Weekly Card Reading – Week of April 17, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, and Hawks Eye. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Tigers Eye – A stone of protection that is also stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. It can also help one see clearly without illusion.

Tiger Iron – A stone of clarity, particularly clarity of knowledge, enabling one to see the truth below the apparent surface of issues. Tiger Iron also helps with creative endeavors and all types of artistic abilities. It is used to bring strength, vitality, confidence, willpower, and balance. It is an excellent stone for people wishing to bring more motivation to their lives. A stone of good luck.

Hawks Eye – Also known as Blue Tigers Eye. High vibe, yet grounded. Enhances connection to personal power and strengthens resolve. Gives insight to help with mental clarity, honesty, and resolve issues. Helps to gain perspective. Reduces stress and attracts abundance.

This is a powerful time of change that is upon us. Heading into this eclipse season, it feels like all bets are off and things are going to get shaken up. While this can seem very scary, there is also lots of excitement, possibility, and opportunities… it’s definitely not going to be all bad, but it’s probably going to be tough at times. We are going to have to rely on our strength and personal power. We have to embody strength like a Tiger, and keep our vision clear and perspective high, like the Hawk. We don’t know exactly where we are going.. what would be the fun in that! For now, we need to stand strong in our power, trying to maintain faith and optimism, and keep putting the work in towards our dreams, goals, and desires. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that. We can’t skip forward, we have to see each moment through to gain the lessons and insight we need, even, and especially the tough moments. Sometimes we need to live through those moments, to feel inspired to make changes. Spirit wants us to know that we are protected. Our Spirit Guides are with us, and our Ancestors are watching over us, sending us their love and support. They love seeing you make positive changes in your life, and they feel so proud when they see you living your life with integrity. They love seeing us believe in our beautiful dreams and chase them. They love seeing us feel happy. They add to our karmic bonus points when they see us choosing to use our power for the good of others. See your life clearly, without illusion. See the truth of who you are.. believe how worthy you are. It doesn’t matter who is impressed by you or not, what matters is how you feel about yourself. Are you living your life to your full potential? Do you see how important you are to the Divine plan? If not, it’s time to gain the perspective you need. We need to see the truth behind our issues. What are they trying to teach you or show you? Is there change you have been resisting? Do you need to be stepping further into your personal power? The truth will set you free. Believe in your ability to handle life and have confidence. Focus on your own strength and vitality. If you have been feeling like you don’t have the energy to chase your desires, then ask yourself what needs to change? How can you have more energy and time to dedicate to the things that light you up? If I could sum up the theme of these times right now in one phrase, it would be “personal power”. We have talked about it a lot lately and will continue to be. That’s what this is all about. Taking back our own inherent worth and standing for what is right. Changing the trajectory of our future. Being mindful of our time on Earth and how we can use it to the fullest and enjoy it. Figuring out how we can be happier and lighter. We have all the insight and wisdom we need. We can resolve our issues so they become a thing of the past. We are deserving. Know your worth and power. Let go of the stress so you can stay positive and optimistic. Keep yourself aligned and contributing to good karma, and you will see the beauty, benefits and rewards. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

Why? Why do things have to happen the way they do? Everything happens for a Divine reason. We can use the question of why to help us gain clarity and perspective on our issues. Why are we feeling the way we feel? What is bringing us down in life? We have power in knowing the why… why we make the choices we do, why we feel the way we do, why things are happening the way they are, etc. There is wisdom and insight within the why. Get clear on why you are doing things in your life. This will help you take back your personal power and gain more of it. It doesn’t matter why you did things in the past… there was some kind of lesson to be learned. What matters is why you are doing things now. What is motivating you? What do you want to do that can make the world a better place? What are your true motivations now? We have grown from our past, and we are ready to stand in the power of our new why. Life is short and time is a gift, and this is one of the most important why’s of all. We can’t keep wasting our lives away. This is a new time, a time of love and romancing our lives. Feeling the good vibes and positive energy. Why? Because we deserve to be happy, joyful, abundant, and to experience love. Love in all forms. God wants that for us. That is our purpose on Earth. To see our full beauty and power, and to utilize it. It’s not always going to be easy. Our commitment will be tested. You can stay in your ways or go back to unhealthy tendencies. It’s probably going to feel very easy to do just that. Remember your why. What are you doing this for? What do you actually believe is possible? If you believe you can do it, you probably can. Follow your insights and intuition. Trust where you are going. You have to remember where you are headed, and remember your strength. You have to remember what you deserve, and what you are doing this all for. You have to be strong and committed. Remember the storms you’ve already been through, and what you have learned as to why you are making new choices now. Leave the past behind, but don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned. The storm might seem bad, but it’s actually providing the nutrients we need for growth. It’s providing the shake up we need so that new beauty can be born. Let the storm wash away the past. Let yourself grow in healthy ways, which include embracing the storms within our lives. We need a healthy amount of storms to be able to grow. Find balance in your life. If you are plagued by too many storms, look at the truth of why that is. If your life is barren with no storms or changes or energy, you might need to call in some storm energy to charge and refresh your energy.. to shake things up. Release the things that aren’t serving you, so you can step forward on your path in your full power. Embrace the beauty of the storm and leave the fears behind. You are powerful and beautiful and worthy. Have a beautiful week!

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of October 11, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Howlite, Purple Agate, and Chevron Amethyst. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Howlite – Reduces anxiety, tension and stress. Helps you sleep better, especially when you have a busy mind. Increases determination to achieve goals. Strengthens memory and desire for knowledge. Teaches patience, and helps to eliminate anger, pain and stress. A calming stone. Helps communication, increases awareness and encourages emotional expression. Strengthens positive character, removing selfishness and greed.

Purple Agate – Connected with the Violet Flame. Stone of meditation and Spiritual transformation . Trust your intuition. Opens the Spiritual floodgates to a realm of endless possibilities. Very loving and heart felt frequency. Balances Yin/Yang. Stabilizes the aura and eliminates negativity. Promotes relaxation and tranquility. Strengthens sight. Overcomes difficulties and creates value.

Chevron Amethyst – Combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. Great for seeing some of the hidden meanings in life. Use it to help remove resistance to change, and to dissipate and repel negativity of all kinds. Chevron Amethyst creates a strong healing field around the user, and as such, is a good choice to cleanse the aura and to enhance the immune system.

Things have been pretty stressful lately with everything going on in the world. We need to find balance and make sure we are considering all aspects and perspectives. We have to make sure we are considering the softer, emotional, spiritual, inner needs, that we so often neglect when only paying attention to the physical. We have to soften our edges and relax a little more. Yes, it’s good to be driven towards our goals, but when we push too hard, we just burnout. A flame has to be tended to, in just the right way. Make sure you are getting the stress relief you need. Make sure you are exercising and sleeping well. The more you rest and keep your stress levels down, the more effective you can be at whatever work you do. The more energy you have, the more you can give. You will have a sharper mind with more clarity and determination. Honestly, you can be angry and stressed out, but it never helps anything. In fact, it makes things much worse. Make sure you are listening to your needs so that you can be proactive on keeping your energy balanced. You will be able to communicate, express yourself, and get along with others much better if you energy is cool and calm. Be considerate of others, while still taking care of you. Use your talents to do good things for the world. We are spiritually evolving as a human race. Many people are already awakened, and more and more are awakening every day. Spirituality is real. Our Spiritual power is real. You can work with it, or you can deny it. The choice is always yours to make. We are transforming, whether we are acknowledging it or not… whether we are flowing with the changes or resisting them. If you want the floodgates to open to the abundance you dream of, you have to pay attention to the spiritual messages and trust your intuition. We need to maintain balance and live from the heart with love. We need to embrace more positivity, faith, and optimism. We need to truly trust that Spirit has our back and that all our needs will be provided for. We prove that by resting, relaxing, and letting go of worries. We can and will overcome our difficulties. Try to allow things to happen with ease. The things we go through only add to our experience in life, and we can use those experiences to create more value and help people. Part of being strong is knowing you deserve better. Don’t allow stress and worry in your life. We have our vision set on our future and on our goals, passions, and desires. We don’t have time or energy to fret or worry. We need to stop feeling bad over the past… Mistakes have been made by all of us. Trust that God has it in his hands. Trust that Spirit is connecting with you everyday, and see the hidden meaning of things (get my Moon Magic Worksheet Oct 15!). We have all kinds of tools and resources that can help us to get out of this funk and moving forward! Book a reading through me, or through any of the talented healers at http://www.elfangelscreationslloyd.ca, and we can help get you on a better track! Even free meditations, workouts, sound healing, etc. that you can find on YouTube, or spiritual pages doing giveaways! There are so many great, and free resources. I always offer a free 1-card mini reading if you are ever needing a pick-me-up and don’t have a lot of money! All you have to do is inbox me and ask for a 1-card reading! ❤️ Remember your power. Remember how strong you are. Naturally. Just how you are right now, with nothing extra required. What do you want for your life? What goals do you have that light you up? You do have the power to attain your goals. Take those action steps and keep going. Trust that you are protected and guided. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

We are already on our path… We are already who we are going to be. Sometimes we need a different perspective. Sometimes, we have to feel lost, to find the direction we want to go. Whatever we have been through, it’s ok. It’s safe to let go of the past so we can walk forward into the future. You don’t have to be defined by what other people might think. Keep being you and doing what you feel inspired to do. Stop overthinking and worrying. Just keep going and keep flowing. Keep moving forward, with balance. We can’t rush or force, but we also can’t do nothing. Keep putting in the work and doing your best. Have faith and trust that everything is working out in your highest good! Worries and stress will only impact your health negatively. Trust that your body is naturally capable to heal you, and that you will feel better. Keep your focus on positivity and health! Eat good food and make choices that are healthy for you. Use exercise as a tool for stress relief. This is about balance and taking care of yourself. Relationship is the balance we hold in our lives, which reflects our relationship with ourselves. If we ignore or neglect areas of our life, it impacts us in other ways. For example, if you choose to live in stress and worry, and neglect self-care or stress relief, eventually, you will get physically sick. When you ignore femininity in your life, it lacks in beauty and and sensuality. If you only care about you, you become glutinous. If you care about others too much, you get burnt out. Balance is so important, especially right now. The better relationship we have with ourselves, the better and more beautiful our life can be. This doesn’t mean you need to do everything differently. It’s doing the good things you do a little more consistently. It’s making small changes and trying new things. It’s being who you are, just trying to be a little better…. So we can be healthy, and have healthy relationships. So we can heal and attract the abundance we deserve in this life. Connect to your Creator. Listen to what he’s trying to teach you. Hear the messages and see the signs. Pray. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, you can practice Spirituality however it resonates with you. A simple and sincere “Thank you” works wonders. When we understand our worth and our power, when we understand how truly loved we are by the Universe, that’s when life blooms. Spirituality is a key to true prosperity. There is fulfilment when you experience Spiritual knowing. Make sure you are not neglecting any parts of yourself, and that you are speaking up for what you want and need. This is a time of more positive relationships, with yourself and others! You are coming out of the darkness and hard times. You are filling your life with beauty, light, and magic. You are doing what you need to do. The card mentions that we just need to hang on a little longer. Have trust and faith. Show the Universe you are patient and willing to do your part in creating a beautiful abundant life. The Angels are helping us and supporting us. Beautiful things are coming. Keep working to do your part in making your life beautiful, and it will all come together in perfect harmony. Have a beautiful week!

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