Messages From Spirit for November 23, 2022

Messages From Spirit for November 23, 2022 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for October 6, 2022

Messages From Spirit for October 6, 2022 ✨

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of July 18, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Lapis Lazuli, Larkivite, and Sodalite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Lapis Lazuli – Enhances wisdom, memory, intellect and good judgment. Encourages honesty. It is a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships. It reveals inner truth, and promotes self-awareness. Helps to relieve suppressed issues. Opens to new ideas, dreams and visions. Lapis releases stress, allowing for peace and serenity. Expands awareness and enlightenment, enhancing dream work.

Larvikite – A wise and protective stone. Repels all forms of negativity. Cleanses old energy, including karma and past lives. Helps us process the past and release trauma and pain. Gives the gift of self-confidence, self-reliance and resiliency. Strengthens intellectual ability and sharpens psychic powers. Enhances vitality and youthfulness.

Sodalite – It comes from the Latin word ‘sodalitas’ which means comrade, because those who use it will feel like they have a comrade who helps them feel peaceful and heal their aching or troubled hearts. It can help you express all the things that you want to say in the best way possible. It’s an effective stone to end arguments or disagreements. Increases intelligence, clarity and rationality. This stone helps you make sense of your thoughts and feelings. Increases emotional balance and inner peace.

We have been holding back and stuffing down feelings and emotions, and memories and pain from the past. We have to get honest with ourselves about what it is we truly want in life. We have a Full Moon in Aquarius coming up on Friday, and this is the first of 2 Aquarius Full Moons in a row, with one next month. This is going to be a huge period of release for us, as we let go of our past pain and prepare for our future. We are moving forward, even as slow as it may seem. Aquarius is very intellectual and forward thinking. They care about bettering the planet for all. It’s time for all of us to use better judgement. One of the issues we’ve been struggling with is loneliness, just like my reading mentioned last week. This week, we are letting that go, letting go of all of our stale beliefs, and allowing love and friendship to fill our life. We are aware of what we need and want, and we aren’t standing for anything less (also an Aquarian trait!). We are letting go of all the things that aren’t serving us, because it is time to dream a new dream. Try to let go of stress, and find peace and calm in your life, especially around the Full Moon! We are manifesting and creating, and it all starts with what we dream of. Don’t deny yourself your dreams. Take a chance. Believe in yourself. You are wise and protected by spirit. We are being guided now as we release painful trauma from the past. I know I’ve had some things coming up for me lately, around my childhood and the way I was treated by certain people. I definitely have my releasing to do this week! The Larvikite is helping us to overcome where we feel like we did wrong. It is also helping us regain our confidence and understand how strong and beautiful our resilience is. We are not only smart, but spiritual, and that combination is so incredibly powerful. Spirit truly does bless the people who are living in their purpose, truth, and joy, and they are rewarded with youthful vitality. If you want to have more energy, be happy! Be you and do what gives you joy. Fill your cup until it overflows. If you are having trouble feeling that way, some friend time is exactly what you need. Time with a friend or your partner, to express what you need to say and relieve your aching heart. It’s time to put an end to disagreements and let them go for good. We are stepping into the future with intelligence, rationality, and clarity. We can make sense of what we’ve been through, and find peace and harmony in the now. I believe we are going to see a huge shift from this Full Moon to the next one! Let’s see what the cards have to add!

Sometimes we forget just how much we are loved. Life gets busy and hectic, and with Covid.. it can leaving us feeling distanced from others, which I think we all have been experiencing lately. The Angels are comforting us, reminding us that we are loved, we are not alone, and we can trust we will have the support we need. Sometimes we can forget that we are truly loved by the people that are in our lives. It can be easy to let our minds reel with expectations. For this week though, trust that the people in your life are motivated by good intentions for you. Forgive them and yourself and let it go. See situations through the eyes of others and have compassion. The Angels are always watching out for you, protecting you and guiding you. They do have your back. There is a strong message here that we cannot let our negative emotions burn or they can get out of control. We have to tend to our wounds before they become too infected. Emotional intelligence is being called for, so stand in your integrity and be willing to let go of what you don’t need to carry. We have to be emotionally intelligent, because we are manifesting our future. If we are all over the place, where is that going to get us? If we don’t say things in an emotionally intelligent way, is our point going to get across? We have a chance to make an impact with our voice, but we have to do it in a proper manner. Find calm and temper your anger. Understand why you experience those emotions. Release them in healthy ways, such as exercising or singing. The Bushfires card also represents the fires and smoke we have been living with here in Canada. It does take a toll on our emotional and physical health. A lot of people have been feel depleted due to Covid, the extreme heat, and now the wildfires. It can be a very trying time, so make sure you are doing the self-care that you can to manage your emotional state and understand it. We can rest assured though, that the Rain is coming. For some reason, I pulled my cards one and a time and interpreted them, when normally I pull all 3 and then interpret them, so I’m only seeing this last card right now… and I am blown away by the smoky haze on the Rain card! What a crazy spot on card. The Rain is coming. It is going to purify the land and our hearts. Let the rain wash away everything from the past. Let us purify ourselves and start fresh. You are pure, and you can choose to be pure at any moment. What is purged makes way for new life to appear. Let go of anything inhibiting you from being fully engaged in life. Purify your heart by allowing yourself to breathe in blessings and out forgiveness, so that you can love even more deeply. Let yourself feel your emotions and stand in your truth. Let your tears heal the wounds in your soul. Detoxifying your body and changing to healthier habits is always going to be helpful. Take time to purify yourself. Have a wonderful week and Full Moon!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of December 15, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Chalcedony, Banded Agate and Blue Lace Agate. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Chalcedony – A stone for speakers. A stone of peace, it encourages stillness and calm. Eases self-doubt. It can remove hostility and encourage a light-hearted optimism. Calms and centres emotions. Helps worriers live in the present. Calms anger, fear, panic and anxiety. Enables us to communicate and express our truth. Blue Chalcedony is the color of water reflecting the sky as winter gives way to spring, and is a color of faith and trust. The light blue color helps us reflect on, question, and relax in our acceptance of the life we have. Helps us develop patience, reconcile differences, or seek forgiveness. They’re excellent for recovery efforts from addictions or destructive patterns, aid in curbing tempers, and help us become more dependable and cheerful. Light blue crystals also assist in dealing with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt.

Banded Agate – Called the earth rainbow. Increases concentration, honesty and memory. It helps bring spiritual experiences into everyday reality. Brings love to the chakras to rid negative energy.

Blue Lace Agate – A stone of confidence and communication. Inspires loyalty and trustworthiness. It is a support crystal for all caregivers, speakers and teachers, calming stress-related situations and overcoming communication difficulties. Helpful if you struggle to express your emotions. It dissolves old blockage patterns and doubt, and permits new methods of self-expression and growth. Promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Encourages thinking before speaking.

This week, we continue to try to find calm and peace in our life. Things have been hectic, busy and tough. All we want is to feel light and happy, but things haven’t exactly been going our way. When things aren’t easy or smooth, it’s so hard to feel like life is good to us. We are spending way too much time worrying. We have to understand, that things aren’t always going to be easy… in fact, rarely are things going to be perfect. We have to accept our life as it is, and make the best of it. We have to find peace within, especially when things are tough. We have to look at the bright side and remain optimistic. We have to trust and hold faith that life will always bless us, and that everything that happens is meant to be. There is no point of melting down. That doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself. There is a lot about communication here. When you find yourself stressed and at your limit, are you able to find a place of calm? Are you able to communicate your emotions in positive and constructive ways? You have to find a way to be happy every day, no matter how tough things are. Run through your gratitude list, and remind yourself how blessed you actually are. This week is about evolving our communication skills, finding new ways to express ourselves and grow. We are learning to be more stable and mature. We are learning how to be patient and calm. These crystals are about honesty and forgiveness. They are helping us to dissolve unhealthy patterns and bringing honesty and stability into the relationships in our lives. Make sure to express yourself and share what’s on your mind and heart, but make sure you do it with respect and compassion. Let’s see what the cards have to add.

Spirit wants to remind us that we are loved. Even when we feel alone, when we feel stressed, when we feel like things aren’t going our way… we are always loved by God, the Angels, our Spirit guides, and all our loved ones and Ancestors that have gone before us. They are always guiding us and showing us signs. We may have our back turned right now, but what we can’t see is the beautiful red flower about to be gifted to us. Sometimes, we feel so held down by life… by responsibilities and obligations. This card, You Are Loved, is telling you that even when you feel like you aren’t loved by those in your life, please know that you truly are. Maybe they just don’t know how to show it the way you need them to. This hard time we are experiencing is only temporary, and we are working our way to the freedom we desire. Where do we start? With acceptance. Accepting our lives for what they are now. Seeing the good instead of dwelling on what’s not great. This card reminds us that things aren’t always going to be perfect, and we have to find acceptance in the here and now. Some things just have to be tolerated, so make the best of it. Know you are supported. Ask the Angels for strength and comfort. Know that you are not alone. Check in with your friends and family, as they are dealing with things in their lives too. We are all just getting by the best way we can. This card, You Are Not Alone, is about understanding how much Spiritual support you have, but also looking around you and realizing how much support you actually have in life now. We aren’t alone, even though it feels like it a lot of the time. We are all a part of a bigger picture, and every single one of us matters and can make an impact. One way you can make an impact and express yourself is to create… music, writing, art, working out, building, inventing… whatever your escape is, whatever you feel guided to create is important. Make sure you are expressing yourself in all ways, not only with your words. Creating can help you process your emotions, without having to speak a word. For me, my readings are my creations. When I do a reading for myself or someone else, I am amazed by our true capabilities as humans. Knowing Spirit is truly guiding us. There is nothing that brings me more comfort than knowing there is existence beyond this reality, and that love and beauty guides us everywhere we go. This week, take some time to think about it. What you want out of life, where you are going, and who you want to go with. Slow down, and see the whole picture. There is lots of change going on right now, but this week is not the time to make a radical change. There are unseen factors that we don’t always know. Sometimes we can’t see the reason for things until many years later. We may try to force our will on others, because we believe that our way is the “right” way… but this card, Think About It, asks you to have compassion and forgiveness for others. It asks you to take a step back and find a better way, instead of trying to control others. Think about what you want to say before speaking it. Think about the best ways you can move forward for yourself. Always remember, you are loved and you’re not alone. Accept who you are and where you are. Express your heart and create. Take things slowly, with peace and calm in your heart. There is no rush in this game of life, and everything is always in perfect Divine order.

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