Messages From Spirit for May 23, 2023

Messages From Spirit for May 23, 2023 ✨

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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio with Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – May 5, 2023

On Friday, May 5th, 2023, we have a Full Flower Moon at 14°57’ with Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 14°52’ in the sign of Scorpio. 🌸🌕✨

This Full Moon may also be known as the Corn Planting Moon, the Dragon Moon, the Egg Laying Moon, the Frog Moon, the Milk Moon, and the Hare Moon.

The Eclipse peaks at 11:24am MDT and the Full Moon peaks at 11:33am MDT. The Lunar Eclipse will NOT be visible in North America. It should be visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is when the moon only passes through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow creating a more subtle eclipse. Although it appears more subtle, it’s affects can still be intense, bringing emotions and abrupt changes.

We are being reminded that we can handle the things that come our way, and to stay in our power and joy. We are reminded of our power to choose the energy and direction we want to be in.

We have to make the most of what we have, and roll with the punches. We have to trust that we are being guided and that everything we go through serves its purpose. We have to find new ways to grow that support our health and happiness.

Every flower starts out as a seed, buried in the dark, damp soil. Nature knows that darkness has its purpose and will lead you to the light. Let nature guide and transform you. Let the things you go through help you grow. Trust that everything is occurring in divine timing.

Heavy Moon Work and Spell Work is not generally recommended during an eclipse due to the unstable energies. Take some time to rest and get refreshed. Plant something in the garden or buy fresh flowers. Surround yourself in nature and appreciate your connection to it all.

Make sure to watch for the signs from Spirit and the Ancestors too. They are sending so many! Number signs, clouds, animals and bugs, songs, synchronistic encounters, etc. See the meaning behind every interaction in your life.

Don’t forget to take it easy on yourself and love yourself.

Have a powerful Full Moon Eclipse! 🌸🌕✨

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Messages From Spirit for November 18, 2022

Messages From Spirit for November 18, 2022 ✨

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Full Blue Hunter’s Moon in Taurus – October 31, 2020

We have a Full Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus peaking on October 31 at 8:49am MDT here in Alberta, Canada. 🌕♉️ This is a micromoon, which means it’s further from the Earth than usual. This Full Moon is exactly conjunct (beside) Uranus. Uranus is the Planet of breakthroughs and breakdowns, limitlessness, and being an outsider. Uranus seeks to push past limitations.

The energy is rare and powerful. There are definitely some difficult aspects, but the rewards are there for those who work hard. Expect big headlines. We can no longer turn a blind eye to things we’ve been avoiding. Things are going to come to light, and they might shock you. We may be taken by surprise, but if we reflect, we will realize the signs were there all along.

What are we going to do about it now? Your power is held in what you choose each moment. Are we going to let ourselves get pulled into negativity? Or are we going to take the high road? Release the expectations you have of how everything should go. Great things are coming if you are willing to stay positive and put yourself out there to rise to the challenge.

If you aren’t sure where you are at with someone, this Full Moon should bring that clarity. We are getting the information we need to start moving forward on our path. We might not be able to let go of everything today… but over the next month there will definitely be changes and releasing to be done.

Emotions can be heightened, so be aware of how you are feeling. There is good potential for outbursts and relationship issues, so try to find patience as you navigate those challenges. You may need to step away and be alone for a while. We may be feeling unsettled and restless. We also may feel frustrated, sad, and alone.

Make sure you are doing what you can to spin the energy in a positive direction. Find support from like minded friends. Get a reading or healing treatment. Stay proactive and ahead of the issues. When you start feeling anxiety or frustration, try to do something that can turn it around. Go take a hot bath or go workout. We really need to focus on ourselves and keeping ourselves happy.

We are leading the charge to our destiny. You can stay small if you want, but then you might never have a chance to get where you want to be. If you are brave and face your fears for your own betterment, I guarantee you will be on the receiving end of positive surprises and news.

Of course, with this amplified double Full Moon Halloween energy, it is the perfect time to celebrate and connect to the Spirit realm. If we can make death a beautiful thing, there is nothing to be afraid of. Love death so much… love the pain.. and let yourself be reborn. (See my weekly Angel Card for October 25! The Circle of Life card told us to celebrate death and see it as a never-ending cycle to be honoured. I also got the Ceremony card, so we should really celebrate and do some sort of ritual or sign of gratitude).

Stay positive and harness the beautiful, magical, and abundant energy of this Full Moon! Make sure to connect to your Spiritual Self, and thank the Universe for this beautiful gift of life. 🌕🙏✨

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