Card for the Full Moon in Leo! February 16, 2022

I wanted to choose a card for us today for the Full Moon energy! 🌕✨ This was the first card I looked at when I took out the deck, it was right on the bottom. I knew it was the card! Instead of listening to my intuition, I cleared my deck, got centered, shuffled lots, and drew the card with my eyes closed, lol. I was like, of course it is this card! 😆🤩

This is so perfect for this Full Moon. The Sun shine, the Orange and Yellow colors, the Fire.. it’s all very Leo! 🦁❤️‍🔥🔥🌕🌞

This card speaks to the transformations we are going through. (I just had deja-vu!!) We are breaking through old patterns and fears to step into our full power and rise from the ashes. Re-invented, reborn, refreshed. If you don’t like your past, make changes to your life. You are the one who has the power to make things better. Push yourself. Be confident. Try new things. Meet new people. Reach out in new directions. Ignite your spark. Choose more joy. Maintain balance and keep your energy burning brightly!

Affirmation: May the light of the Sun illuminate my heart, that my heart may illuminate the World. 🌞🔥✨

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Archangel Raziel Prayer

I have been receiving signs of Sunshine and Rainbows for the last couple weeks. I was doing Reiki on myself, and I had this beautiful vision of the Sun shining, and then spiralling into rainbow after rainbow. I even drew the image after in my journal! Then I continued to see messages of Sunshine and Rainbows everywhere. 🌞🌈

Rainbows for me, are the ultimate sign of joy after hard times. The Sun represents reprieve from the darkness. The spiralling of the image in my Reiki tells me that this is not a journey of seeking beauty outside of ourselves, but more about creating it and finding it within.

I didn’t realize until I was preparing my MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET, that this was guidance from Archangel Raziel, one of the Angels for this Full Moon in Leo. Raziel shines with radiance, like the Sun (the ruling planet of Leo). Raziel has a Rainbow coloured aura.

Raziel reminds us to shine all of our colors with pride. Raziel helps people heal in all directions of time. He illuminates us where we feel fearful, helping us to feel more confident and courageous. He reminds us of the importance of joy, and the light we bring to others when we have fun.


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Full Snow Moon in Leo – February 16, 2022

Wednesday, February 16, 2022, peaking at 9:56am MST, we have a Full Snow Moon at 27 degrees in Leo. 🌕✨🦁

Leo is a sign of power, pride, fun and confidence. The Lion is so confident, it inspires others to attain their level of confidence. Leo wants to see, and be seen. Leo wants the best of everything, for everyone. Leo energy is very generous, warm, loving, and loyal.

Don’t be confused though.. a Lion will not hesitate protect itself if someone is trying to mess around. The Lion doesn’t live life worrying about when this might happen, and they will be quick to stand in their power, if and when they need to. Leo energy is all about living in the now. We must be brave and be clear in what we want and what we stand for.

Mars and Venus are aligned in Capricorn, making this Full Moon extra hot. 😍☄️🔥💃 Mars is masculine, the planet of sex, passion, and aggression. Venus is feminine, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure. When Mars and Venus meet and dance together, sparks fly. When they are in Capricorn, they are willing to be dedicated and put the work in.

Mars and Venus will be close together for the next few weeks, helping people to form bonds and partnerships, new or existing, that are filled with love and connection.

You have to allow yourself to be fully seen. You can’t find connection with others if you are closed off. Let go of the things that hold you back. If you want to grow and meet new people, sometimes you have to take a chance and trust your instincts. Remember to use both your head and your heart to make decisions.

This is about loving yourself and living your best life. It’s about finding balance, standing in your power, and letting go of any fear. When you take pride in who you are, and use your talents and gifts for good, your energy, and the energy returned to you, will reflect that.

Yes, this means putting out good energy, but it also means receiving good energy too! What fills your cup? How can you take really good care of yourself and love the life you live? You deserve to rest and have your energy replenished, too. Your deserve to experience joy, happiness, and abundance.

There’s lots of energy to share when you feel good! Other people will be attracted to your energy and more positive energy will spread. It is important for you to feel good, so that other people can feel good too.

We are all connected and love IS the way forward. Let’s love each other and take good care of each other.

Have a beautiful Full Moon! 🌕✨❤️‍🔥

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of Aug 8, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Lepidolite, Optical Calcite, and Desert Rose. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Lepidolite – A stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It brings hope in dark times by lending a sense of balance and calm. Lepidolite is a stone of transformation in that it helps one get through transitions with trust that everything will ultimately turn out for the best. It engenders and enhances self-love, patience, and optimism. Psychically, lepidolite is used for dreamwork, rebirthing, and is also good for dream recall. It softens the impact of these experiences so they can be easily received. Lepidolite is also a protective stone that brings success in business or career. Emotionally, lepidolite is one of the best healers. It decreases stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, other traumas, panic attacks, and addictions.

Optical Calcite – Facilitates clear vision, physically, mentally, and psychically. Helps one to acknowledge and release self-limiting beliefs that are preventing one from going forward. Helps with forgiveness for self and others, and moving on without resentment. Cleanses and purifies chakras. Helps us transform our ideas into action. Amplifies energy and intensifies the power of magic.

Desert Rose – A stone of the mind, as well as Angelic stone. It is said to bring mental ability and clarity, as well as perception of all kinds, including intuitive perception. It helps you to make sense of things. Quiets worries and stills the mind from distractions. It rids the mind of outdated thought processes. A stone of strength and standing your ground. Helps you to have heart-centered thoughts and brings understanding one’s own emotional body.

We just had quite a New Moon this morning, and tomorrow morning the Moon moves into Virgo. This New Moon was all about finding our confidence and power, and it brought up more issues for me than I was anticipating. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and fear. I think we are all feeling a lot of pressure right now. We are being asked to face where we hold ourselves back from lives we deserve? Where do we hold ourselves back from living in our full confidence and authenticity? The Lepidolite is reminding us to keep our cool and make the best of it. We have to stay calm and trust that everything is ok and working out just fine. We have to maintain patience and optimism. Using visualization techniques are going to be very helpful in manifesting and overcoming obstacles. Keep visualizing until you are completely aligned with your dreams. Until you have no doubt that they will come true. There is success coming for us, and we are being protected from certain things now. We’ve been through a lot.. but we can heal, and healing is here for us now. Do whatever it takes for you to let go of the lower energy, and to live in a vibration that matches what you dream of. Let go of the tendencies that keep you down and hold you back. Find ways to breakthrough. We have to let go of the self-limiting beliefs if we want to move forward towards our dreams. We can’t continue to stay small or keep ourselves in the dark. I know I said that in one of my recent posts, and I know it resonates with me, so it must be very important. We have to move forward, freed from the past. From negativity or untruths that shaped your past. From what people tried to make you believe about yourself. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are loved. Cleanse and purify your life, so you can start fresh. We have ideas that need to be put into action, and that’s going to take our confidence and stamina to make happen. The energies are amplified now. We carry the magic we need to make things happen. It’s up to us, to keep the right mind frame and perspective that benefits our growth and confidence. We have to quiet the worries and distractions. We have to change our patterns of thinking. We are strong, and we are powerful. We can make these changes and our life can be what we deserve. When we stand up for what we deserve, others stand up for what they deserve too. That’s how movements start and change happens. We can change the world, by changing how we treat ourselves. Let’s see what the cards say.

The fairies are reminding us, again, to have trust. Trust that everything is happening for a reason, in its perfect time. Remove yourself from the drama of others, and focus on keeping your thoughts positive and optimistic. Summer is a time to have fun and be romantic and playful. It’s not a time to take things too seriously. If you fixate on things that make you unhappy, that’s all you see, and you miss out on so much beauty and positivity. Release negative situations for your own peace. Make sure you are staying focused on optimistic outcomes. Keep envisioning the future you want to create… aligning with it. Remove people or situations from your life that bring you down or aren’t serving you. Brighter days are on the way.. have faith! On the card, she is ready to fly away.. but when she stops to look around, she sees beautiful fireflies. Opportunities are swirling, make sure you are keeping our eyes open and being a willing participant. We can gain a lot from challenging ourselves right now. We are healing, and we are helping others heal too. You have the power to overcome whatever is holding you back, and it will impact others in positive ways too. Trust in your power to heal and make a difference. Ask the Angels to help you. The more you have faith in love, the more powerful are your healing abilities. Ask your Angels, and the Unicorns, to increase your faith! Walk the path of beauty and devotion. Be dedicated to seeing beauty and creating it wherever you go. Connect with nature and heal with it. Connect to all humanity and heal collectively. Take a little more time to live in the now, to appreciate each moment. To approach things mindfully and respectfully. This card, the Sisterhood of the Rose, is a reminder of the power you hold, to create a beautiful life that you deserve. Hold your heart with trust and tenderness. Be supported by your friends, family, and community. Let your light shine brighter than it ever has before. You have the power. The sun is shining upon you. The portal to the future awaits, and we are going up! Have beautiful week!

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New Moon in Leo & Lion’s Gate Portal 88 – August 8, 2021

On Sunday, August 8, 2021, we have a New Moon in Leo peaking at 7:50am here in Alberta. 🌑💫✨ It takes place at 16 degrees Leo. ♌️ It is also occurring on the peak day of the Lion’s Gate Portal, when Earth’s Sun aligns with the Star Sirius, which is known as our Spiritual Sun. This also occurs in between 2 Aquarius Full Moons.

The month of August is great for bringing opportunities in love, manifesting, and high-frequency energies. There is a lot of energy for transition, change, and for appreciating our own unique individuality. Try to keep yourself vibing high!

As always, it’s about how you use the energy, and if we focus on the positives, than we can recognize that this is an important, courageous, and proactive time. We can feel sudden urges to do things differently and make new plans and goals.

The desire to change and improve upon ourselves, and our creative and romantic matters, is strong. Do things to improve your relationships with others, and to build self-confidence and healthy pride.

We are being prepared to step forward into new opportunities, ones that we have asked for. We have to be ready to fill those shoes!

Spirit is encouraging us to shine, but we can’t do that if we are keeping ourselves in low or negative energy. We can’t continue to keep ourselves in the dark.

If we think negatively about ourselves.. if we are fearful to put ourselves out there, or if worried what someone might think of us… all it does is continue to hold us back from the happiness we seek. We have to let go of the fears and anxieties, and replace them with trust and faith.

Let go of any things you need to as this week progresses. Trust that everything is going to work out OK! Get things done and be productive so that when the weekend rolls around, you can relax, manifest positivity, and enjoy all things Leo! 🌞🦁

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Have a magical New Moon! 🌑🙏✨

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of Aug 1, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Leopard Skin Jasper, Bumblebee Jasper, and Turritella. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Leopard Skin Jasper – A stone of vitality and strength. It makes it easier for one to take proper responsibility. It is said to bring energies of success in work or business. Helps with creative visualization. Protects you from negativity. This stone helps you to be in the right place at the right time, and being surrounded by people who will be instrumental to your personal growth. Leopard Skin Jasper is known for its healing properties. It will be greatly beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic health conditions. Leopard Skin Jasper is considered the supreme nurturer. It will support and guide you during your times of stress and anxiety. It will bring you peace and serenity, and it will reassure you that everything will be alright.

Bumble Bee Jasper – Clears sacral and solar plexus chakras. Increases manifestation and opportunities. Growth in personal power. Inspiration and creative energy. Try new things and have persistence. A stone of adventure. Quick thinking, decision making, and inner knowing. Enables acceptance of change. Eases stress and worry. Positive disposition. Increases self-esteem. Finding beauty in endings.

Turritella – Deeply connected to the earth and home, to one’s personal roots and ancestry, even the events of one’s past. It is a survival stone, one of strength and protection. Ancient life held within its form lends the power of wisdom and healing. Protects against danger, alleviates fears, and keeps the connection to loved ones at home. Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. Agate stops the burning desires for things we do not need, and assists those juggling commitments or multiple jobs.

Well the first Crystal for me personally, has me in tears. I was sitting with the energy going on now, as we are in the midst of the Lion’s Gate Portal and moving into a beautiful New Moon in Leo on the 8th. For me, the energy feels pretty good.. I don’t feel bad per-say… maybe just a bit of low energy.. and my son has hospital procedures this week in the city, so I will be there with him for a few days. We should be home before the New Moon, which will be nice to be able to relax and enjoy it, once the stress is over with. The Leopard Skin Jasper completely reassured me that everything is ok. We have to be productive and get these things done and take care of business. We have tasks to complete and we are having all kinds of ideas of projects we want to work on, so make sure to take steps to work on that, no matter how small. Progress is progress, and if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards. This is very much inline with the Gaelic festival of Lughnasadh being celebrated today, marking the 1st harvest. Animals are coming in with a lot of energy for this week. This coming New Moon brings in energy of the Lion, these crystals have Leopard, Bumblebee, and Sea Snails! My cards wanted to be nature and animal cards, and a couple days ago, I had a beautiful animal sighting. There is a Blue Heron that lives here, I wasn’t sure if it was a Crane or a Heron, but I’m assuming it’s a Heron. I see him every summer. I hadn’t seen him yet this summer, and I was wondering if I would. Then 2 days ago, I was driving and he flew right over my vehicle. I was amazed! There he was… flying so majestically. Then I turned to look at another bird flying near by, and it was beautiful bald eagle. The Blue Heron represents self-determination and self-reliance. It represents our ability to progress and evolve. The Eagle is our ability to free ourselves. It’s inspiration and pride in who we are. It’s symbolic of our personal power. The animals are going to be guiding us this week, so watch for sightings and see what they could mean for you. Spirit is protecting us, and making sure we are at the right place at the right time. We are going to have many tools and people to help us grow spiritually, which in turn helps us grow in our confidence and abilities. We are healing and the Leopard Skin Jasper is also assisting us with our health and getting back on track. Things might be a bit stressful now, just make sure to take time to relax and heal. If you don’t have time for that now, trust that the time is on the way. We have to get through whatever hurdles and business we have to attend to this week, and then next weekend is going to be beautiful, healing, and restorative. Trust that everything is going to work out just fine, and there is no need to stress. With all this Leo Sun energy, the Bumblee Jasper brings in more joy, happiness, and opportunity. We are opening ourselves up to more! (Make sure to get my MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET to work with the energy of the New Moon!) We are realizing our true, personal power. We have so much inspiration and creative energy to express. Whatever you are feeling inspired to do, get out there and do it! Try new things and don’t give up! We need to learn to take criticism a little better, and use it to improve instead of identifying with it. We are accepting that change is happening… we are transforming along with it. We are increasing our self-esteem and appreciating the beauty of our unique life. Keep a positive attitude and let go of the worry and stress! Have complete faith and trust. The Universe has our back. We are deeply connected to the Earth and everything on it. All of our Ancestors.. all of the animals… all of the plants.. we are one with it everything. You can deny that connection as long as you want, but I promise, when you embrace it, the magic that connection brings makes life so beautiful. Trust in the signs and the guidance you are receiving. I’m guilty of using the term spiritual “gifts”, but I prefer to use the term “abilities” because I do believe we all have the ability to connect to Spirit, and build on what we are capable of. I am no one more special than you. In fact, I am exactly like you. I am you. You are me. We see the same reality. How can you not believe in magic and connection? Everything we have been through has taught us something, and brought us to this point. For that, we should be grateful. We have survived, and we are strong. We can let go of what scares us. We have nothing left to lose… and so, so much to gain. We have to stop focusing on the things that do not matter anymore. We have to prioritize the things that do. Connection to Spirit, to life, and to this Earth, is at the top of that list. Being connected to those we love, that matter to us, is all we really have. We need to take care of each other and focus on each other. Our Ancestors are sending us love and supporting these connections. They are shining on us, and they are proud of the work we have done to connect to them, and to grow ourselves. Let’s see what the cards have to add.

Clear out the clutter of your life. Stop focusing on things that don’t really matter. Invest your focus and energy on positive goals and dreams, on building up your self-confidence. Simplify and declutter your life so you can feel content with what you have. Stop wasting your time and effort on people and things that no longer serve your highest good, and put it towards things that matter to you. This is about letting go of the need to have excess. It’s about letting go of the comparisons we make about others. This is about making your own life beautiful and enjoying it. Let go of excess baggage and lighten the load. We will be provided for, and we need to have faith in that. Let go of the reasons to feel anxious, and replace them with trust. Let go of anything weighing you down. Reclaim your space by letting go of obligations and commitments. Clear out your schedule and free your time. Let go of the “shoulds, oughts, and could-have-beens”. Let other people manage their own baggage. This week is really about finding our own personal freedom. How can we make space, so we can set new intentions and have new energy coming into our life going forward? How can we be more free? How can you express your individuality with pride? This is about making your life reflect who you are now, and who you aspire to be. No more reminders of the past. Feel joyful, empowered, and excited. Let it go and free yourself. Leap forward. Trust you will have to what you need. There is so much promise on the horizon… there is promise for this New Moon coming. Look at how this couple hold each other in complete trust, enjoying the moment and the sunset. They are not worried about the next moment, they are living and loving right now. There is so much promise of things to come, and so many reasons to have faith. This is a time of manifesting new beginnings and opportunities. It’s a time of renewing our energy for the path forward. It is a promise that our desires will come to fruition. This New Moon coming up is incredibly important for setting intentions. We are putting our ideas into action! Look around and see the beauty of your life. Don’t take it for granted. Have joy in the sunset, in the beauty of the sky and nature. The last card is also a card of beginnings! And look at the solar/lunar energy it presents. It’s really a perfect card. So many opportunities are coming her way, and she is watching for them, keeping her eye on the prize. This card is also about letting go of our fears and worries. We can trust and embrace in the new. Flow forward without heaviness and anxiety. New ways of being are calling for you. Do not resist change. We need to allow and flow with it, co-creating with it. The East is new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a place to innovate yourself and find your fortune. It is a place where we are levelling up. What ideas are you sparking now? Time to put some effort towards it, but it is also time to relax and appreciate the fruits of our labour. Find balance, and infuse it with trust and faith. Have a beautiful week!!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of January 25, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Fancy Jasper, Blue Apatite, and Chrysocolla. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Fancy Jasper – Brings wholeness and healing to an environment or situation. Helps with letting go of bitterness and resentment. Eliminates negativity and strengthens insight. Promotes forgiveness, peace and tranquility. Helps you to lighten up and enjoy yourself more. It can also relieve fear, guilt and frustration, building inner strength and confidence. Helps one to better connect with nature.

Blue Apatite – Known to be a hunger suppressant. Eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance. Renews the body by cleansing the aura. Enhances manifestation. Brings clarity of mind and expansion of insight. Helpful for uncovering truths. Enhances communication and self-expression. Encourages openness and ease. Works during dream time to form solutions to issues. Helps those who are overly emotional by inducing calm and finding solutions.

Chrysocolla – A supportive stone. Inspires verbal expression. Allows for clear, loving communication. Opens the throat chakra. Assists you to say the right words at a given time, and helps to aid emotional healing in others. Motivates you to speak out about important issues and causes.

This is a powerful week with the Full Moon in Leo coming up in a few days! This Moon has very intense, powerful energy. It asks us to be bold and confident in ourselves and our place in the world. There is no more playing small, not if you want to have a better life. Understand that you do not need to have fear or worry in your life. Letting go of these bad habits can help you heal. We can heal our world if we stop living in fear and work together. The energy of this Moon has incredible power, so we have to combine our power of intention with rhe power of the Universe to bring healing to our planet. We have riddled Earth, like a disease, taken from it with complete disregard… and we are paying the karma for it! Is this how we are going to move forward as a collective? We need to stand in our power together, for the greatest good. We need to let go of bitterness and resentment, because it is not serving anyone’s greatest good… especially our own. We have to forgive each other and move forward. Being mad at the world doesn’t change anything… but using your power and voice for good? That does. We’ve seen one person light up the world. Believe that person could be you, and let go of the fears that hold you back. Keep visualizing who you want to be and how you want this world to be. How can you shine your light? How can you serve the greater good? The easiest thing we all can do to raise the positive vibrations, is find joy and happiness in our lives right here and now. The more we can radiate confidence, love, and joy, the more it spreads. Feeling frustrated or guilty doesn’t make us feel good. What do we all want going forward? To feel good! Ditch those negative emotions control your life and bring you down. This is a time to have inner strength and confidence! We need to get our bodies and minds in balance, because we are manifesting so rapidly, especially during this powerful Moon. We need to clear ourselves of the past, and our aura of any negative energies, so we can utilize the full power of the Moon. We need to be honest, especially with ourselves, and we can’t be scared to communicate how we truly feel. We are encouraged to express ourselves with openness and ease. We need to get ourselves calm, so we can come from a solid place of power. We give away our power when we act all frantic and let negative emotions take us over. We are stronger than that, and we are truly starting to see it and believe it. Watch for messages in your dreams, and ask for help in dreams if you need guidance. Make sure to write them down 1st thing when you wake up, or you will lose them! What do we all need right now? Support. How can you support others? How can you receive support? Be willing to ask for the help you need. Don’t be mad at people for not understanding. Have compassion, understanding, and forgiveness, and be thankful for what you have in your life. We are being called to speak up and speak out. What is motivating your passions? What do you want to work towards? This Moon is a great time to put yourself out there and overcome fears. Let’s see what the cards say!

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These cards are so perfect!! We have 2 major arcana cards, so these are big themes we are going through now. The Hermit is about getting clarity from within yourself. It’s about realizing that everything you need, you already have. You are powerful, all on your own. We are on a quest for our own personal truths, and we are making sure we find our light to shine. We have to break any bad habits that are holding us back. This is the perfect time to let go of anyone or anything that is holding us back. Don’t get stuck in the expectations of others, and stand in your power. This Moon is powerful, whether you harness positive or negative energy. If you fall into intense negative emotional energy, your going to have a really hard time. This is a time to be patient, to keep working towards our desires, and to have a little fun! This is a time of spiritual illumination! We are being lit up and fired up. We have things to do and missions to serve on this planet. We are evolving our consciousness and awareness, so we can make better choices for the future. We are seeing things through a Spiritual lens, so we can apply a sense of compassion and care. We have power to envoke change, all on our own. It may seem like a lonely venture, but when we speak out, we are going to be heard by the right people and find the support we seek in this life. We are going through so many things right now, and a lot of them we can predict or foresee. We have to rely on our intuition to guide us through and direct us to where we need to be. The Owl on the Moon card tells me we have the wisdom we need to make the changes we desire. We can get control over our emotional state. The 5 of Wands tells me it isn’t all going to be easy. We are going to feel challenged and have obstacles to overcome. You have what it takes to get through it. If you can stay positive, you can tap into the positive energies and make the best of it. This Moon is making us feel competitive and it’s a great time to get out and play some sports or get some exercise. Just make sure you have compassion and don’t get overly competitive! Stay calm through the chaos and remember who you are.

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New Moon in Leo – August 18, 2020

We have a New Moon in Leo in a couple days!🌙✨🦁

Leo is all about personal power, and asks you to remember your power, claiming it fully. This New Moon, set your intention to call back all of your personal power to be returned to you.🌀

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in the sign of Leo ♌️, there is a lot around thinking and communication. Balance has been another huge theme, and we have to find balance in how much we are thinking, and how much we stop thinking and live in the moment. When I do Reiki, I tell the client to let go of thoughts and just allow the energy to move. Of course, it’s not always completely possible, but with awareness we can get better and better with letting go of thinking. Being present in your body is a gift that we often take for granted. We focus on how great our minds are and how much we can do with them…. but what would we be without our physical body? 💪 Do you know how much magic resides in your heart and soul? 💃 Try focusing on your body through exercise, meditation and breath work. 🗣 Get into the body to quiet the mind. 🏃

On the other hand, if you have been avoiding thinking about things and making a plan, it may be time you need to think more. 🤯

Communication is the same. Are you communicating too much or not enough? What is important for you to communicate, and what can you keep to yourself? How can you find healthy balance? With the tensions that could be in the air, we really need to harness peace, love and compassion, to ensure we are approaching situations with positivity and light. We don’t want to make more of our issues than we need to. Go easy on yourself and have patience. 🙏

This New Moon in Leo is offering us positive and optimistic energy, so try to stay in that lane. When things arise, stay calm and communicate your feelings as effectively as possible. “We grow through what we go through”. When issues arise, just know you have what it takes to get through it, and that it is serving a purpose in your life. I’ve always felt synchronistic about triangles. One of the first crystals I bought was a pyramid. The triangle represents how we grow through conflict. We experience conflict, then we strive for a solution, then we harmonize with what we’ve been through and learn and grow from it. ♻️

Another quote I saw that resonated is, “Fortune favours the brave”. I truly love this quote. If you are brave and you keep moving forward and putting yourself out there… if you keep putting the work in… it is going to pay off eventually. I believe that all the hard stuff we go through comes back to us in positive ways. We can’t sit back in fear and let the world pass us by. Use your creative talents, use your mind, use your kind spirit… whatever you can do to add to this world, is exactly what you need to be doing. 👨‍🎨👨‍🔧👩‍🌾

Ensure that you make time to be playful and experience joy as well. It is equally important. Spend time with friends, do things you enjoy. 👯‍♀️🚣🤸‍♀️ Make sure to laugh.😆 You need a good balance of fun and joy, because things have been tough, for all of us. If we work all the time, if we worry all the time, we let the stress accumulate until we are exploding. Stress and anxiety, when not dealt with, WILL lead to physical symptoms and illness. Take the best care of your body, and managing stress and anxiety needs to be a top priority. 💆‍♀️

The last message from this New Moon, is of protection. Protect your home and loved ones by visualizing them in a bubble of white light, and praying for their protection. I also like to visualize light flooding into all my windows and shining so bright that it clears out my home. 🙅‍♀️ Visualize green light around anything that requires healing. 🤗

We are going to get through this, as we always do, so make the best of it! You got this!! 🤛🙏💪

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Full Snow Moon in Leo – February 9, 2020

The astrology forecast isn’t 100% positive for this Moon, but it’s still pretty good and very powerful. We may have some emotions or situations that come up and trigger us, forcing us to look at how we want to change or what we truly need. The good news is that we are ready to look at these things. We are ready to step into our power and make the changes that fuel our hearts. There should be lots of energy, emotion and passion. Try to use the energy in positive ways. Work towards your dreams. Find balance in getting what you want vs. the needs of those around you. This is a great time to do healing work, especially on the heart. ❤️ Have a beautiful Full Moon weekend! 🌕🔥💫

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