New Super Moon in Virgo – August 30, 2019

The New Moon is going to be closer to Earth, making it a “super moon” and amplifying all the Virgo energy. The good news is that the energy is super positive! It’s time to move forward and pursue your goals and dreams, which is perfect for back to school and work! The Universe has cleared the path, having NO negative aspects! It’s all about taking action and using your creativity! Get organized and prepare yourself for all the wonderful things to come. Be open, inviting and willing to accept (and work hard towards) the opportunities that come your way. 🌑💫✨

New Moon Intention: “I set my intention on this New Moon to pursue my dreams, desires and goals. I intend to manifest limitless energy, abundance, prosperity and success. I ask for clarity and support from this New Moon to keep me motivated, aligned and always open to the next step. Thank you Universe for your blessings and guidance.”

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Movie Review – The Martian

Matt Damon really made this entire movie. It was well done, with a good story. The visuals are intersting, and it’s always fun to consider what life will be like as we start to colonize other planets. It also sparked my interest in horticulture! I couldn’t imagine being left to colonize a planet on my own. I like Mark Watleys humour and spunk. The character was very loveable and easy to relate to. Somebody you would want to go back to rescue for sure! A good film for anyone to watch! I would rate this film a 8.0 out of 10. 

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