relaxation. Find the solutions that work for you. What do you need? How can you fill your world with magic, beauty and love? Let the sunshine fill you up, then beam it out around you. When we understand that, truly, the only love we need is from our own self… it unlocks your power. You can be in love, you can be out of love, you can be whatever! As long as you love yourself. As long as you know that you can get through anything. Let go of the hurts and the bitterness, because it doesn’t serve you or make anything better. Allow yourself to be inspired… to be happy and joyful… We need joy in our life more than we think we do. It’s important to be happy. Let’s keep killing them with kindness and shining our bright lights! Let’s share love and joy with others. Spring is perfect for Fairies, and they wanted to deliver the oracle message today, so let’s see what they have to say!

Such beautiful messages, as always! The Princess of Winter is where we are now. We are almost through the winter to the spring. We are learning new information and seeing new truths. Even when they are hard truths. We are realistic and speaking up for what is true for us now. We are so powerful. Look at her huge Snow Leopard she causally pets. Look at the beautiful clothes she wears and the crown upon her head. This is a time of abundance for us. It may have been cold, but we are coming out of it, even better and more beautiful than before. This is about killing them with kindness. You can exude your power and beauty with calm grace. You are learning not to let anything get to you. When anger arises, it is only a messenger to tell us to care for a deeper issue. We have to take responsibility for healing our own issues. It’s not anyone else’s fault that we are the way we are. We processed life and did the things we did, with what we knew at the time. But now, we know better and we can do better and better. You choose how to live your life, and who you allow in it. Others can choose who they want in their lives too. Make sure appreciate the people you care about, and be someone that they would always want in their life. This week is about speaking your truth and being responsible for yourself. Making sure you are learning the lessons being given to you. Don’t allow people to intimidate you. You are in control of your life. This about people standing up for their beliefs. There is so much going on, in politics especially, and people have been protesting. They have every right to speak their truth and be heard, but should remember to do so respectfully and with kindness. When you are not speaking out, make sure you are continuing to dream. Dreaming a better life into existence. Embracing and loving your life and who you are. Taking adventures and learning new lessons. Trusting in the greatness that is awaiting you. The Dreamer card is number 0. It is a first step in a new direction. The first step is always to believe. To believe everything is possible. You are capable of anything! What do you want to learn today? How can you follow your heart’s desires? The Dreamer card is about getting out to play and having fun. Draw in good, positive energy by having fun, laughing, and living in joy. We can learn so much from the joyful moments. Talk to people that you trust and express your dreams. Allow them to materialize through the power of spoken words. We are being guided on our journey, and we only have a little way to go. Trust you are on the right path. Be open to new ideas and learning new things. Take some risks and live life without limits. Embrace your true purpose and give yourself everything you need.

I also noticed we had some numerology going on! 7 of Spring was on page 77: Master your mind. Luck. We are perfect in our own way and complete as we move forward. The 7 vibration represents rest, contemplation, spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy and mastery. Represents completeness or perfection. I’ve been noticing 0’s a lot lately too, and I think it’s fitting being the year 2020, and with the 0 card, it just felt like 0 is important too! 0 represents infinite possibilities, potential and choice, everything is infinite. Barrier free ideas. The power of nothing. Separation does not exist, we are all one. We have the choice to see limits or choose to see past them. We will always come around again. The sun will always shine again. The number 2 is about peace. Find it for yourself in your life. Have a great week!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of September 24, 2017

The crystals I am working with for the week are Fuchsite, Banded Agate and Sunshine Aura Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Fuchsite – A stone of health. Assists with recovery and immunity. Helps one recover from emotional or physical problems. Brings friendliness, compassion, and lightheartedness.

Banded Agate – Called the earth rainbow. Increases concentration, honesty and memory. It helps bring spiritual experiences into everyday reality. Brings love to the chakras to rid negative energy.

Sunshine Aura Quartz – Heals old hurts and traumas, and overcomes a sense of disappointment or bitterness with life. Inspires optimism, joy and spontaneity. It helps to bring the body into balance.

When I do readings, sometimes things appear to be in a linear fashion, like a story line. These crystals are showing me; that the past was once watery… unstable, dangerous and sometimes rocky. Times have been a bit grey lately, rigid, boring, repetitive. What’s ahead though.. that’s where the real beauty lies. We have to keep faith in the sunshine up ahead. There is so much beauty on the horizon, and it’s not time to give up now. Keep pushing and moving forward and working on yourself. Be the sunshine in your own life… Be a light everywhere you go. Keep your heart light, and show friendliness and compassion to all the people you encounter. When you exude energy like that, it is sure to come back to you in magical ways. This is also how we heal. By loving the shit out of everyone… including, and especially, our own selves. Especially those who have wronged us. Let go of all the disappointments of the past. Look forward to who you are becoming, who you want to be now. Live life with joy and a sense of optimism. Have faith in the beauty to come for you. Let’s see what the cards say for the week ahead.

The cards are amazing, as per usual. The good times are coming, very soon, dear ones. The horizon is so beautiful, and the majestic unicorn is here enchanting our lives, making our wishes come true. Keep radiating beautiful light energy in your life, and you will see is reflected back at you, with beautiful abundance and magical experiences. We don’t need to rush through life, as we are building ourselves right now. Growing and changing to be more in alignment with the people we want to be. More in alignment with the light. All of our previous life experiences have built up a solid foundation in our life, one where we are now ready to share our light and compassion with others. We have gone through a rebirth, and now we are rebuilding ourselves as we see fit going forward. No more restriction or fear, just beautiful unbridled freedom, joy and happiness. A life where we are one with nature, connected to all that is. One where our spirituality and magic is reflected in everyday life. Be present for the magical moments in your life, and ground yourself in appreciation. Then watch as more and more beauty and magic is attracted back to you.

Very Soon – This card wants you to know that your prayers are coming true very soon. There’s no need to hurry or rush, and there’s definitely no need to worry. (After all, worry can slow down your wishes.) Your desires are coming true in what’s known as “Divine Timing”. This means that they are happening at exactly the perfect time for everyone involved. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in just the right way. You’ll be very pleased with the results! This card asks you to keep believing and not to give up hope. As you’re waiting, put your energy into taking positive action to help your prayers along. For instance, if you get a strong feeling to do something like reading a book, taking a class, or writing something, it’s important that you do so. You’ve created your own luck because of your strong faith, your positive thoughts, and your willingness to do the work that’s needed to make your dreams come true.

Building Blocks –

Essential Meanings: Strong foundations; a beautiful work in progress.

The Oracle’s Message: You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life. This is a time when your focus needs to be on the foundations you build upon. Your work, your relationships, and your very being are underwritten by your values, ethics, morals, and core beliefs. Are they still true for you? Will they stand the test of time and serve the solid grounding upon which you construct your life? Now you are making changes that will affect everything in a positive way. Your destiny is truly a remarkable and beautiful design.

Relationship Message: When you see this card, know that you are attracting new relationships into your life – and solidifying the ones you already have – by building them on the foundations of honesty, humility, clear communication, and a genuine desire to know one another. You are moving toward laying the groundwork for a relationship with the firm footing that will ensure it can withstand any storm. Long-standing relationships are also repaired and strengthened. You and the other person are stronger, wiser, and more powerful together than apart.

Prosperity Message: You have everything you need to turn iron into gold in the alchemical process of creating the prosperous life you desire. (Inserting Tarot Reading I received last night here for synchronicity sake): Now is the time to build on the strong foundation you have already laid for your prosperity. Keep in mind that these building blocks are imbued with the sparkling energy of your intentions. Own your dream, and remember that you always have more than enough and you always are enough, so abundance is ever present. Your creativity is Divinely inspired, and the design for your life is taking shape in service to the world. You are meant for success.

Protection Message: Now is the time to address the cracks in the foundations of your life. Perhaps your values have changed and it is time to strengthen your convictions and let go of the things that no longer serve the vision you have for your life. Or perhaps, you chose to ignore the signs that a situation or agreement you have entered into is not right for you. Remove the rotten pieces and reinforce your core moral strength and integrity. Now is the time for righteous honesty, for you are called to renovate and upgrade your consciousness! You will be so happy when you do. Spirit has a spectacular blueprint for your life far beyond your imagination. Don’t be afraid to replace what’s not solid.

Spring Equinox – The spring equinox, also called the vernal equinox, occurs on March 20 or 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and September 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the point when the sun crossed the plane of the equator, and day and night are the same length across the planet. Earth Mother is pregnant and is birthing once again. Crops can once again be planted. This card features a rendition of Ostara, sometimes spelled Oestre or Eastre, as Germanic goddess of spring. Ostara is also a northern European name for Astarte, which means “womb”; and is another name for Venus, the goddess of love, passion, and creativity. The Christian holiday of Easter stems from this goddess, and in this card we see some archetypal symbols of the spring equinox that represent the rebirth of the world, such as rabbits, eggs and flowers. It is indeed a time for renewal. You thought this passage you have been through would never end. Just as certain that the light of the world fade every few months, it makes its return, and the Earth rejoices. The fresh breath of spring sweeps away the cobwebs acquired from the absence of the light. The light is now obviously increasing as Nature begins to emerge in all her many forms, shapes and colours that remind us of the continual cycles of Earth Mother. This cycle of rebirth you are experiencing follows a considerably challenging time. Any tears you may have shed have cleared the way for what has been gestating, which is now ripe and ready to emerge. That which no longer serves you need to be put to rest so that a freshness and newness of spirit can make itself known to you. Sometimes birth can be painful, particularly in that passage just before delivery, yet what emerges can be fresh and beautiful. Be with the emergence of this next cycle with faith and grace.

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